Over 1000 Customers Lose Power From King Salmon to College of the Redwoods

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 5.32.53 AM
Over 1000 customers in the area of King Salmon, Fields Landing, Humboldt Hill and College of the Redwoods are without power this morning.

According to the PG&E Outage Center, power went out around 4:36 a.m. At this point, power is estimated to be back on around 8 a.m.

Update 5:45 a.m.: The outage page says, “Field personnel have found a downed power line.”

Update 5:55 a.m.: Additionally, the CHP incident page is reporting a traffic hazard in Fields Landing near the Railroad Avenue boat ramp (Click here to see the approximate location). At this point, it is unclear if this is related, but CHP has notified PG&E of the traffic hazard.

UPDATE 6:55 a.m.: Some customers have had power restored. At this point, there are less than 500 customers without power and they are projected to get it back by 8 a.m.



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