Estelle Fennell To Announce Reelection Campaign

Press release from the campaign to reelect Estelle Fennell as 2nd District Supervisor:

On Thursday November 5th, 2nd District Supervisor Estelle Fennell will officially announce her 2016 Reelection Campaign.

The Community is invited to attend her announcement events, which will be held at the Fortuna Veterans Hall in Fortuna at 12:00 Noon and at Persimmons Garden Gallery in Redway at 3:30pm.

Estelle was first elected to the Board of estelle Fennel by Imagination StudiosSupervisors in 2012. During her first term in office, she has kept her campaign promise to provide a high level of service to all of her constituents in the 2nd District and countywide.  “No supervisor works harder and spends more time listening and responding to constituents and their needs than Estelle; she really cares about her district and for the county” said Erin Dunn, Executive Director of the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce.

Estelle is also working hard with state legislators to make sure that Humboldt County is served well at the state level. She has developed a strong working relationship with Assemblyman Jim Wood and Senator Mike McGuire who said, “Supervisor Fennell works hard every day for the people of Humboldt and is a champion for good jobs, strong public schools and keeping our neighborhoods safe.”

Shon Wellborn, President of the Southern Humboldt Community Credit Union said “Through strong leadership with an emphasis on teamwork, Estelle has provided exceptional representation to her constituents; prioritizing public safety, community values, public participation, and a common sense General Plan that protects our resource lands, peoples’ property rights and the environment; while streamlining the regulatory process for current and new business owners.”

Estelle’s passionate dedication and hard work has been moving Humboldt County forward to a healthy, safe and vibrant future. “I am running for reelection because I want to continue serving and working with my constituents to make Humboldt County an even greater place to live and work. We have already made some significant strides and it will be my great honor to build on that good work. I am honored to have such broad based support and key endorsements from my community.  Please join me November 5th when I announce my 2016 campaign.”



  • I would vote for Estelle for President. She has done an exemplary job as County Supervisor. She is the one to represent our district. Vote and while your at it vote for Estelle.

  • I hope we have better choices than the last election.
    Our choice was Clendenen and Fennel, dumb and dumber.
    Most people I know did not bother to vote for either.

  • Well the choice is this: Do you want HumCPR and Lee Ulansky running the County or not. Estelle has shown that she is beholden to this group and will do whatever they want.

  • I’m with you Bob. She’s been very responsive to our needs here in SoHum. She’s got my vote.

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