Flashing Yellow Arrow to Be Installed on Intersection of Harrison and Buhne

Information from the Eureka Police Department’s Facebook page:

CaptureThe City of Eureka will be installing a new type of left turn signal. A flashing yellow arrow (FYA) signal will replace the existing traffic signal at the intersection of Harrison Avenue and Buhne Street. FYA signals provide more opportunities to make left hand turns, which means less delay, making the signalized intersection more efficient. The new traffic signal head is a configuration of lighted arrows with four phases:
1. Steady Green Arrow – represents a protected turn, proceed with left turn
2. Flashing Yellow Arrow – a permissive turn, proceed with caution and yield to on-coming traffic
3. Steady Yellow Arrow – prepare to stop
4. Steady Red Arrow – stop
During the flashing yellow arrow phase, and before entering the intersection, look left and straight ahead for on-coming traffic, bicycles and pedestrians. On-coming traffic (during the FYA phase) has a green light. The traffic signal installation is scheduled to occur on Saturday, November 21st, WEATHER PERMITTING.

There will be controlled traffic for vehicles and pedestrians on the day of the work.

Please drive carefully in the vicinity of this and all work zones and visit the City of Eureka’s website for more information about flashing yellow arrow traffic signals atwww.ci.eureka.ca.gov.



  • Let’s confuse us even more!!!this light will definitely cause stoners to shake their heads and stop on green go on red or stop on flashing yellow or is it not flashing on steady,COME ON MAN!!!

  • Wow someone in local government finely woke up in the 21st century! We need more of those, 3 on Buhne, H, I, and Harrison.

  • I’d rather take a little longer and get there safely. What kind of a fool thinks this is going to help anything? Confusion will abound. The cost of this fiasco should be taken out of their wages. Hopefully no one will be killed.

    In Garberville the traffic geniuses have put large yellow paddles anchored in the middle of the street designating that it is a crosswalk. What driver doesn’t know what a crosswalk is? Now the trucks pulling onto Redwood drive from Conger street have to unsafely pay attention to the foolish paddle in the middle of the road to not dammage their truck or the paddle, while being completely distracted from their driving. Meanwhile Redwood drive has not been paved since the 1980s. Arrrrrghhh…


      Ernie, you were there… wasnt it more like 1880? That and the AP road….Its got some real rude dips in and on it…. some over 10 inches deeper …. though i heard last week the county boys been throwin some winter mix out.. . Bonnieville salt flats……… next ya know…with all those holes filled , maybe now Rupe can break his ole land speed record.. AP to Garberville in 13 minutes……….. but those were the good ole days….. it was all a dirt track back then… grass still growin between the wagon ruts…

      • Naaaw. In1880 we used the pack-trail out east of Garberville through Buck Mountain Creek to Harris. Bear Canyon was too hard to cross with a mule team. It sure was fun to road race those dirt roads back in the sixties though.

  • Good sense of humor!got to love it

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