Ice Skating Rink Coming to Humboldt

Information from Humboldt Ice Rink:

CaptureThe Humboldt Ice Rink will be located at Newburg Park in Fortuna, California from December 4th through January 17th. The rink will serve Humboldt County for a six week period.

A group of local business owners started working on this project in September of 2014. These dedicated business owners have spent countless hours working to bring something new to Humboldt County during the winter months.

The rink will be staffed by local community groups, including various high school clubs and sporting teams, local service clubs, and more. Each organization that staffs 6 people per a 6 hour shift will receive a $300 donation to their organization. There are still shifts available if you are interested.

In the spring of 2015, an HSU intern study was done on the Humboldt Ice Rink. Based off their findings, 55% of Humboldt County could afford to utilize the rink at least once during the 6 week period. Being conservative, the Humboldt Ice Rink committee is projecting 11,000 ice skaters over the 6 week period versus the 65,000 projected by the HSU interns.

Groundbreaking for Humboldt Ice Rink will take place Saturday, November 28th. The construction is scheduled to be completed at the end of the business day on Thursday, December 3rd. Friday The Fortuna Chamber of Commerce has scheduled a ribbon cutting Friday, December 4th at 9 AM. The rink will be open to the public Friday starting at 10am.

Local schools are so excited about the Humboldt ice Rink. To date, we have twenty-two schools committed to bring approximently 2,200 students to the ice rink. Due to the overwhelming school turnout, the rink will not be open to the public durning the schools’ skating time slots. A full schedule of PUBLIC skate times is listed on this site under Public Skate Hours.

The support from our businesses community, throughout the county, has been beyond motivating. To date, we have 35 business sponsors. These sponsors are the reason Humboldt Ice Rink was able to come up with the deposit for the ice rink. Many businesses are supporting this endeavor by providing services for the rink. The largest sponsor to date is Bear River Charitable Fund who purchased a tent to cover the 40’x85′ rink.

This committee is focused on creating an outdoor winter activity to serve the children and families of Humboldt County and our surrounding areas. Click for hours, etc.




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