Car Located in Yesterday’s Home Invasion

HCSOThe vehicle taken from the victims of yesterday’s home invasion near Willow Creek has been located, says Sgt. Brian Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The vehicle, a black Lincoln LS was discovered on Upper Mill Creek Road in Hoopa.

The suspects, three men and one woman, took the car when they fled after the home invasion. The incident occurred between approximately 7:30-8:30 in the morning. Two men wearing masks entered the home with a firearm. They demanded money, gas and keys. The other two reportedly stayed outside.

The suspects spoke Spanish to each other, reported the victims. They took cash, firearms and the Lincoln LS.

The suspects have not been located as of this morning, reports Taylor. But, he says, “We have some suspects.”

A press release with more information should be coming out later today.



  • Gun control is every adult not having a felony is required to wear a side arm openly. If you can not afford one, one will be provided to you.

  • They sounded hard up.time for bars on our doors and windows,pack of junk yard dogs and some guns and shit.i also have golf clubs everywhere.please don’t come to my house,my mom my daughter’s houses were robbed and I’m afraid if you break into my house you won’t leave the same!!!!!

  • Not speaking English and doing home invasions? Sounds like cartel illegals looking for a ride back to their base after a season of trespass, water thefts, destroying the lands, and spreading poison everywhere. Should be seen as more proof that open borders and a sanctuary state are a continually growing disaster that endangers all.

  • We pulled in all kinds of criminals and low-lifes over a decade of openly embracing large marijuana grows with minimal police action. Now the weed money is drying up. What did you expect? I’m anticipating much more stuff like this over the next few years until the local economy readjusts.

  • Good maybe if the money dries up they’ll all go away and we can take back our county and start over and be more careful who we let in.just sayin.its numbing

  • I agree with G-ma. If the Spanish and all the other white men would stop stealing our land, raping our women, and pillaging our resources and just GET OUT, maybe we could return to a time before that was introduced here. Goddamn illegals….

  • Rarely, in this county, are these types of crimes committed by “outsiders”. Majority of the time it’s a local or locals that rob, steal, & pillage.

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