Stay Away From Burned Areas in Coming Rain, Warns Weather Service

As of 5:48 p.m., the National Weather Service out of Eureka is urging people to stay away from areas burned during this summer’s massive fires.

“[The] rain that went through Pepperwood earlier is moving toward some of the summer wildfire burn scars,” warns the Weather Service’s Facebook page. (See embedded post below.) “This may create debris flows if the rain rates are high enough…For your safety, remain away from any former burn areas during times of heavy rain.”



  • I was whining about exactly this full time while the feds were deciding it better to tend their fires than to fight them. You want to think they were sticking in mitigations against this the whole time, but they were just counting beans… as usual… obviously. 🙁

  • They did Burned Area Emergency Rehab (BAER) as the last step. A lot of measures were put in places before these rains… Why don’t you research before you remark…

    • I thought I did… including speaking to a federal forester friend… and ONE mention of rehab work LATE in the game and not positive. Let’s just see what level of mitigation this BAER work ends up having provided in the Godzilla El Niño year they KNEW was coming when they let huge swaths of wilderness burn. It’ll be a miracle if any salmonids make it.

      • Don’t you like there cute new name for back fires burn outs . Well there burn outs burned a lot of there spotted owls out and a whole lot of cancer causing carcinogens we will be forced to live or die with for years to come . Thanks feds thanks Northwest forest plan for the failure that you are when it comes managing a healthy forest .

        • I couldn’t wear my contact lenses for months! Never a problem with them and suddenly, boom, no can wear contacts because the air has turned into an enemy… groping around for my glasses… worrying several times that maybe I was stupid not to go to the ER for some oxygen. Plus, worrying about the fish and the owls and ALL the critters AND the fish hatchery losing a whole tank of fish a couple days after the news about the ich in the Klamath… sheesh.

          Disasters happen. People make mistakes. But we KNOW how to deal with this stuff and it did NOT happen. Anyone even half conversant with forestry would have known BEFORE the fires even started that after all this drought and the monster El Niño expected that this is NO time to be taking the now-famous “wildfire is natural” approach.

          And the ones closest to me waited around quite some time to be put out before they gave up and took over serious ground… or gave way to that cute “burn out” approach. They stayed small long enough to be extinguished ten times. I thought it was the fire in Oregon blowing down on me, couldn’t be the Gasquet Complex, those HAVE to be out. Nope… oh… I’m going to start yelling and taking up acres ranting. I’ll shut up now.

          • People are mistakes.they harvest as things approach extinction.revitalizing soil by plankton cultivation improves chances of crops and trees.also seizes co2 from air,puts carbon in algae,then fish.current system weakens as it consumes oil and it’s own waste.

          • Enjoyed both comments. Thanks.

  • Also with burns from 2014. Many trees took nearly a year to die after the Lodge Fire (north of Laytonville) and I just saw some falling over on Black Oak Mt from this last rain. I’m expecting more to fall as the rains soak the ground. Be careful while mushroom picking!

  • Did you hear that folks stay away from burned areas Lol as if that’s the only reason you should stay away from places like cash crop Trinity pines.

  • Saw a ton of BAER work done near deerlick springs. Some of the steep hillside was class 5 BAER and the forest service came back and did water bars all over the hillsides. The ground is still soaking everything up so run off has not got a chance to test things yet.


    yo, they ,the powers, just want all the shrooms for themselves…. go out in the woods…. fear not mothernature, go out with respect and feast thankfully…..

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