Councilmember Bringing Cannabis Legalization Workshop to Rio Dell

This is a press release from the City of Rio Dell:


Debra Garnes

Councilwoman Debra Garnes is spearheading a public workshop on the future of legalized cannabis in California and Rio Dell. During the workshop members of the Rio Dell City Council will hear about potential opportunities associated with current and future changes to the legal status of marijuana. Residents and neighbors are encouraged to hear from the experts on this evolving issue and pose questions.

Special guest speakers include:

  •  Joey Luiz, Board of Equalization
  •  Robert Christensen, Senator Mike McGuire’s Office
  •  Paul Gallegos, former Humboldt County District Attorney
  •  Luke Bruner, California Cannabis Voice Humboldt
  •  Liesl Finkler, The Humboldt Cannabis Association
  •  John Ford, Ford Insurance

Commenting on her motivation to hold the cannabis workshop Councilwoman Garnes stated, “I am trying to make Rio Dell a part of the conversation on legalization. This community needs to be ahead of the curve.” The workshop follows the September 11th enactment of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act that was authored by local State representatives Mike McGuire, Jim Wood and other state legislators. It is widely anticipated that the November 8, 2016 general election will include votes on the legalization of marijuana in California.

Location: Monument Middle School Multi‐Purpose Room

95 Center Street, Rio Dell

Time: Thursday, December 10, 2015 @ 5:30pm



  • Why don’t we just legalize it and sell it over the counter like they do tylenol, aspirin and all of the other drugs?? Just as well, the current younger generation doesn’t see any harm in it until someone gets killed, assaulted or beat half to death because they are trying to steal it from other illegal places. This weed (and I do mean ‘weed’) is going to be the death of the Human race if people keeps wanting to just use it whenever. Just saying and this is my opinion only. I’ve seen too many of my friends wasted or dead due to this ‘weed’.

    • concerned neighbor

      Ya know it’s not just weed people get killed and robbed for…..there’s always something, someone has that someone else doesnt and is willing to kill over….awesome for my home town! I completely support council woman Garnes movement and wish her the best of luck. Everyone has a right to their opinions, and everyone has the right to live their lives as they see fit. peace mr. Whitehead, the only people doing wrong are the dam meth and heroin junkies, they always want what they don’t have and have no disire to work for it….yes the folks in the cannabis work their asses off and keep to their business.

  • Good for her doing this organizing effort.

  • Would have thought Rio Dell making a stance on legal meth labs more relevant.
    Glad her hands weren’t raised in the picture.

  • Thank you, Ms. Garnes. And thank you RedHeaded Blackbelt for these wonderful blogs. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  • This certainly is interesting, hmmm ? So please tell how long this has been in the works ? Is our Supervisor Estelle Fennel on board with this ? Will she also be present ? Transparency beginning to actually take hold ?..Curious as to the consensus with our other Council Members, as well as the community at large? ‘Ahead of the curve’ would seem a bit premature considering where Arcata presently stands with their Business model. Some of the folks that will be speaking are a ‘Red flag’ Ms. Garnes. This information would have been helpful long before this ‘Water Rate’ fiasco. It is very difficult to have faith or even have trust with much of anything that happens down at City Hall. Please be prepared and know the facts. Please not just another costly waste of the communities’ time, along with a bunch of wasted monies (consultation fees, City’s Attorney, and all the so called ‘Expert’ fees for another failed attempt to bring in revenues). It is time to balance the books and to share the actually numbers first and foremost ! No More Distractions ! ! Looking forward in hearing more information on this issue December 10th. Folks can watch past Board of Supervisor’s meetings where Mr. Luke Bruner spoke. At least, familarize yourselves with his ‘speak’. Paul Gallegos is not so popular down this way I’m afraid. ..We’ll just see ?

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