Last Chance Grade Monitoring System Installed

Caltrans installed a slide monitoring system on Last Chance Grade–a section of Hwy 101 in Del Norte County. Cool stuff for technology geeks. Check out the video.

*As always, remember that I am married to a Caltrans employee.



  • Sounds as though the Reeks & Wrecks are merging with the Engineers. [If you don’t get the reference, Kurt Vonnegut’s Player Piano will fix that, and make you laugh.]

  • I was thrilled to hear the off hand comment that a bypass is planned for this scary stretch of road! However I am also left to wonder why this hasn’t been started years ago?? This is a dangerous stretch of road and a bypass is definitely needed for public safety. So why was a much protested, and IMHO unnecessary, Willits bypass being constructed first? Shame on the decision makers. I would like to know when groundbreaking is scheduled. May have a party.

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