Major Injury Accident Near Myers Flat Early This Morning

A person drove a four-door sedan approximately 10 feet off of the roadway on Avenue of the Giants near Myers Flat (see map) before 2:45 a.m. today. The person suffered major injuries, according to the California Highway Patrol incident page, and the vehicle had major front end and side damage.

At this point, details are scarce, but it appears the person was transported to Saint Joseph Hospital in Eureka with arm injuries. We’ll update this post if and when we find out more information.



  • Praying their ok.sent them to st.joes?

  • Thanks Oliver. Reporting at all hours. Your Crime Photos are the best. They call it OCD these day’s like it is a bad thing. We used to call it hard working and yes it is a beautiful thing.

  • They flew him to rosa

  • It is the time of year to be doubly conscious while driving. The roads will probably be slick, there will be people driving way too fast for conditions on the roadway, there will be people tailgating, AND… there will be people who are altered on drugs and/or alcohol, as was the driver of this vehicle. He blew a .145 on the CHP’s breathalyzer device. That is almost DOUBLE the legal limit. Of course you and I will not be driving under the influence… because we CARE about the possible outcome of that type of behavior to others and ourselves. Everyone knows that it is dangerous as well as illegal.

    The vehicle had more than “major front end damage”. It was completely demolished. Basically, it was turned into a pile of rubble. How the driver survived with just the injuries he sustained, is beyond me. He bounced off three or four trees skinning the bark from one side of their trunks. The vehicle finally was stopped by three young fir trees, which were spaced closely together.

    After about thirteen years of responding to traffic collisions on The Avenue of the Giants,, Hwy 101, and sometimes Elk Creek Road, rarely have I seen the trees lose the match. Although few years back a fully loaded log truck speeding down Elk Creek Road, actually did take out a swath of young redwoods. It looked like a logging show was going on down there The driver was ejected and ended up “waaaay” down in the creek bed. He flew a really long distance and sustained major injuries. He, also, was very lucky to have survived that crash. His injuries were such that I suspect his life is much different now than it was before the accident. Some of us get “do overs” and some don’t.
    I can travel down the Avenue of the Giants and point out tree after tree where people perished or were severely injured. In the vast majority of incidents, speed along with drugs and/or alcohol were a factor.

    If you see me driving slowly down the highway maybe you will understand why. Conversely, if you see me driving fast, you probably will also understand why as well. Please get OUT of the way when you see red lights flashing. It could be a matter of life or death for someone.

    Last night’s incident was dispatched at 2:50 am. It ruined a nice dream. About five years ago, after spending all afternoon preparing a full Thanksgiving feast with my partner (the turkey finally came out of the oven at about six pm ), she and I sat down to enjoy our meal. Literally, as I was taking my very first bite of roasted turkey, the three beeps of a dispatch pre-alert came over the radio: ” beep beep beep…TRAFFIC COLLISION Hwy 101…overturned vehicle into the bank. Person trapped inside…extrication required….
    It was very dark with rain coming down. It took a long time to get the woman out of her vehicle. Except for the CHP officers, who were already on duty, more than a dozen firefighters, an ambulance crew, a tow truck operator, and maybe some Cal Trans folks (I can’t remember for sure), responded to this incident. Alcohol was a factor in this incident.

    Bottom line: Give yourselves, the other people on the road, and your first responders a break this holiday season.

    Drive at a safe speed and don’t drive if you’ve been partying.


    George Monroe
    Chief 6900 Myers Flat Volunteer Fire Department

    • If your so worried about your “nice dreams” getting inturrupted maybe you should find a new profession. And I don’t believe you a “volenteer” should be giving out this information, it’s not your job. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL of you.

      • What the hell?? Anything & everything that can be heard in a courtroom, seen on TV, read in the paper or look up on the internet…IS PUBLIC INFORMATION! You can go to the courthouse, ask to see & review anyones criminal files. Where do you get this ridiculous & absured idea that peoples criminal or even just embarrassing behavior is or should be “private”? You a member of alcoholic’s anonymous for christ sakes?

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  • Am I the only one that feels George’s comment is extremely unprofessional? Disclosing his alcohol level for one. And talking about other calls. I get that he wants people to be safe but there is no need to talk about calls he has been on in a public comment. Isn’t that kinda illegal? I thought fire depts even volunteers weren’t allowed to discuss events with the public….

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      I find the cavalier attitude toward drunk driving to be offensive. These are killers on the road and the best response you have is to whine and moan because some perp’s feelings were hurt. Then there’s the snotty, put-down attitude toward a volunteer fire fighter. I guess all you negative commentators have to do your own little part to take America down. No shame at all. Disgusting.

    • What the hell?? Anything & everything that can be heard in a courtroom, seen on TV, read in the paper or look up on the internet…IS PUBLIC INFORMATION! You can go to the courthouse, ask to see & review anyones criminal files. Where do you get this ridiculous & absured idea that peoples criminal or even just embarrassing behavior is or should be “private”? You a member of alcoholic’s anonymous for christ sakes?

  • If George has a problem going on calls at all hours why is he the chief of a volunteer fire dept?

    • I think George is just sick of idiots driving like they have no brain. Some body has to do the clean up on these horrible accidents. You sit here criticizing him posting what is on his mind. Talk is cheap maybe you should take inventory of what you do to help the community. My bet is you do nothing. Thank you George for what you do. I am just happy that no one else was injured by this senseless wreck!

  • MSKaty…. he isn’t posting what’s on his mind he is talking about calls. Unprofessional. Like I said I get it that he wants people to be safe but there is no reason to post details about an incident.
    Oh and since I apparently do “nothing” for the community let’s hear what it is that you do.

    • Bozo the Clone/George Monroe

      Actually, I discussed posting this with an officer at the CHP office this afternoon. As the Public Information Officer for the Chiefs there is a different responsibilty as I see it. In my discussion with the officer, I stated that my intention was to raise public awareness and perhaps reduce accidents for the holidays. I do not necessarily believe in public shaming, but I do not have much respect for someone who is blitzed out of their mind being on the road driving at high speed trying to kill innocent people. And… they don’t have to be drunk on alcohol or drugs. It can be on their own egos, like the speed demons that live around here. There is NO respect from some people.
      And yes, I do have a problem going on calls at all hours. It is not fun getting up at three in the morning to attend to
      grisly traffic accidents or to tend to people who have been beaten half to death (as recently happened in Myers Flat) or… you name it…A normal person does not relish and look forward to leaving the dinner table to deal with the next 1144 from suicide or overdose or a baby girl being run over. Do you get it?? But some of us have to bear the responsibilty and do the job. There are very few people willing to step up these days to take the training, or be sober often enough to be able to respond to incidents 24/7, or give up some of their life for the greater good of the community. I am not complaining… just telling it like it is. If more people have a better idea about what it is like, perhaps there would be fewer social misfits and more people helping their community.

      Bozo the Clone

  • Regardless how much awareness to try to put out to our community there will always be the people who don’t listen. The sad thing is they won’t get it until it affects them. And until that day I’m sorry to say there will be those calls in the middle of the night. I’m not bashing the fact that you go on these calls I’m simply saying if you have a problem with them maybe you’re in the wrong field of work. The volunteers and paid firefighters I know have never made complaints like I’ve heard in these comments.

  • Right on George! D, be safe and thankful!

  • George is the MAN!This guys girlfriend is the one that did the hit and run on 101 killing someone near 36.. Real losers. Glad he didnt kill anyone!! Someone should tell his mother to slow down also. A school bus driver should know better. Teach their kids better. Sad.

  • Funny how theres been no mention this young mans truck was involved in the dui hit and run fatality in fortuna. Seems his girlfriend cant drive any better. Maybe its time for an intervention?

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