Vehicle Fire on Alderpoint Road


Firefighters beat back the flames. [All photos by Kamal Owen]

Garberville Fire and Alderpoint Fire responded to a vehicle fire near the intersection of Alderpoint Road and Bell Springs Road at 6:22 p.m. The vehicle was fully engulfed when crews reached the scene.

According to local residents, the vehicle had been parked in the area for weeks.12122751_10208263575814078_8512282241142580510_n12191552_10208263575614073_7961650531379540356_n



  • Never good to leave a vehicle unattended anywhere between Garb or Bridgeville, as it will become a useless piece of junk that gets fired on, or grafitti and then someone has to come and pick up the junk at our expense. Been that way for years

    • Just because it’s “been that way for years” doesn’t make it OK. It endangers lives and property, and costs lots of money to fight these remote fires. It continues because no one will stand up to these unparented inbreds infesting the hills. Anyone else tired of arson for entertainment?

  • Just a junker that some lame owner dumped on the road. Has been there for weeks, been spray painted, all windows broken out, bashed, cops should have towed it long ago. Lazy law inforcement, not doing their job…………

    • It’s not to blame on law enforcement. The local tow companies, Redwood Towing in particular, are refusing or taking their time getting these abandoned vehicles East & West of the highway. They are in it for the $$ only and mostly focus on calls on the highway for AAA these days. Redwood Towings customer service has gone down hill unless you have a wad of cash or AAA and are on the highway or on pavement easy to get to. LE of all agencies are having a difficult time getting tow companies to pick up abandoned or junked vehicles. No $$ in it for them so screw the community! There have been several vehicles towards Shelter Cove that have been there for months that LE has been trying to get a tow company to come get them. No luck so far, 2-3 months later.

      • What about Dons and Browns? Are they part of this conspiracy? I have taken both my vehicles for maintence and repairs for years to Redwood Towing. Rich and Ginger are two of the nicest people I know to deal with. I seriously doubt they are saying “screw the community”. What is a towing companies reimbursement for towing these abandoned vehicle, and yeah, it might not be worth their time and effort.

        • Probably not saying fuck the community out loud ..but rich is all about the dollar $$$$ [edit]

        • I wasn’t talking about their repair shop I was talking about their towing practices. They are a towing company so if they are getting reimbursement then they should provide the service and not just the ones that make them the most $$. Now you get what I’m saying?

  • I knew this was gonna happen. I drove by it about 2 weeks ago and the 4runner was sitting there with tires still on it…A few days later, it appeared that someone pushed it about 20 feet with a big truck and the tires were no longer on it. A few days after, it was suddenly covered by graffiti and had a ticket from chp on it. I told myself, “Bet next time I drive by it will be burnt” — LMFAO

  • Get the vehicle’s numbers and find the owner.A BIG FAT FINE,charges for towing abandoned vehicle and to the fire dept.for there cost.There must be a fine for dumping too.People have been doing this crap for the issue maybe they’ll stop.just sayin.its beautiful outside ENJOY!!!

    • Thats correct get the serial numbers off the car, and fine the hell out of the owner. If they took the time to fine owners who abandon their trash it would stop!. You are right G ma knows best!

  • At least nobody’s blaming Bush or Obama.

  • Donate the junkers to KMUD! Support for the Mud, and a tax receipt in your pocket. The vehicle’s papers are not needed. They come and take it! Any condition! Running or never will again… af

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