[UPDATE 7:24 p.m.] Person Burned at Bear Creek Bridge

A person was burned by a fire under Bear Creek Bridge, according to the scanner. The fire, which was near the intersection of Redwood Drive and Alderpoint Road (See map below), was reported over the scanner a little before 10:55 a.m. today.

“One patient was burned,” reported the scanner.

Initially, a dispatcher said there was smoke in the area, and someone was heard yelling “Fire!” from under the bridge.

At this point, we don’t know what type of fire it was or what started it, but we’ll update this post if and when we find out.

UPDATE 7:24 p.m.:  According to a spokesperson for the Garberville Fire Protection District, “The burn patient today suffered burns to his face, hands, arms and feet. He was transported via City Ambulance to Phelps.” The cause of the incident is under investigation.



  • Well that’s a good start, just need to burn the rest

    • A commenter after my own heart!

    • “just need to burn the rest”

      Wow, heartless much? I understand your frustration, but burns are one of the most painful and damaging wounds that can possibly happen. Very little exposure to high heat can even kill you.

      As being a once upon a time volunteer firefighter we would spend a very high percentage of our time dealing with feral humans. At no time did I ever see a firefighter hope that someone got burned. Our fondest hope was that everyone would be okay. Did we hope that they would go away? Hell yes, who needs them, certainly not society. Even with housed people a large percentage of medical and firefighting expenses goes to people with drug/alcohol problems.

      Normal, everyday, law-abiding, sober humans cause so few problems that we would almost not need fire/medical/police.

      When I was young, California had state hospitals for the people that could not care for themselves. If you were unable to find a place to live, a job, stay sober, or otherwise not be a burden on society, you could very well have been committed to a state hospital, you would not be released until they were fairly certain that you would start being a good citizen.

      One day a good natured drunk who became annoying to everyone disappeared. It turns out that he was committed to the state hospital. He was not returned for two weeks. They called it “drying a person out”, to keep them alcohol free until they could make it on their own.

      It is said that “the only person that can help someone is themselves.”… it was amazing to see how many people decided to “help themselves” after a few weeks stay in the looney bin. They saw what they never wanted to happen to them. If they returned too many times they might become permanent residents.

      Of course the liberals (with apologies to my dear friends that sometimes disagree with me) decided that these people were being abused in the state hospitals. Ken Kesey wrote a book called “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. About the “abuses in the state hospitals”. That played into then Gov Regan’s hands. He de-funded the state hospitals claiming that the feral humans are a neighborhood problem. He could not know how prophetic that statement was. Feral Humans are now the neighborhoods biggest problems.

      Somehow I still don’t think that they should burn to death under bridges just because they can’t care for themselves. Now the test seems to be If they can blow fog on a mirror that they can take care of themselves.

      I could go on but nobody gives a Damn.

      • You’re the man Ernie Branscomb, and I am listening and you are speaking truth. I wish our government could see it. So we can help this whole situation again, and take care of all of our feral people

      • Right on, Ernie.

      • I like what you say Ernie, but the homeless insane are on the streets because of Reagan, not liberals complaining of abuse. I remember the 80s.

        • So… Ken Kesey was a conservative???

          I said that they “played into then Gov Regan’s hands.” I don’t cut Reagan any slack.


            Reagan’s administration cut the funding to the mental institutions, and did not create funding for the “halfway houses” we were promised to take the place of them for the majority of inmates. Institutional abuses needed to be compassionately addressed, doubtlessly…throwing the inmates out on the streets wasn’t compassionate to them, or to any of the communities impacted by the closures of the programs.

            That was a couple of years ago now; is it time to make it right yet?

        • Reagan was governor of Calif., late 60’s, and that is when he closed the hospitals.

    • Hey guest, the cleaners called-your brown shirts are ready, but they couldn’t get all the stains out.

  • Foul play and ignorance go hand in hand

  • You rock Ernie fellow garb native son ,and I am going to garb to volunteer the safety walk if they will have me withe the Sutherland sisters my name is Mark Olsen here I come peg and Sarver

    • Very well put Ernie Branscomb I agree with agree with you 100% they need to start having places to put people that are mental . and your right we didn’t have this crap in the old days people were taken care of. We need a mental health facilities back. hey Mark Olson is that you old buddy. I’m glad to hear you went on the walk I went on the one earlier today. Nice to have you on board give us a call

    • Mark Olson, so glad you joined our team of course will have you. I hope you’re there on the walk tonight. I did one this afternoon I’m all tuckered out. Thanks for helping us we need all the good people we can get love you

  • Ernie… Various “experts” convinced Reagan that he could save a huge amount of tax dollars by closing California’s mental health hospitals… The idea was that the new anti psychotic drugs could maintain the 5150 folks in an outpatient situation… The legislation contained provisions for an extensive network of local clinics to continue treatment for the released patients… The clinics never happened… No one wanted to fund them… That’s life in the good ‘ol USA where a tax break always comes before common sense…

    • Dang I didn’t know you were so smart Ernie… exactly hit the nail right on the head.. Reagan taxes and bullshit.. okay I know I’m not very articulate, but I try hard hehehe

      • “I know I’m not very articulate, but I try hard”

        Peggy, some of the smartest and wisest people that I ever knew had a poor education and some could not even read or write, yet they made their living with thier hands, heart and intellect. The only time you should apologise to me is if you ever stopped trying. I’ve always said that language has never been about correctness, it has always been about communicating. And, you do that well.

    • Ben. I said that I could go on. You are absolutely right about Reagan. He actually partially funded some community programs, but much like prop “Z” money, the politicians found “better” places to use it.

      The main reason that Reagan had to defund the program is because the rest of the country was sending us all thier mental cases because we took care of them better. Which kind of belies Kesey’s point that the inmates weren’t getting good care. No matter what anybody says, mental hospitals had to be better than bridges. Plus, it gave an inmate a chance to straighten up and get better.

      • Consider: When Reagan closed Mendocino State Hospital in Talmage (Ukiah), it was debt free and self-supported by the inhabitants’ dairy products, veggie produce, and the like.
        The former “inmates” were released to the mercy of businesses like the Palace Hotel, then owned by Vincent Cisco.
        I cocktailed there, and saw this up close: Mentally infirm people (which included the deaf, victims of neurological diseases, and the physically deformed) were conned into accepting Room&Board at the Palace in exchange for signing over the pittance of financial aid they received from the State.
        Half way through the month, they had to work 12 hour days to repay Cisco for their rent and coffee shop meals (eaten out-of-sight of the public.) The rooms they were “given” were on the top floor which was condemned and without access to the elevator. No water, and the toilets were in the basement…
        These folks were, in every respect, SLAVES. I was there, I saw it.
        I reported the abuse, fully documented, and no agency would touch it. The consistent response I got was “They’re better off at the Palace than living on the Street.”
        I am so thankful Cisco didn’t burn it down to collect on the building’s insurance, and/or the life insurance policies he took out on the elderly slaves. I know he considered it. The people on the 3rd floor would never have escaped.
        I collected many stories of Cisco’s Slaves during the time I worked there, but I need a few more former members of the Ukiah Chamber of Commerce to die before I can tell them… af
        PS: The tale of other States sending us their weak, hurt, and infirm because we “took better care of them” is total horse-shit.

  • Ernie is correct. Burns are extremely painful. This victim, as the report stated, sustained what appeared to be second degree burns to his face and extremities (he was wearing no foot gear) his head, neck and face. His dreads were singed down to his head in places. He was screaming in agony and shaking uncontrollably as we were cutting his garments off. His jacket, made of a synthetic material was fused to his jeans in places in the rear. I did not go down to his camp, but from the four or five explosions followed by huge balls of fire, I SUSPECT that something illegal had been going on down there on the hillside next to the creek. I sincerely hope this fellow learned something from this incident, but I really was sorry to see him in the agony that he was in. No civilized person would wish this on anyone.

    After years of reading some of the amazingly stupid, ignorant, and yes, Ernie, truly heartless comments on these blogs, I am not surprised that this country is in the state it is in.

    Bozo the Clone

  • Peg I’ll see u tomarrow luv u too now you know who mo gtx is we have alot to get caught up been dealing with my mother’s passing and estate shoot sarv and I help build that bridge remember peg

  • Looks like the places he was burned (face, hands, arms, and feet) are what would get burned if he were trying to put out the fire.

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