[FOUND!] Lost Hikers Sought in the King Range

Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue has been requested to search for missing hikers in the coastal area between Bear Harbor and Shelter Cove, says Diana Totten, a spokesperson for the group. She says the details are still coming in and, at this point, not all the facts are clear.

“It appears to be four hikers are lost in the southern half of the King Range,” she explained.

“The hikers have contacted either a family member or the Sheriff’s Department on a cellphone that is how we know they are lost,” Totten said. “Whoever got the phone call was able to get a pretty good idea of the area the hikers are in.”

Whale Gulch Fire and Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue will try and make access to the hikers last known location.

Scanner traffic indicates the rescue team is going into the Jones Beach and Whale Gulch Creek area.

UPDATE 7:20 a.m.: The hikers, a local woman and her three children, were found last night. We’ll have more details later today from the rescuers and the rescued.



  • Hope they’re found OK.

  • I hope they make it.Baby it’s cold outside!!!!burrrr bundle up

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  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Technically, the K.R. proper runs from Mouth of the Mattole to about Black Sands Beach north of Shelter Cove. South of The Cove it becomes Chemise Mountain wilderness, Synkyone Wildeness, Usal, Crazy Tweaker Burial Ground; you can determine current official titles. This is all beautiful, fantastic, coastal wilderness, part of our local heritage. But you have to be careful. This is an apparent local family and they got in trouble. Long-time wilderness enthusiasts look at the map and figure it’s a piece of cake. Think again. Get the excellent map and brochure, worth the few bucks, from the BLM office and don’t get cocky. Glad these folks were rescued!

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