(AUDIO) EPD Names Deceased Suspect and Injured Officer in Sunday’s Shooting

A photo of Killian O'Quinn from his Facebook page.

A photo of Killian O’Quinn from his Facebook page.

On Sunday, a suspect reportedly shot a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer in the leg during a traffic stop of a green two-door sedan. The officer returned fire, and the suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital

The Eureka Police Department (EPD) is just starting a press conference at EPD headquarters. So far, we’ve learned the suspect who allegedly shot the California Highway Patrol officer is Killian O’Quinn.

We’ll update this post with more photos, information and audio as soon as possible.

A photo O'Quinn's vehicle from his Facebook page.

A photo of O’Quinn’s vehicle from his Facebook page.

Update 3:35 p.m.:  


Chief Mills said the suspect was a 20-year-old Eureka resident. The officer involved was California Highway Patrol officer Steve Curtis.  The officer was shot in his upper right thigh.

Update 4 p.m.:


A photo of the O’Quinn’s gun provided by the Eureka Police Department

The suspect reportedly used a .45 caliber, semi-automatic Springfield Armory pistol. The officer is expected to make a full recovery.

Below is audio from the press conference:

Update 4:20 p.m.: Information handed out by the Eureka Police Department:

Scan 2


Scan 1



  • Too Cool For School

    Thats a gun in the top photo.

  • Only 20. Gah…. 🙁

  • I don’t understand why a young man only 20 years old with no substantial, if any, criminal history and seemingly a “normal” young man do this. Were there depression issues? It just appears to be a suicide by cop situation. But why would he put his friends lives in jeopardy. Just so very sad. Especially for the families and putting this officer in this dangerous circumstance to begin with. I am stymied on this one. Thoughts go out to families of both the young man and the officer.

  • First off, I’m about 99.9% sure that you cannot legally buy a handgun until you are 21 in california. So since I’m pretty sure I’m correct, where did he get the gun from? secondly, his car is ridiculous.

  • What was the traffic stop over?

    Sad just twenty, most people don’t even know who they are at that age.

    • In the audio, Chief Mills says, “In fact my understanding is at one point he was driving so recklessly someone in the back threw money over the top and said ‘Please slow down, I’ll pay you to slow down.'”

      It’s at about the 12 minute mark if you want to listen to it.

      • Thank you. Might be a young person with identity crisis, embracing the wrong image.

        Very sad, at 20 you don’t even know what you are doing or your place I in creation.

    • At 20, I knew who I wasn’t …

  • Positive energy to the parents of this young boy, he did a stupid thing and they are the ones who truly pay the final price, kudos to the officer for being professional and not killing them all, I too am going through a similar situation, my wife’s life is completely turned upsidedown because of a stupid decision our son made, I have to be strong to get us through this and it’s not easy when you care so much for someone who chooses to continually fuck up,
    Grow the fuck up kids and grow some balls and actually do something positive so us parents can be strong and not torn apart by your stupidity, thanks for letting me vent… I needed that, Dab nation

    • Sorry for your troubles, Gazoo, and my heart is set on your son pulling himself together before it gets any worse. The wastage of young people the corrupt facilitate and aggravate is the worst part of all this. So much grief and demoralization is useful to psychopaths and it’s ruining too much. Hard to keep strong, let alone get stronger, when all this is happening, but I hope that’s what the people of Humboldt County do. It’s the way out of this horrific mess.

      • thanks for the kind words, strength is the only thing i have left;
        “the strongest people make time to help others, even if they’re struggling with there own Demons” (unknown author)

    • I hear you, hang in there! Things will get better!

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Is that a Springfield Armory XD series .45 ACP? So Killian Shane O’Quinn used a Croatian made pistol to shoot the officer? What next? Seriously glad it looks good for officer Curtis.

  • This makes no sense whatsoever. There has to be more to the story. Tweaked out? What was the inventory in the Impala?

  • Will an explanation ever come out? Or, because he’s dead, is this the last we’ll hear of it? No trial, end of story? I’m sure there must be someone who knew what was up. Of course maybe to “honor the dead” people will not want to talk about it. I would like to know what happened to make him do what he did.

    • Yeah i am really curious now. I went to his Facebook page–it’s still up. I was expecting likely to find gang-like pictures of people with guns, money, drugs, weird snarls in their selfies, etc. Instead i found this good-looking young man with an apparently loving, middle-class family… and with a few friends who are mutual friends with my kids. It’s scarey… as if any kid could just get a death wish, or a bizarre fantasy to role-play an all-too-common sort of character, and that’s it.
      Now i’m imagining those others in the car were other young people, maybe “good kids,” detained and let go after breaking down crying at the tragedy they’d just been amazed to have unfold so close to them.
      I want to know what’s up with the young men around here! Sexual confusion? Family secrets, abuse? Such lack of self-esteem that acting out violent video games becomes their goal? Sudden introduction to bad drugs, so sudden it makes them totally go off the deep end? Economic pessimism combined with–WHAT?

  • “Alchahol is a hell of a drug!”

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