[UPDATE 2:44 p.m.] Traffic Accident at Broadway and Hawthorne in Eureka

scannerScanner traffic indicates there is an accident at Broadway and Hawthorne as of 2 p.m. A vehicle has overturned. Details aren’t clear yet but information from the scanner indicates that one lane is blocked.

Humboldt Bay Fire tweeted,

Please avoid the area if possible.

UPDATE 2:11 p.m.: Photo from Oliver Cory. Cory says that one southbound lane of traffic is closed–the number two or outside lane.


UPDATE 2:44 p.m.: According to a spokesperson for the Eureka Police Department, the Ford pickup, a city vehicle, was going northbound on Broadway before the driver attempted to make a left onto Hawthorne. A Mercedes going southbound struck the back of the truck which flipped the truck over on its driver’s side. The Mercedes was also badly damaged. The photos below were provided by Jessica Ernst.

_CAW4785 _CAW4798



  • Cool pics. .

    Did the benzo do a pit on the grow truck? I say grow truck because it isn’t allowed to drive under budget.

    Or a case of a government truck driving like they have all day, and then some?

    Either way, the government truck is illegal, and is not allowed to be driven on the road. It should be towed and crushed for it’s crimes against Humanity.

    Hope all Humans are OK, and the Mafia can replace it at nine times the true cost.

  • Wow! That mercedes really punched it. Wunder if cell phone could be a factor. There have been a lot of accidDents lately where that could be a possibility. Maybe people caught talking on cell phones should be treated like DUI’s. Making a SOBER decision to put others at risk is in some ways as bad as making an impaired decision. I don’t know that the case here. But the roads and HWY’s are getting pretty risky around here. Everywhere else too, I guess. My next rig will be the biggest one I can afford, maybe with a big cow catcher for a front bumper.

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