[UPDATE: Fatality] Air Ambulance Requested for Traffic Accident Near Richardsons Grove

A solo vehicle has overturned in the Richardson Grove area, according the the California Highway Patrol Incident page. It went off the side and into the trees about 8:30 p.m. First reports indicate that a man has been ejected from the vehicle and appears injured.

An air ambulance has been requested. Cal Star 4 is on its way and is projected to be in the area about 9:15 a.m.

UPDATE 9:01 a.m.: The California Highway Patrol Incident page is listing this as a fatality. Traffic is being funneled into one way controlled traffic around the accident. Please avoid the area if possible.

UPDATE 9:55 a.m.: There is another male who was injured. We’re not sure whether the helicopter is still coming in for this patient but there is a helicopter attempting to come in.

Update 4:20 p.m.: Click here for a press release from the California Highway Patrol.



  • Oh my,I’m praying he’s alright.

  • We heard muliple sirens in Benbow. Thanks for the update.

  • We came up on this just as the EMT was lighting flares. CHP wasn’t even there yet. Didn’t look good at all.

  • Heard the chopper in Benbow @10:10

  • Traffic still one way at 11:13

  • Car on roof, body under tarp, coroner just drove by

  • Bless this family.rip

  • Drove by the scene about 11:50 and I saw the car still flipped up and some items scattered in the woods. But I saw what looked like one body in a white bag, and there was a male body being bagged up by the feet that was on a stretcher also, both looked deceased to me.

    • Oh I was wrong on the second body, guess the other was just a white bag. And it looked to me like one of the redwood trees was freshly scraped on the northbound side. My co worker saw the wreck just after they had put the fire out, craziness.

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  • Scoured the internet far and wide to find this story. Was riding down the 101 from Garberville when we got stopped in stand still traffic. I didn’t know why we stopped, so I just took in the beauty of the redwoods. And then I saw a young dark haired man on the ground, with three or four men standing around him. His skin was pale blue, it took me a minute to register what was going on, then I saw them cover him with a white tarp. I was in shock that it took them so long to cover the poor man from the public. I then saw the car, overturned and Burt town to the frame. I don’t normally pray, but my thoughts have been with him for days now. I hope his family can get through this terrible time.

    • Hi Edward, I bet you were better at searching. The young man is my dear friend Carlos, he was an amazing person, a free spirit and the kindest heart ever. He had spent the last three years of his life in Asia helping after the earthquakes in Nepal and funding projects for orphaned children. His thirst to know the world had brought him in Sep to California and he was excited to get to Mexico before Christmas and get his Scuba diving license.
      His family were only alerted of his passing this last Friday, as it was difficult to ID him. They are shocked but happy that he never stopped being who he was, he lived by his rules. I remember his unending and abysmal curiosity, counting the freckles on the peel of a potato or surgically analyzing the pathway of an ant. He never lost the gift on taking pleasure in the simple things in life. Now he flows more freely than ever, riding butterflies though his longest trip ever.

      • Omg! This is a terrible news. Carlos is a good friend of mine, we knew each other in Ireland and then met again in Thailand. I saw another friend of us posting a picture of him on FB and it popped in my timeline and I have been spending the last few hours to try to find out what happened. I still can’t believe it and it breaks my heart to know that I will never hear him laugh again… But as you say, he is free now… Be strong my friend.

  • Many thanks from Spain to all of you, last weekend family and friendsmade a Memorial, in Valencia, where he was born, some of us would like to visit the place this year, nice to feel some much love

  • Soy una de las hermanas de Carlos, nos ha dejado un vacío enorme, pero sabemos que sigue viajando a través de otras dimensiones, disfrutando como lo había hecho hasta ahora y enviándonos señales para que sepamos que siempre estará con nosotros. Él se ha ido pero nos ha dejado gente maravillosa con la que llenar un poco el vacío que nos deja. Muchas gracias por las palabras y todos los gestos recibidos. Nosotros también queremos visitar California y estar por donde el estuvo sus últimos días. Me encantaría poder conocer a las personas que estuvieron allí con el…

  • My name is Chriso. I found the car rolled over that morning. I had flown in from New York to San Francisco the night before and was heading up to Oregon to visit my mom and sister. I had been driving for a couple hours and decided to pulled over to take a few pictures of the redwood trees near the road. I snapped a couple of photos before a saw the car. It didn’t even cross my mind that I might be the first on scene. then i found the first man. I thought he was dead but upon trying to find a pulse, I could hear faint gurgling. It took about 7 min for EMS to arrive. as soon as the came i got out of the way and started walking around the debris field in a circular pattern. It was then that I found the second man. He had obviously been dead for hours. I didn’t know these men but that morning will always be with me. My heart goes out to the family. I just found this feed. my attempts to find information about this accident in the weeks after were not successful. I would really like to know if the first man that i found lived. if anybody knows anything. would you please email me at clee@almstead.com ???

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