Extreme Weather Shelter Opens in Garberville


Homeless folks gathered at the Extreme Weather Shelter in 2014.

The extreme weather shelter has responded to freezing temperatures by opening in the Garberville Vets’ Hall. Ten homeless individuals were already using the building though as of 8:30 it had only been open a short while.

The group has blankets and sleeping bags but needs food.

“We’re here. We’re open,” said homeless advocate Debra Carey. “Any food that you can send our way would be great.”

UPDATE 9:30 p.m.: 

Food is being laid out tonight for those staying in the shelter. [Photo provided by Lois Cordova]

Food is being laid out tonight for those staying in the shelter. [Photo provided by Lois Cordova]




  • At least people still care about people.ill be giving what we can..burrr

  • Would like to bring food down there, are people there all day to receive it? I called and no one answers.

  • As a veteran of Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan to name a few, I’m happy to see the Vet’s Hall involved in keeping people who are down on their luck out of the weather. I know what it feels like to be on the verge of loosing my place to live. Since I moved back here I’ve had a very difficult time finding steady work and am currently unemployed and am always worried that I’ll loose my place in Redway. I’ve got many skills to offer any type of business. My email:nucleardave@live.com if you are looking for a great employee. Good job Vet’s Hall for caring. I hope I never need this particular service but knowing you will be there for me if I ever do makes me feel a little better.


  • Garberville Vets Hall

    722 Locust St, Garberville, CA 95542

  • I’ll look around for warm clothing and bedding. Will bring food tomorrow

    • Peggy, please contact Lois Cordova or Debra Carey before bringing items. The Extreme Weather Shelter isn’t open today because the temperature is not predicted to fall to the level set for triggering opening it.

  • Will bring warm clothing and bedding also food . Are pillows needed?

  • I went down yesterday afternoon with soup and rolls and dessert for at least 15 people. Breakfast for the next day as well. Potatoes eggs and bacon. Got there and no one was around, door locked, called everyone I could think of and sent out messages on FB and no reply. We ended up getting into the kitchen because some nice dog training people were having a class towards the end of the afternoon, and left the stuff with a note and phone number.

    Bottom line is make sure you make contact before going with supplies, and maybe people should offer a bit more details when asking for help.

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