Growers, Did Someone Steal Your Harvest? The Sheriff’s Office Would Like to Talk to You…

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

201505199 Daniels_280x420_thumbOn Thursday, October 29, 2015 at about 6:00 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office responded to a large pile of marijuana located over an embankment on Hwy 36, McClellan Mountain. The California Highway Patrol were on scene to investigate a hit and run incident and during the course of their investigation CHP Officers noticed the marijuana.

Deputies arrived on scene and initially locate about 300 lbs. of freshly harvested marijuana. As deputies were leaving the scene they noticed a tow truck pulling a tan Chevrolet truck from over the embankment near their location. The vehicle had fresh body damage and marijuana in the bed of the truck similar to the marijuana located on the embankment. Arrestee George Preston Daniels, age 50, was spotted in the brush by officers. Deputies knew that Daniels was on parole from prior contacts. Deputies also located a loaded sawed off rifle and vehicle keys. CHP responded and arrested Daniels. The total amount of marijuana located in the truck and on the embankment is roughly 800 lbs.

Daniels was arrested by CHP and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional facility. Please see CHP’s press release for more details.

Deputies suspect Daniels possibly just committed a marijuana robbery. If you are a victim of a marijuana robbery or home invasion, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

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201505199 mj in truck_420x280_thumb

201505199 firearm_420x280_thumb

Earlier Chapter: 800 Pounds of Freshly Harvested Marijuana Found by Hwy 36



  • If you call them and claim it, its yours. good deal

  • Glad they’re attempting to do the right thing… and hope they donate it if no one claims it.

  • That’s what you look like after 20 years of hard meth use

  • Maybe the Sheriff should print it in Spanish for those local non-citizen felons illegally in the country involved in narcotics trafficking. Then ICE can interview them for their losses and help them find the federal prison.

  • This is a “sawed-off rifle?” Who knew? And what in the world is it for?
    “We” had a weird trip here recently; it was dumped cannabis infested with spider-mites and mold.
    The folks who picked it up got more than they were expecting, and probably their consumers, too. Compost that garbage folks, don’t leave it around for otherwise “innocent” thieves to pick up and pass on. Just saying…

    • Occupation dumping rust mites in drainage areas….who knew?

      Shave that beard and be cool.

      Sawed off rifles need a broken wrist and Tupac playing.

      Just saw Tupac at a gas station the other day, he lives. Kym should have a post pictures of Tupac thread, because he’s everywhere and easy to photograph.

      Big foot…. Meh, Tupac will dwarf Big Foot all day long.

  • The “rifle” is clearly some nut bag .410 gauge shotgun. Useless to anyone but a criminal.

    • Actually, That is 100% an AR with a sawed barrel.

      • I defer. Looks like a .410 round sitting in the breech. Closer look and probably not. Still a useless nutbag gun. Why saw the barrel other than to conceal? Can’t do much for ballistics.

        • You shouldn’t speak if you don’t know what you are talking about. That is an AR model “SBR” all though it looks like an AR pistol or i guess a shotgun to someone with no gun knowledge. SBR means Short Barreled Rifle… which is a rifle with a stock and barrel lengeth less than 16 inches and overall length of less than 30 inches. AR pistols are perfectly legal in CA with specific modifications which that particular gun doesnt have. The barrel is not sawed, it comes in that size. Most likely fires a .223 cal projectile.

  • Ya right and I’m Santa clause.just how the hell do you prove it?it’s mine no prob.

  • Ha! BS! They are going to arrest any sucker that comes in to claim it. 800Lbs sucker they are waiting for.
    My friends recently called for help when they were victims of violence. As my friends were dying of gun shot wounds, The law came & impounded their cars, cut down their VERY SMALL. COMPLETELY LEGAL garden, sprayed water on cuts plants, cut their water line & power lines to the trailer they lived in. The needed help & were not protected but victimized by the law who is suppose to serve & protect. I always heard, dont call them they wont help u. I truly believe this now. We are truly out here on our own.

    • Why would cops show up and wreck their home?

      Don’t they swear some oath and read some document that restricts government?

      They are doing their job and working for you, while guarding federal reserve banks along with tax collection areas.

      You must have it wrong, or watching too much battlestar galatica. Or something…

      • Makes me want to post a trimmers needed ad on Craig’s, and have them go to some far away place wearing white arm bands.


        Cops are there to help you, and double check your tax return…

        Stuff like that.

      • I ask myself that, why? These kids did nothing but have a small persanal 215 grow. They worked 9-5 legit jobs in town volunteered all over the county. These kids woundn’t harm a fly. The cops job is to protect n serve. Instead of investigating, bag n tagging the obvious evidence left behind by the perp that shot them, They left said evidence & vandilzed the whole property. The roomate had to wait at bottom of driveway while the law did their so called investigation. When he was allowed back in, all he found was vandalism left from the law. That is not protecting n serving but a grade A bias job well done. Its not the first time a law dept goes corrupt. Serpico, Anica, Alcatraz, the list goes on & on in the history books. I do feel residents are alone out here if the cops didnt help good people who happen to have a legitimate small 215. I feel like i need to buy a pistol to protect my home now. I never felt that way. I have no plants but nice things. If someone broke into my home, i dont feel like i can call for help. I feel like the cops would see my pipe & group me into a category like they did to my friends. I guess i do feel like the humans hiding from the cylons. Sad when the law can make u feel like you need to be scared n hide like a silly tv show

    • Such a bummer story anonymous. Tell your friends to Go Away!!! Take that advise for yourself as well.

      Wonder how much concern yall would give to the trimmer working for you who fell off a ladder and broke their leg. No Comp insurance provided, no fucks given … “take your pitbull and be gone crippled Trimmigrant” !!

      • Take your hate away from here, where the humble in Humboldt anymore. No timigrants needed cause it was a personal small 215 while they worked normal 9-5 in town. They helped volunteer all over the community. If these are the people u want to leave then i dont know who you wish to stay. I posted this so some may take precaution if they do call for help. They need to be aware of how they may be treated & that our law force may need internal affairs visit. & i have a Chihuahua not a pit, been here40yrs n not leaving. [edit]

  • All in all the man is a ripoff bad karma broke his tierod

    • Bad karma, indeed. Let the farmers do all the hard work and then just come along and rip them off with your big, bad gun. Bad karma’s probably better than the lesson I would have taught!

  • Wow not much new news here on kyms site most be that time of
    Year busy busy busy

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