[UPDATE 6:35 p.m.] Surfer’s Ride Stolen From Camel Rock; Please Keep a Lookout, Will You?

12297782_10208204462416437_1089818771_oThis 1985 red Toyota 4×4 was stolen from Camel Rock in Trinidad between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. while its owner was surfing yesterday.

The original license plate is STOKWAGN. But the owner’s wife believes that the plates might have been switched. According to her, the truck was spotted today around 12:30 p.m. without the camper driving southbound on Hwy 101 in McKinleyville.

“It did not have a tailgate and the license plate was most-likely not ours,” she wrote.

If you have any information, please contact the California Highway Patrol at 707-268-2000.


UPDATE 6:35 p.m.: Thanks to an alert reader, the camper has been found (see comments below.) Sadly, it isn’t in good condition as can be seen in the two photos below.




  • Someone dumped the camper shell from this truck on the first driveway on the left on Arthur Road in Dows Prairie – I saw it there earlier when driving home and then saw this post – definitely the same shell as the license plate is still on it. I called the Sheriff about 15min ago and let them know. My neighbor stopped by as I was checking it out and he saw the vehicle that dumped it – they were sitting at the end of Arthur Road with the camper shell in the back of their truck when he drove by. He gave me a description of the truck (different truck then the stolen one) and said he’s seen the driver around before trying to pick mushrooms on his property.

    He said the truck was a white late 80’s full-size Dodge pick up, single cab, dirty and fairly beat up, with home made wood side racks on the bed (the type you would make to extend the height of the bed for hauling firewood or something like that).

    I just noticed the info about calling CHP, so I just called them as well and they said they have an officer on the way.

  • Nice job being alert!!!hopefully they get it back and catch the jerks.awsome

  • What goes around, comes around! Someone deserves the “old Lump of Coal Enema”. Stocking included, maybe inside the boot. Santa do your thing!

  • Vanity plates cause problems. I’d bet they stole it just because of the plate.

  • Don’t get why some people just happen to have pictures of there vehicles. especially just the vehicles by themselves. not even like just in the background of some other picture…

  • My husband works on trucks – that’s his passion aside from surfing. He has countless hours in this truck, including a custom cap for his boards. It was truly his stoke wagon. Insurance goes by blue book, so we are really taking a VERY large hit. It’s heart-breaking that something you work so hard on and take pride in, can be destroyed by someone with so little respect for others. It’s sad for both parties. No one wins here.

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Saw a truck that looks an awful lot like this one minus the camper coming out from behind Bucksport sporting goods in Eureka yesterday evening, and turned south. Even without the camper it still has some notable things about it.

    • It was spotted around 3pm near bay shore mall. Was that about the same time? We figured it was already being parted out, but I guess not. Thanks for keeping us updated!
      Please call CHP 268-2000 if you see this truck!

  • my 85 4runner was stolen a while back. i assumed it was parted out but i was able to get it back on my own after a month. keep looking and know that the cops dont care as much as you. good luck.

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