[UPDATE 7:28 p.m. One Lane Open] 101 Entirely Blocked by Accident North of Pepperwood

As of 6:20 p.m., all four lanes of Hwy 101 are completely blocked north of Pepperwood due to a multiple car accident, confirmed a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol. Traffic is currently backing up. Please stay out of the area.

A white Chevy Caviler and a white pickup collided at approximately 5:29 p.m. Another vehicle appears to be involved also. Reportedly there are minor injuries only.

UPDATE 7:28 p.m.: One lane controlled traffic is in effect and vehicles are able to get past the accident.



  • Frost advisory tonight through tomorrow morning per the NWS… prime time for black ice along some of those stretches. Sincerely hope folks slow the hell down and pay attention because I, for one, do NOT want to be reading more reports like this tomorrow.

    Please, people: be safe.

  • Folks it hailed alot,it’s so very hard to see.and it’s cold please be careful.give yourself an extra foot or two to stop.we see people not able to stop be alert arrive alive take care.im hoping everyone is ok

  • Even if it doesn’t hail there’s still a high chance for black ice with as cold as it is 1 of my weather apps says its 43 where the other says its 44 either way its cold & wet out drive with Caution & be careful black ice won’t reveal itself until your spinning out of control into a guard rail or into the nearby river bed

    • Which is exactly why we were traveling at 50 MPH from Loleta to Miranda at the time they were starting to clear the accident while other vehicles kept passing us as though we were standing still. Total idiot drivers who will eventually wreck and take an innocent party or two with them.

      • I drove up on that accident last night also. I was going 60mph and yeah, lots of people were flying past me on the dark, wet highway. I’m guessing it’s a combo of we have more people driving here these days and they don’t know local road conditions? Or else people have grown very stupid and careless? Or all of the above? It’s a prescription for disaster so I just try to keep distance from other vehicles.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        That’s California drivers for you. Make absolutely no adjustment in your driving no matter how icy or cold or snowy or foggy or rainy or whatever the weather is. Just blast along like nothing is wrong until you figure-eight into a tractor-trailer or tree or other car. Then, oh Lordy, oh, boo hoo hoo.

        I think it’s “Cavalier.” As in let’s drive in a cavalier, don’t-give-a-damn manner until we total out.

  • Drive a little slowa

  • We now have a black ice alert for.Humboldt.We hit it in Medford You can’t see it,we spun fish tailed into dirt bank ouch poor car,I’m hoping,I said hoping everyone is extra careful and give each other some space when driving stay safe!!!

  • Yes please everyone drive safe!!!! I lost my wife in the first storms of the year last year so please drive safe pay attention

  • The car involved is a 2015 Chevy Cruze.
    My daughter and I were in the northbound #1 lane when the driver of a southbound pickup truck lost control of his vehicle and crossed the intersection in front of us.
    As the impact was so sudden second vehicle in the #2 lane hit the rear passenger side of my car immediately after.
    We were fortunate to have been in a newer model vehicle with enhanced safety features…the car still runs amazingly, otherwise we most likely would have been seriously injured by the impact.

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