‘Help Find Masala,’ Asks Zoo Officials Searching For Missing Red Panda


Red panda from the Sequoia Park Zoo  [Photographer Greg Nyquist]

According to officials at the Sequoia Park Zoo, one of the beloved red pandas has escaped and was last seen in the park area around the zoo.

According to Gretchen Ziegler the zoo manager, “We got a report from somebody who possibly spotted it  outside the park around two this afternoon. We confirmed immediately that it was not in the exhibit.” At this point, they don’t know how she escaped. But, said Ziegler ruefully, “She must have found someway.”

Ziegler says that Masala is not in any danger from the weather. “Perfect climate for her but she has never been out of the exhibit,” Ziegler said.

Zoo officials are hoping the public can assist them in finding Masala. “The reason we wanted to issue a press release is that we will be relying on the community to help spot her,” Ziegler said. “If someone does spot her, we will be out there immediately to help recover her safely.”

She wants to reassure the community that the animal is not a danger to humans but requests that no one approach it. Instead, please contact Please call 707-499-3668 or Eureka Police Dispatch at 707-441-4044 if you see her.



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