Speeding Vehicle Leads Officers to Eight Pounds of Processed Pot, Says CHP

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Processed marijuana. [Stock photo by Kym Kemp]

Yesterday at approximately 2:30 p.m. a California Highway Patrol officer allegedly spotted a vehicle speeding northbound through Richardsons Grove. When the officer had the vehicle stop, he believed he smelled marijuana.

According to a CHP spokesperson, because the officer had probable cause to suspect another crime was being committed, he and other officers searched the vehicle. There they discovered eight pounds of processed marijuana.

Charles Delaney Warren of Garberville was taken into custody and booked for transportation and possession of marijuana for sale.




  • Bull. Profiling is alive and well. Like the police in Sonoma Co. that drive around with the dogs that “alert” and they look for everything from window tint to any other violation they can invent to initiate a search. It’s all about revenue generation, busts and budget justification. Don’t be stupid. You’re going to be profiled.

    • The stretch of 101 passing Windsor is the new ‘gauntlet’ replacing Willits. You are absolutely correct, those dogs can ‘alert’ with the tug of a leash.

      • Marijuana stinks. The smell of the trees is gone and over powered by the stink of marijuana. Go to school funtions at Redway and all you smell is marijuana. The general population of So Hum smells like pot. Most of the “big grower trucks” racing up and down the hills sprewing out diesel smoke smell of pot. You don’t need to profile or use a dog to smell it. If you are going to transport pot better pay the high price to the local lady selling the smell proof “sports bags”. You want self sufficient government. You have no complaint about the many people selling water, dirt, and marijuana related products at inflated prices, then why complain when the cops get a little money from the dope growers. Just saying we got to spred the profits…after all nothing really happens when or if they ever go to court.

  • it was the same in the 70’s-play the game better than them.never got searched once in the 70’s to this day

  • Such a shame, just can”t stay out of trouble, his probation officer and judge won”t like this !!

  • If you don’t want to get stopped,be legal.its not to hard to understand!!unless your totally ripped.

  • Stupid should hurt, there are plenty of jerks speeding up and down 101, if carrying weight just do the speed limit and let the dumbasses get pulled over, I see it all the time, just last week on my way to SF a lady in a Tahoe was tailgating us, my wife pulled over to let her pass. She flipped us off and sped off… 20 minutes later she was pulled over and being searched, we looked at each other and just smiled and went on about our vacation, don’t commit misdemeanors while doing felonies.

  • It isn’t even a misdemeanor – it’s a traffic violation, and an excuse. Even if you are perfectly “legal,” you can say “buh bye” to your cash and stash.

  • yes indeed, those evil cops profiling people transporting weed north to Arcata, Eureka, and Garberville where the need is highest.

    At least he said he stopped the vehicle before he ‘thought he smelled weed’…I remember the car stopped because a deputy traveling the opposite direction said he smelled weed as they passed in opposite directions, closing speeds maybe 100 mph.

    Some smeller those deputy fellers have.

  • What about the radar guns that show how much money is in the car?

    Those lead lined bags aren’t fashion only.


    • I cant find anything on these “radar guns that show how much money is in the car”?

      I dont see any evidence that they exist.

      • They can read the strips in the new currency. They can also see metallic objects in buildings and vehicles. There’s been a LOT of reporting on the roving vans scanning everyone and everything for “homeland security” so maybe you just have to google harder, but how do you suppose so many people are being stopped and all kinds of money being taken off them for suspicion of illegal activity? Google that too. It’s happening to old people on vacation. It’s happening to a lot of people traveling on American freeways.

        And if it STILL doesn’t start ringing any bells, ask yourself how so many people would ever manage to have large amounts of cash taken from them during a mere “speeding” ticket stop… whether or not they were speeding. Truly. I know it’s frowned upon to come off like the dreaded “conspiracy theorist” but, seriously, many of us paranoid nut jobs are really only sensible when it’s out of fashion to be sensible.

        • That and why do people pay so much for lead lined duffle bags? They are heavier to carry….


          Next you’ll see nines question the Apollo “landings” …

          Any shade tree mechanic should just look at what is claimed to have gone to the moon and passed through the radiation belts TWICE.

          Not to mention no stars in the moon pics….

          Think 911 isn’t up to snuff, see what dazzled the masses post Kennedy and pre 911, Gulf war discounted.

          If you believe we put a man on the moon…

        • YerKillingMeSmalls

          My daughter (a former Curry Co.Sheriff before becoming the dispatcher for Brookings , Ore P.D.)and I sure had a good laugh about the money counting radar gun thing… [edit]

  • “because the officer had probable cause to suspect another crime was being committed, ”

    What was the “another crime” they suspected?

  • If only that section was wider. (sarc.)

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