Assault Victim Medevacked to Stanford, Suspect Arrested for Attempted Murder

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:


mcsoOn 10-31-2015 around 12:34 AM the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dispatch received a medical aid call from the 46000 block of Highway 162 in Dos Rios.  The caller reported a fall victim with head injuries.  This call was transferred to Howard Forest (Cal Fire) Dispatch and an ambulance was dispatched to the location.

Around 1:05 AM Mendocino County Deputies observed a vehicle, travelling at an excessive rate of speed on Main Street in Willits.  The deputies attempted to initiate a traffic stop but the vehicle refused to stop, ultimately leading the deputies to the former Howard Hospital Facility, before stopping.  Deputies then discovered the driver was attempting to seek medical aid for the victim of the earlier fall victim call in Dos Rios.  The vehicle and driver were given a Code 3 (lights and siren) escort to the new Howard Memorial Hospital Facility after deputies observed the seriousness of the victim’s injuries.

In the emergency room of Howard Memorial Hospital deputies learned the victim had been assaulted at the residence on Highway 162 and had suffered life threatening injuries.  The victim was later flown to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital and then to Stanford University Medical Center for more advanced treatment.

Deputies responded to and secured the residence while the Sheriff’s Detective Unit was called out.  Deputies and Detectives learned during the investigation the suspect, Arlon Strauss, had recently come to the property and had been staying there temporarily but his primary address was in Napa County.

The investigation led to Arlon Strauss being named as the person responsible for committing the assault by striking the victim repeatedly with a blunt object. He was arrested and booked into the Mendocino County Jail on charges of attempted murder and committing a felony that resulted in great bodily injury to the victim.  His bail was set at $400,000.

The victim was listed in critical condition at this time.

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Tip Line at 707-234-2100.

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  • I hope she heals quickly.

  • I hope she’s able to recover her former state of health and function. Whatever happens, I wish her peace and beauty, here and in the next world.

  • Seems as if someone was trying to protect Strauss, or protect someone–the call reported a “fall victim”? Good way not to get law enforcement to immediately respond to the scene of the crime.
    I’m glad the cops didn’t shoot the speeding car. I have heard that it’s legal not to stop for a cop with flashing lights, as long as you eventually do. Wonder if there’s some signal that indicates your willingness to cooperate but inability to stop–driving with flashers on perhaps?

    Best wishes to the victim for a full recovery.


  • Hope the victim recovers, props to the cops for using common since and not making a terrible situation worse for once.

  • I’m praying for a speedy recovering.people are nuts,you know

  • I don’t know how they know she is female but I can tell you that she is. She is a long time family friend. The house she got assaulted at is a know meth dealer. One of the largest meth dealers in covelo. A bunch of piece of shit people live there and it’s bad news. The cops already raided it once this year. Place needs to be burnt to the ground. We are praying for her recovery. She is on life support and her injuries are so bad they told us she is unrecognizable. Very sad situation.

    • Oh my god I’m so you know why she was there?I hope it wasn’t folks.she knew.this is awful.i hope and pray for.her.i said earlier PEOPLE are nuts.good luck to you

      • She lived there also and these are kind loving people who made the mistake of letting. The perpetrator be there also

    • Oh my gosh, has Covelo changed that much? Dos Rios used to be a nice place with nice people. I hope who ever she is recovers without any lasting medical difficulties.

    • You are wrong about the people who live there being pieces of shit. The only piece if shit is the psycho that committed the crime. Another false statement you made About the house being raided is also bullshit. As far as the rest of your story it’s a lucrative business to sell Drugs but it doesn’t last long and that lifestyle is in the past. So get your facts straight. Those so called pieces of shit made the effort to save her life and they would’ve done the same for you

  • Well she hasn’t been doing good. Back into the meth scene. And not sure how she knew they guy. He was staying at that house and something went wrong. Thanks g ma we are hoping she will be ok. And to r.s. Yes covelo has changed a lot. And not for the good. Lots of meth and lots of robberies. Ros rios is still a nice place 99% of the people there are good people. It’s just the one house right near the bridge that sells meth and trades it for stolen items. Traffic in and out all day. We all know what’s going on there and so do the cops.

  • We heard lots of stories about that house. Mendo local is correct about being raided. The cops went there looking for the tweaker diaries chick and her crew. The ones responsible for many thefts in covelo. And if you are talking about mike Ellison being such a good person this whole town knows he is a piece of shit meth dealer. So maybe you should call bullshit on yourself mendo local 2! Get a life troll

    • [edit]
      I know him personally and he is far from a meth dealer. [edit]

    • Who are you ? Hiding behind the computer . If I knew your name I might take what you say into consideration except for what I know to be false and he is not a meth dealer

    • The gentleman that you are referring to as a piece of shit meth dealer happens to be the person that saved the victims life.have you ever heard of “the golden hour”? For those of you that don’t know, it’s the hour that could mean the difference between life or death, after someone has endured life threatening injuries. My husband is a doctor and was there when the victim was brought in . The man is a hero! Nothing less than “Golden” in our eyes.

  • No matter the issues,a women was seriously beaten not cool.sounds like not all the folks there are bad they tried to help her.bless you for that,heart was in the right place.

    • At least you recognize the fact that they tried to help the victim

      • We all get in bad situations in our life . compassion is such a big word.good luck to you and still praying for this women

        • Thank you for recognizing the real issue here. I will say it again the only piece of shit is the one who committed this heinous act and hopefully he will not see the light of day

  • Carol and Gary are some of the very best people I know, they would give the shirt off there back for anyone even a complete stranger. We all have problems and skeletons and more people suffer from addiction in one form or another than like to admit. The fact that these people would risk there own safety sanity and wellness to help others combined with what the world is coming to with people who take advantage is how this devastating event took place. Gary doesn’t know what noeans or how to tell someone in need “no” to protect himself or how to refuse a selfless act to help another. The fact that the man who lost his mind was on meth is a factor what Gary and Carol do is no ones business on account that they were han beings and trying to help another whoever the person is mendo local that is asking for #2 identity who the fuck are you dirting someone’s name that probably has helped u or someone you know at some point in time regardless to there preference to what they do in there personal life. And looking for someone is not getting raided and u are referring to Sherry petty in the tweaker diarys and she is yet another dirt bag who took there kindness for weakness and prices of shit like u can focus on the people trying to help and not the strung out dumb hoe that used them.

  • It’s funny how the watcher speaks for the whole town . I’ve known Gary and mike for many years . They may not be considered pillars of the community but I can say they are not bad people and both have helped me and my family tremendously at different times in my life . I know them both on a personal level and for you to say mike is a meth dealer is a flat out lie .

  • I have been hearing about a new drug in covelo. Crack mixed with herion cooked together and then smoked??? Supposedly this new mix makes user feel invincible when they are high and like they are dieing when they run out. I hear this drug is being made in Covelo and causing the extreme violence and elevated occurances of theft. I would hope after this horrid occurrence anyone who knows about this would come foward. Or send the problem back to del Norte where IT came from. This beautiful young women’s life is horribly and permanently altered. IT IS TIME TO SPEAK UP IF YOU KNOW SOMETHING!

  • Gary and I have worked our fingers to the bone to build a place to live in happiness and love. To share the rest of our years in peace with each other. We have hired help throughout the year off and on due to garys been very ill and has been unable to put our home together by himself. I have been struggleing and trying to trust in people to help us. You people that think u know all best take check. For starters mike lives next door to us and does alot if work for us. The conection with this girl shri petty is none of my business not yours either. We dont even know her. As for this drug meth u speak of must b yours cause im not familar with it. There was no raid at my home . And unfortunatly my friend has been brutally attached by a homeless trasnient that wouldnt go away and invaded my home and friend while I wasnt home. I came home from a family visit to find her bleeding to death on my kitchen floor. Such a bad and sad situation. Humanity is ask of all and many prayers for my friend. Keep your rude comments to yourselves iv had enough of inconsiderate inhumain folks that call themselves humanbeings . Have a safe and lively

  • Grace before judgement

    Just wondering if there is an update on how this young woman is doing? Have the courts done anything to the man that hurt her? This is all a very sad situation for all involved.

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