[UPDATE 5:40 p.m] 800 Pounds of Freshly Harvested Marijuana Found by Hwy 36

Hanging pot

Freshly harvested marijuana from a few years ago.

Details are…er…hazy on why 800 pounds of freshly harvested marijuana ended up alongside Hwy 36. However, here’s what we’ve pieced together:

Yesterday afternoon about 4:45 p.m., the California Highway Patrol dispatch received a report of a grey truck hitting the guardrail and the embankment on Hwy 36 east of the Van Duzen Road. Though the truck fled the scene, dispatch passed on the report that the driver “dropped a load of marijuana and a bicycle into a ditch here.”

When CHP arrived in the area, according to Selena Zorrilla-Mendoza, a Community Service Officer with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, they discovered a large amount of freshly harvested marijuana—approximately 800 pounds worth… .

They also discovered, a few miles down the road, a tow truck removing a vehicle that fit that description of the truck. The vehicle had a broken tie rod and appeared to have recently been in a collision.

CHP requested the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office respond to the scene.  Zorrilla-Mendoza said, “CHP called us to gather [the marijuana] from the side of the road.” The plant matter was over the side of an embankment, she said.

A man was located near the towed vehicle, she reported. “We found the suspect hiding in the brush and subsequently CHP arrested him,” she explained. “It looks like the person who was arrested is suspected of committing a marijuana robbery.”

According to the Humboldt County jail reports, George Daniels was arrested for felony possession of a firearm. Zorrilla-Mendoza confirmed that Daniels was a suspect in the investigation into the hit and run as well as for a possible marijuana robbery. Photos and more information are expected later.

Keep your eye on the post as we’ll be..uh..attempting to clear the air as soon as possible.

UPDATE 5:37p.m.: According to Sgt. Martin Abshire of the California Highway Patrol, yesterday afternoon his office received reports of a 2004 Chevy Pickup truck recklessly traveling eastbound on State Route 36.

Later, witnesses reported the vehicle collided with a guardrail near mile marker 26. Witnesses also said the vehicle was loaded with a large amount of marijuana  which it dropped at the scene of the collision. CHP requested assistance from the Sheriff’s Office for the transportation and storage of the marijuana.

At that time, Abshire said, the driver’s identity was unknown.

“At about 8::09 p.m. on McClellan Road and State Route 36,” said Abshire,  the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and the CHP located 50 year old George Daniels of Eureka and the hit and run vehicle.

Daniels was detained and determined to be the driver responsible for the reckless driver reports and the collision. Daniels had in his possession a “modified assault rifle.”

Daniels was arrested on charges of hit and run, possession of a modified firearm, as well as cultivation and possession of marijuana.

“Alcohol or drugs are not suspected to be a factor,” said Abshire. While the the behavior of the suspect is consistent with theft, he said, there have been no reports of marijuana being taken in the area.



  • Whoopsie.

    (Anybody care to enlighten me as to what those 800 wet pounds would’ve weighed when dry?)

    • Dried “fruit” loses 70 – 90% of its weight in water. The denser the “fruit” the less weight it loses, so sun grown “fruit” always loses less than indoor. Still:

      800 lbs wet = a lot, dried

      • I go with the ten percent rule. Meaning it would make around 80 pounds dried. I have always had the impression indoor had the greater density as the indoor pounds seem to take up less volume to my eye.

    • Depends on how broken down they were. If there were a lot of stem and leaves, there wouldn’t be as much salable bud as there would be if there were mostly colas (the top bud or buds of a plant–usually the biggest and weightiest.)

      • Cops used to always weigh the entire plant, stems and all. In the days of seeded herb, consumers were more f-cked because of this (if you got nailed). Those were NOT the good old days when it comes to cannabis. Not even close. Happy 4:22!

      • Yes, the pic looks consistent with hack and run I hate to say….

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Uh-oh. It says pic was from several years ago. I guess it’s supposed to be representative. Oh, well.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Obviously a cut-and-run situation. All very green, sticks and leaves. Maybe a third of greenweight when processed. Maybe less, water is heavy, 8 lbs. per gallon. Quality of genetics is unknown.

  • Some people never change back to prison. For george

  • When your this stupid, you deserve it,…

  • Should be on the world s dumbest criminal s lmao full blown tweekers mentality he’s been in and out of prison ,for the past 20 yrs

  • Only a DOPE would leave that much dope behind. HAHA. Serves them right.

  • 5 to 1 wet plant to dried saleable product. (18-22% of original weight.. Obviously huge stems and rootball not included)..so 150+ lbs …maybe…

  • Lmfoa.stupid is,as stupid does.only in Humboldt

  • It’ll be round 150 to 200 max dried minus trimming ,… bunch of idiots handing away their hard work due to some idiot being high or drunk behind the wheel

  • Are the cops returning it to the grower, or donating all their booty to the dispensaries? And, if not, WHY not? They are NOT federal employees. They’re state and local employees and medical marijuana is LEGAL.

  • Perhaps the grower that suffered the loss only needs to file a police report and they’ll be able to recover their lawful property. There should be a means to match it to a cut stock on their land.

  • WTF. Keep us updated. Was the robbery an armed invasion style or night-time sneaky rip off? Where was the rip off?

  • East of Van Duzen Rd would put it in Trinity county, not by Bridgeville.

  • You guys are way over estimating the load, no pickup can haul more then 40 max in wet Un-manicured form. This jerk probably stopped by one of the many road side gardens and cut a pick up truck load of tops and zoomed off, then ran of the road…

  • Good to read blogs that aren’t vicious and hateful unlike the past group you worked for Kym! I no longer read them. Thanks for always having up to date worthy news. Classy! Now regarding this story. Silly George.

  • The new photo indicates he ripped off the drying shed.

  • I guess he just got charged with felon in pocession of assault firearm no nothing about the pot and ya kim let’s see the culprit

  • “Drugs or alcohol are not suspected to be a factor,” so the weed that he stole had nothing to do why he was driving like an idiot. Lmao

  • A busted tie rod will muck up a good get away every time. Hard as hell to drive w the one wheel turning right all the time.
    Hate it when that happens.

  • Where exactly is MM 26 kym? wondering which direction they left. towards dinsmore or towards ruth?

    • This happened between Bridgeville and Dinsmore, a couple of miles west of McClellan. There is a rather large turnoff for McClellan Mt Road on the north side of 36 w/ mailboxes and wild fruit patches which is where he was waiting for the tow, I’m guessing. Looks like it took the cops and tow truck driver about the same amount of time to respond. (Over three hours sounds about right.)

      I’m surprised the Dan and the rest of the McClellan folks have been putting up with rippers if true. There might be more money toward the top of the mountain but I wouldn’t want to cross some of the folks closer to the highway.

  • MM 26 is 26 miles east of Hwy 101 which by my calculations is just east of Bridgeville.

  • Kym, there was a rip on McClellan Mt. wed. or thurs. The timeline works. It’s third hand news from a friend of mine who knows the couple that was robbed. I asked for more details, an MO, etc… all I got was “they were not home”. Last year an elderly rancher had his place robbed while he was with relatives eating thanksgiving dinner. The year before that, someone else (in the same neighborhood was robbed 2 times in a row. Same MO. watch, wait, steal.

  • anyway we can get a mug shot of this guy? Probably was a local…

  • I came through apparently right after it happened, there were 3 people in the turnout where they wrecked, thought it kind of odd that there were 3 people and no vehicle right there. Wondered if they had wrecked and thought about stopping to check on them as I’m a former paramedic, but as a female alone with my 5 yr old daughter, decided it wasn’t the safest option, esp as they didn’t look injured and didn’t try to flag me down… Definitely hippie deadlocked types, I assumed it was trimmagants driving dumb/ stoned. Saw the evidence of the 1st accident further up but didn’t put 2 & 2 together till later when I heard about the pot dumped on the side of the road. I immediately guessed they had stolen it and were running from someone. Anyhow, sounds like 2 thieves still on the loose if they only got one of them.

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