Trimmer’s Ball Friday—It’s the First Annual and It Has a Cannabis Costume Contest!

The first annual Trimmer’s Ball, a cannabis costume contest, great music and a benefit for a local… The stage is set for a fantastic time.

You know you want to go…and you’d be helping out a great almost local musician!

Here’s what you need to know.


Environmentally Sound Promotions, the Cannabis Consciousness Network and the Mateel Community Center are proud to present The First Annual Trimmer’s Ball and Cannabis Costume Contest.  This benefit extravaganza will take place Friday, November 20.  Doors open at 7pm at the Mateel in Redway.  Bear Dyken PhotoOpening the show will be the conscious dance rock band Clan Dyken. Then get ready for the electronic dance music of DJ Marjo Lak and Coppertone plus the amazing visuals of Marmalade Sky.  Prizes for the best Ganja Costumes.  Marjo Lak photoMusic and storytelling campfire.  Food and drink served. Sliding scale donation of $20 will benefit our beloved Bear Dyken, who after 35 years of performing benefits had his homestead burn down in the Butte Fire.  Volunteers needed.  Call 923-3368.  See you at the Mateel, Friday, November 20 for the Trimmer’s Ball, in the heart of the Emerald Triangle.




  • Oh I so want to go I can’t wait. NOT

  • How do trimmers have time to go out dancing; much less build costumes, this month?

  • Work slave work

  • Yawn, these drug balls are starting to resemble really bad movie remakes.

  • Isn’t it a little early to celebrate?
    Typical entitled trimmer mentality at its finest.
    Next thing you’ll know they’ll want to form a Union, lol!
    We can only hope that this is their first and their last.

  • Come on man!!!so dumb

  • Big deal, you trim weed….. you impress yourselves too much.

  • I’m guessing that all you people who have nothing but negative things to say about trimmers (and everything else) have never required their services. Sitting around posting negative comments about everything and everyone from outside the Humboldt County lines doesn’t require trimming as far as I know. Keep bitching and shit talking. The trimmers will be back in a year after they go do whatever makes them happy with the money they earned this year.

    • Well yes we have!!I’ve done it for money to pay my bills.but I don’t litter up a town with filth and drug sales and sleep in front of businesses and rob or steal from people.and maybe not all people who trim are in those categories. I live here pay taxes own my home OK.

    • Enjoy your little party while it lasts.
      For every lazy entitled trimmer there are 175 Guatemalans waiting in line with B-1 visas and a hunger to please American employers.
      Your little off leash grubby entitled dog complaining party is going to come to a end.
      People that are serious about making a living are going to fill your Birkenstocks with actual work ethic.

  • Carnac was a "mystic from the East"

    Thank you trimmers, for not contributing into the tax system that pays for your protection and services, and enriching the lives of the growers in an illegal enterprise that damages the environment, and hurts the youth. Maybe there will be other opportunities for illegal employment for in trades that are parasitic to society such as processing meat for poachers, or printing pornography for pedophiles.

  • Is the mateel accepting gov. Cheese for admission.
    I’ll just keep paying taxes so these kids can do this.

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