Stabbing in Arcata

Arcata Police Officers are at the Fourth Street Market with a stabbing victim. According to scanner, the victim was stabbed in the marsh and made it to the market to get help.

The suspect is not on scene and officers are attempting to locate a 17-18 year old white male wearing a blue windbreaker with a white t-shirt around his head.

Update 2:52 p.m.: The victim is en route to Mad River Community Hospital.

Caution: This is breaking news and details are still coming in.



  • More out of control feral humans

  • Sparklemahn
    what a streak of genius!

    Unless the stab wound is at least 3″ deep, those unresponsive APD boys will pass it off as ‘rowdy playtime’

  • How come nobody’s screaming for knife control?

  • I like this term feral humans ,but the heroin and meth turns them into far worse creatures it makes a person lie steal murDer lewd and lascivious acts upon other people such rape the list goes on and on with that being said there has got to be away to stop the the people or peaple s making the shit again turning the feral people into something far worse like Ernie said they used to have one flew over the cuckoo next I’d much rather deal with a homeless people than a homeless tweakers I don’t know what the solution is I’m just lucky to have lived here my whole life my family has been for generations there is not much here but b grow flowers ,and that is in uncharted waters ,so what I’m saying is don’t come here thinkING quick money don’t count on it

  • Where on the human body is the marsh?

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