Growers, Entered The Humboldt Cannabis Cup Yet?

CaptureWant to celebrate the harvest in style and be part of history? The Humboldt County Cup is having its premier event on November 21 starting at 11 a.m. and running until midnight at the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds.

The Humboldt County Cup will include live music, cannabis contests (still time to enter), 215 medical area, food, vendor booths, education and more!

Most entries are expected to be from the Emerald Triangle but contestants located in California are welcome to enter also!

Contest Categories include Outdoor Flower: Sativa Dominant, Indica Dominant, Indoor Flower: Sativa Dominant, Indica Dominant, CBD Flower, Concentrate: THC, CBD and Non-Solvent, Edibles, Topical, and Photo/ Art.

See more information here.



  • Haha it’s going until midnight?! Do you really think the people in the “215 medical area” will be awake at midnight?

  • Try the Hempfest each summer in Seattle. Since it is legal and not restricted to medical, the police were handing out free bags of Dorito’s last year !!!!!

    • Laced with who knows what….

      They handed out cs gas and rubber bullets in wto.

      Wouldn’t trust them…

      Still wondering all these years later, what the purpose of those Darth Vader capes they wore was all about.

  • Go to Hempfest in Seattle where the police hand out Dorito’s !!!!

    • Nobody comes and counts your garden squash or carrots…

      They don’t deserve a dime of taxes after fighting a war they lost.

      They should be held liable for their war crimes and pay restitution.

      It’s better to not have them using taxes from weed to construct their death star.

    • Oh you mean the exact same thing that Estelle and Bohn are doing with the licensing of legal grows in humboldt ????? Most properties are tpz, not agriculture , and they’ve cut out everybody that doesn’t own a vast amount of land.

      • Not a dime, for war crimes!

      • Lolz. Yes. And can WE count on the voters and communities to stop it? It doesn’t look like it to me and I keep making a pest of myself trying to remind people before it’s COMPLETELY too late.

        The big hard drugs dealers go where they’re told, set up shop where they’re told, and violent creeps are dumped on the streets in lieu of sentencing to help upset and confuse and demoralize the opposition to this action.

        I think the big vagrancy-on-purpose movement some call “trimmigrants” but mostly aren’t is just a bonus for these top rung criminals and the corrupted officials who abet them.

        But more than griping on blogs will be needed to stop them.

  • That was the lamest gathering ever. All the weed sucked. Completely boring and no Steelhead at the beer garden. Fail!

    • Lame? All the weed sucked? Boring? Craft Beer sucks? What planet are you on? What have you accomplished in life? [edit]

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