Vice Magazine Examines the ‘War in Weed Country’


Last summer, a grower provided this photo of his garden after it was raided during Operation Yurok.

Vice magazine covers popular culture with an emphasis on the intersection of drugs and society. A lead story in this month’s issue delves into Operation Yurok–something the story’s author calls a “paradoxical battleground.”  She writes,

…as many states across the country move to legalize marijuana, authorities in Humboldt County, a place renowned since the 60s for pot, are helping to eradicate it. The tribe’s water supply, I had been told, depended on this.

The author manages to get growers in Yurok territory to talk openly about what they do. Several incriminate themselves. (It will be interesting to see if Vice manages to get growers to speak openly to them after this piece.)

The photographer for this piece posted last week about Humboldt County resident, Timothy Littlefield, saying his neighbors called him the “fucking Godfather of weed.”

Read the indepth piece here.

Earlier Chapters in Operation Yurok:



  • I didn’t quite grasp the point of the article. Someone help me out here. I can say this, kick the nest and theres a chance you will get stung. Also, Figure out how to do it without making the creeks go dry. Invest some of that money in rain catchment tanks and get them permitted. Theres always a solution, figure it out.

  • This guarantees more customers for Humboldt real estate, if it’s not all being snapped up by the same people right now, and more vagrants-on-purpose, and even more pressure on the holdouts. Businesses who can’t take the heat will fold or move away and the businesses who can make it go away will move in. Once there’s enough of them the hard drugs will move to the next place the market needs to be taken away from the locals.

    Humboldt will be like Marin and Sonoma and the Mendocino. Once the big properties are all bought, the regular working class people will be getting what they think is lots of money for their homes and moving away to find they have to downgrade to a “fixer upper” or a mobile home park or renting somewhere until they find they can’t retire if they want to keep a roof over their heads.

    But the business community will be, if they’re not already, all for this. Prosperity looms. California Coastal Counties will be for Third Millennium yuppies and b/millionaires and immigrant workers. No more hipnecks and basic rural types. And the guys making boatloads of money at VICE will at least be vacationing here, if not running gentleman pot farms with slick “tasting” rooms like the rest.

    And the Yurok Tribe will probably have to do without their water supply.

    This is how its done.

  • Meh…
    John Boone from Kentucky exports weed to Cuba.
    Some people still have a sense of style and don’t make a mess, even without scriptage.

  • Suspiciously strange how authorities had such easy access through Littlefield’s gate and property to reach the leased property of Mr Looney’s. Makes me wonder who leased him the land. My money is on “the godfather of weed” himself. Anyone planning to lease land for growing in this county should do background research on the land and the property owner. If you find that the owner(s) have repeatedly been raided over the years with no legal consequences ever you should probably not lease that property. Just sayin.

  • It sounds like the whole thing has a racial undertone they say it’s about water but it’s resentment against whites. Even if they had water tanks to catch rain they would say the rain should of been going to the river. They won’t permit the water tanks anyway they just make up the rules as they go. When they talk about illegal grading and using of spring water this was normal practice in this area by ranchers for 100+ years and now some idiot from socal working for the government with a 4 year degree and no rural or ranching experience comes and fines you for what’s normal for the cattle rancher across the street. This creates jobs for government idiots not for working people. We used to make things in this country like beef but now we protect everything and have lots of elk that destroy rancher/farmer fences but let government a-holes sell hunting tags for 80,000$+. Go back to socal ya morons.

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