Suspect in Last Night’s Shooting Arrested

Eureka Police say the suspect in last night’s shooting, Steven Upton, has been taken into custody. (See previous story and photos here.)




  • Don’t drop the soap homie, fools be ready !! Fresh fish!

  • There is so much crime in Eureka we hate to go there to shop.We drive threw town and see people shooting up drugs in front of the bus stop on 5th street and see people yelling at air with no one there.EUREKA NEEDS A BYPASS.

  • Eureka is my home town. Took my grandchildren to see the sites in Eureka. We couldn’t help but, see the homeless. Its like they are the attraction there now. My grand-kids (teenagers) kept asking me why. I live in a small town near Sacramento and we have the same problem. All I can say is the majority is drugs can’t work if your on drugs and don’t want better because of drugs. That is what I tell them. I think it is a small amount that is mental. Agree something needs to be done and soon.

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