Multiple Vehicles Involved in Collision with Elk on 299

scannerMultiple vehicles were involved in a collision with a gang of an elk on Highway 299 near the Glendale offramp (see map below) before 12:40 a.m. this morning, according to the CHP incident page.

At this point it’s unclear how many vehicles were involved in the collision, but so far a small Toyota pickup, a Toyota Camry and a Volkswagen Touareg have been listed on the incident page. The Toyota pickup reportedly has major front end damage.

An ambulance is on the way to the scene, as well as multiple tow trucks. As of 1:30 a.m., the outside lane is closed and the inside lane is open. However, it’s not clear if this is on the eastbound side or the westbound side of the highway.

We’ll update this post if and when we find out more information.

Update 7:15 a.m.: According to the incident page, no people were injured in the collision.



  • how are the elk?

    • It sounds like at least one of the elk died.

    • A deer ran into the front of my car years ago on 101 (luckily the speed limit was only 55 back then). It was just after sunset and the deer just appeared in front of my car in an instant. Before I could even move my foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal, I hit it as he was running across the road. The hood on my car flew up, I couldn’t see and was still going about 45 mph. I was finally able to pull to the side of the road where another motorist arrived almost immediately because he thought that my car was on fire (steam from the radiator). He drove me to what used to be a little coffee shop in front of the KOA at French’s Camp so that I could call a tow truck (no cell phones back then). So I’m drinking a cup of coffee while waiting for the tow truck to come from Garberville and still feeling rattled and somewhat in shock when a customer in the restaurant asked me if the deer died. I just stared in disbelief like WTF and said that I have no idea. Maybe he was going to try and find it for the meat but I just thought “damn deer, I hope that it’s dead!”

      • There is a clearly marked area “Warning: Elk Crossing” down here, ignored by the Tractor Jockeys, the Macho Growers, 9 to 5 ers, and others of the Unconscious Lost.
        I carry Mom’s hunting knife in my glove box to dispense mercy to those left to suffer in their wake. I have no sympathy for those who cannot read the signs and heed their warning. Poor truck? Poor driver? I think not. Damn Deer? Damn You! af

        • Thanks,a’ho!we are in their territory ,not visa versa.I always drive waaay slower when its foggy many humans have forgotten compassion n humility its astounding.a few extra minutes on the road is worth the saving of a life…n BTW as often as I’m able I pull off the road n say a prayer for the creatures I find thatve been hit,often movin them outta the road so they don’t keep getting hit…a few years back near Trinidad even a bear;((tho I didn’t move it I sat near it n waited for a nice local native fella to come take care of it proppa…slow down y’all…all life is sacred…peace;)

  • I’m praying everyone is ok.its dangerous out there,the roads are really slick and it’s cold!!!Bundle up burrrr

  • Obviously we need to Be eating more meat! you who think not. Eat ur food what it may be. Or go back where ever u may be from? Meat does not come from a computer. Fish n game nat.park state park. U or ur insurance are at fault. People wake from ur slumber.go to court.jury trial.put things befor ur PEERS. We the abariginal people have always ate meat!. We need to exersise our gathering rights.also our take back our courts.thank u for ur time pilgrams! As well as friends.

  • There’s an area south of Laytonville where they sometimes cross 101 from the Shamrock Ranch to the western fields of Long Valley. They finally have a sign up as you approach from the south. Years ago there was no sign and even though I’d lived in the area awhile I hadn’t heard…imagine my surprise to come up on them at 55mph on a very dark night! Somehow, thankfully I squeezed between these huge creatures. They have regular crossing areas that should be signed and people should be aware. Elk are big and don’t move fast! They need to move across their range and so it’s up to us to be smarter and pay attention….I never knew they moved across Glendale area although I have friends on Liscomb Hill that must live with the herd’s movement.

  • mmmmmmmm, Elksgiving.

  • It was one Elk. I was in the Touareg. I would have cleared the accident involving the Elk and the two vehicles had the guy behind me being paying attention to the multiple cars parked on the side of the highway with hazard lights on, the large dead Elk in the slow lane, and a man waving his hands for me to slow down and approach with caution in the fast lane. The man waving for me to slow down was almost killed by me and the driver rear ending me at 55/65 mph.

  • No matter what the details are in any of the horrific events happening here and across mama earth,its very evident everyone needs to slow down n be thankful n tune in wit mama earth n her much life is much death many people have become so harsh n careless for the suffering of others.I don’t know why I bother to comment other than to say my heart breaks every time I pass an animal lying on the side of the road or worse in the middle .I’ve never seen anyone stop toove em outta the way .what if it was someone’s child?anyhoo blessings to all n forgive my rant I’m jus terribly sad about the pervasive heartlessness of humanity…prayin for change.prayin for healin.for all my relations.a’ho.

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