Man Arrested With Suspicious Items After Smell of Marijuana Leads Officers to Investigate His Vehicle

This is a press release from the Ferndale Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

IMG_3832On November 11th, 2015 at approximately 1000 hours, a concerned public utility worker arrived to the Ferndale Police Department reporting suspicious activity involving a vehicle parked near the cemetery. The worker advised officers the vehicle was running and the driver was “passed out” in the driver and was the sole occupant. Officers responded with medical personnel who were at present at the police department when the report came in and located 33 year Humboldt County transient Luke David Walker passed out in the driver seat of the running vehicle as described by the reporting party.

Prior to officers attempting contact with Walker, they smelled marijuana coming from the rear of the enclosed truck bed. Ferndale Police Officers knocked on the window several times before he woke up. Once awake, officers contacted Walker by having asking him to roll the window down, turn off the engine and that is when they and smelled a very strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle.

That changed the scope of the investigation to a drug investigation. While speaking with Walker, he displayed signs and symptoms of being under a combination of controlled substances. Officers searched Walker’s vehicle for marijuana and located a significant amount of marijuana, hypodermic syringes, empty drug baggies, identification cards, drivers licenses, social security cards, temporary bank issued check books for newly opened accounts, blank business check paper, stolen check from a theft reported from Tracy, Ca, scales prescription medication not prescribed to Walker, prescription medication classified as a controlled substance not prescribed by Walker and several pieces of what appears to be stolen mail. Furthermore, Walker made checks issued to himself and others using some of the blank check paper, stolen W2 returns, shaved keys with a “slim jim,” and well over 50 various types vehicle and house keys which had been shaved down to unlock vehicles and cars. Officers initially believed they had located a homemade firearm, commonly referred to a zip gun but after further investigation they determined that it was a replica. The investigation is currently active, but at this point the investigating officers believe there are additional suspects who are connected to these crimes.

Walker was arrested and booked at this point on the following charges:

H/S 11359, Possession of marijuana for sale

H/S 11360(a), Transportation of marijuana for sale

B/P 4060, Possession of a prescription when not the owner

H/S 11350(a), Possess of a controlled substance

P/C 470 Forgery of checks

P/C 496(a), Possession of stolen property

The Ferndale Police Department, once again calls upon its community members and residents to be extra vigilant and report any and all suspicious activity. You may remain anonymous. We will respond, conduct a brief investigation and determine whether or criminal activity is occurring, is about to occur or has occurred.

Today was a great day for the Ferndale Police Department, along with the community. We are unsure what brought Walker to our small quaint town, but we were certainly happy to have been able to stop him from victimizing anyone else today.

I can’t stress this enough to our public, you are the eyes and ears out on the streets assisting us with protecting the community; there are more of you on patrol than us. Nobody is more familiar with your neighborhood than the ones living there. If something seems “fishy” please report it.

The department stands behind this simple message to the crooks roaming our streets, if you are going to criminal activity in Ferndale, then you better be prepared to go to face the consequences for your actions. Ferndale Police Department has a zero tolerance policy for criminals and their activity. We have a low crime rate and we will do everything in our power to keep it that way. Crimes will be thoroughly investigated and arrests will be made when applicable.”

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (Sgt. Stricker) at the Ferndale Police Department during normal business hours.

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  • Glad he’s gone but for how long ?

    • I feel individuals like the one in the article stay around because their friends support his actions.

      When will people stop supporting criminal activity by their friends?

      • When their friends stop being dirt bags themselves. You’ve made a point I often think about. How do tweakers feel comfortable being tweakers? It’s their friends and family. They must feel comfortable around their immediate associates or they wouldn’t do what they do. If I was a tweaker or parasite, one thing for sure, I would have ZERO friends. It’s safe to say, people surrounding these parasite, druggies are just as much to blame and probably benefit in some way by their actions.

  • Conservative values make for a nice and safe place to live.
    Keep up the good work Ferndale.

  • Take note. If marijuana becomes legalized for recreational use then busts like this will be thrown out of court. It was the smell of marijuana which was the reason for a search. I’m very happy with decriminalization of marijuana- nobody should be jailed for weed. But beware of unintended consequences as we make it cool to smell like weed everywhere, all the time.

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