CHP Officer Expected to Survive, According to Latest Update


Injured officer tended by emergency personnel. [Photo by Jessica Ernst]

Press release provided by the Eureka Police Department:

On Sunday, 11/01/15, at about 4:19 PM, Eureka Police Department officers were dispatched to the vicinity of 4th and ‘Q’ Streets to assist a California Highway Patrol officer who had just been shot during a traffic stop. Officers from other local agencies responded to assist as well.

Upon arrival, officers observed an adult male down in the roadway next to the driver’s door of an older model, green two-door sedan. The suspect’s vehicle was stopped facing northbound on ‘Q’ Street between 3rd and 4th Streets with the CHP unit behind it. The CHP officer, who had been shot in the leg, was at his vehicle holding the remaining 4 passengers in the sedan at gunpoint.

EPD officers evacuated the wounded CHP officer back to a position of cover and then detained the occupants of the suspect’s vehicle one at a time at gunpoint.

Once the area was secured, emergency medical personnel summoned to the scene began rendering aid to the officer and suspect. Both were transported to a local hospital by ambulance where the suspect was later pronounced deceased. The officer sustained a non-life threatening gunshot wound and is expected to survive.

This officer involved shooting (OIS) is being investigated by the multi-agency Humboldt County Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT). Since the incident occurred within the City of Eureka, EPD is heading up the investigation with a co-lead from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office. Other agencies assisting with the CIRT investigation include the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, Humboldt County Drug Task Force, and Fortuna Police Department. Criminologists with the California Department of Justice (DOJ) are processing the scene for evidence.

4th Street has been shut down to all westbound traffic at ‘R’ Street as investigators work through the night to process the scene. ‘Q’ Street has also been closed to traffic between 3rd Street and Myrtle Avenue.


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  • Kym , You have the best reporting blog around. Keep up the great work

  • Kym you and your crew do an outstanding job of getting us the news that is important Thank you soooooooooooo much!!!!

  • Did the gunfight make his hair fall out, or was it like that to begin with?
    Any name of the person gunned down and killed?
    What was the stop over?
    What caliber was the cop shot with, and what was used on the kia?

  • I feel like they had a lot more non local investigators as compared to tommys shooting. It’s just a flesh wound…..does a butcher expect to be cut in the job?

  • 1 down tens of thousands to go! Sorry for the officer.

  • Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Hope the passengers can turn their lives around, doesn’t matter if you ride to the graveyard in a sweet chevy or you hitchhike, the destination’s the same. Be safe out there.

  • Because we don’t read history nor understand its implications we are always repeating past event failures. People don’t change much. Technology changes and the times have changed, but people have changed very little. Similarities can be drawn from the Roman Empire. Towards the beginning of the empire collapse a Oligarchy developed. A slim few controlled most of the wealth. And the rich spent billions of taxes on wars and eradicating threats. The masses grumbled so the rich built stadiums to keep the masses entertained and sedated presenting violent confrontations as entertainment. Somewhat like we do today with mega stadiums and professional sports like football, MMA, boxing, soccer, car racing, violent movies and any number of people against people competitions. Ever watched a screaming throng of people during a football game or during a car wreck or someone being throttled. Soon the middle and lower classes took that expressed violence home and the streets became violent. Drugs and alcohol, immoral acts, restless citizens that were going no where to attain a better life became disillusioned and began attacking the people who lived in their communities. The wealthy build high walls to protect themselves. They in turn hired soldiers and warriors to protect their cognac and caviar lifestyles much as we do today with increased numbers of police, FBI, NSA, National Guard that threaten people and put imprisoned law breakers away for nobody to see. The local and state authorities established a false sense of security and safety when in reality the police were only suppressing violence of citizens against citizens. It was the beginning of the end for Rome. Leaders had become corrupt and did little to legislate policies that would provide better living conditions for the general public. Greed was the order of the day for the wealthy. Any citizen who broke a law was disposed of. Shortly after a reign of the rich enjoying elaborate lifestyles and the general population receiving less and less of the wealth terrorist Germanic tribes began attacking the empire. They slowly established strong holds and within 100 years they broke through to Rome and the entire empire collapsed.

    Similarities can be found with the Vikings, the French and several Chinese empires that disintegrated from a development of an ultra-rich few followed by disgruntled masses from which the inside crumbled when citizens attacked each other and violence at the general population level became the rule. One could argue we are on a similar road to disaster. Different times, but the same conceptual history. When a society spends a goodly share of its country’s wealth, i.e taxes, to subdue an ever growing violent environment the end could be very near. The mix of wealth and violence always results in a social earthquake. And like the Romans we do little to stem the tide. Is it too late? Do you hear the clock ticking?

  • I hope the officer heals up completely. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Thank you for your service.

  • Unless EPD started wearing firefighter turnouts you will see when viewing the photos provided during the running of this story the CHP Officer was actually removed from his position in the hot zone and taken to a secure position by Humboldt Bay Fire personnel. Just a little glitch in the EPD press release.

  • Live by the sword, die by the sword. The irony for this situation is that the CHP victim sells guns for profit at his gun store

    • What? I don’t think he owned a gun store. He was 19 years old. He went to grade school with my daughter and seemed like a troubled boy back then.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      The “CHP victim”?!?!? (Livebythesword). Oh, you mean the LEO ASKED for it by becoming a sworn police officer? So, who’s going to clear the streets of violent scum? You? What’s your solution? I believe in personal defense, but not everyone is up to it. Personally, I’d rather have the police get ’em before I have to. Play a lot of video games? Or, are you saying that the driver is a “victim” because he shot the LEO multiple times and finally got himself shot dead?

      Either opinion is beneath contempt. The cop appears more and more to be a hero. We’ll see how it turns out, right, Kym?

  • Almost 3 days out and we still don’t have the name of the perpetrators?

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