Walkout! HSU Students Rally Today in Support of Faculty

Humboldt State University students marched out of class around noon today. The walkout is meant to show support for higher faculty wages throughout the California State University system.

The HSU Student Labor Union organized the event because they believe faculty members should receive a 5 percent wage increase.

“Time after time the administration has said the money isn’t there, and we’re finding out the money actually is there,” HSU Student Labor Union member Ian Alexander said.

Faculty members have received a 1 percent ($514) wage increase over the past ten years, according to Alexander.

“With inflation, [faculty members] are actually making less than they did ten years ago,” Alexander said.

Alexander also said administrators have received a 42 percent ($33,000) wage increase over the past ten years.

“We’re talking about presidents who are making $300,000 to $400,000 already,” Alexander said. “Across the CSU system, 94 percent of the union have voted in favor of a strike.”


However, Alexander and HSU president Lisa Rossbacher said faculty members can’t participate in a strike at the moment.

“The bargaining process is complex, and additional steps are required before any decisions about a strike or other actions will be made,” Rossbacher wrote in an email to the HSU community on Monday. “I want to assure you that this recent vote does not mean that a strike is about to happen – or that one will necessarily happen at all.”

“They’re kind of grounded by this step-by-process.” Alexander said. “We have faculty thanking us, but I want to make it really clear that faculty is not sanctioning this walkout.” 

Rossbacher said in her email that hearings and negotiations are scheduled for late November and early December. Alexander said that faculty members will not be able to strike until next semester.

Among other issues, Alexander said the student labor union is also focused on diversity among faculty members and making sure students have access to resources.

“This is a movement of students,” Alexander said. “This movement helps to bring resources to all students on campus.”

The student labor union and other walkout participants are currently at the University Center Quad.






  • Rossbacher just got a $6k a year raise… meanwhile I have to drive my car through giant pot holes in the HSU parking lots.

  • Yup!There right they should get 10%thou.We need good teachers,and a good education gets you alot farther in life.Both my daughter and husband have collage degrees and it’s improved their lives big!!just sayin!!GO HSU

  • Go students!
    A larger strike to DEmote the raises and pensions of all admin on the govt take wouldn’t hurt my feelings. I’m sick & tired of watching seniors all across America struggle with food, medicines and utility bills while fluffernutter CEOs rake in the raises.

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