Southern Humboldt’s Most Wanted: Female Version




  • Haha. gotta love the humboldt honeys. Faces only their dope dealers can tolerate

  • The saddest thing here is that they were all in cusdity in the last few months, only to be let free back onto the streets. Now we have to spend more tax money to track them down probly just to charge them bail and release them again WTF

  • So glad I don’t do the bar scene anymore.

  • I saw all of them in front of RAY’S yesterday.

  • Such pretty girls ....

    Rose Marie what were you thinking? Yikes!

  • Ah…And there’s Rose.

  • The Zombie and pre-Zombie look isn’t just for Halloween anymore. These scary women are all almost there.

  • it sucks…
    ya just want to get high…feel good,
    and then things get way out of control…
    i hope my friend in that lineup doesn’t get turned in…
    COULD it help?
    i dunno…

  • I hope and pray you get off the drugs and straightin out your life I love u Sarah I know your grand MA would luv it too please don’t go down the path of my best friend in the world your father John if u read this u know who I am this is the only way I can reach out to u honey if I can do it you can too I’ll have 15 yrs off meth Dec 2 I want only the best for u ,and im sorry I haven’t been there I will come down to grandma’s to look for u if and when u get arrested I will come to the jail to see u just know I’m wishing u strength and hope it will get better all is not lost I will watching the arrest record’s that way I know we’re u are

  • Thank u sweety bear so much

  • Pigs out of Hayfork

    Respect to the biggest tweekers in Humboldt.

  • the problem (well, one of them) is not making court dates…
    part of getting your shit together, deal with court, or get memorialized
    on Kym’s heartless wall of shame…

    • Yikes…heartless?

      We could all pretend that there is no crime or we can deal with it openly. I have compassion for the folks who are suspects (you should see the comments I delete) but I think that posting suspects is a good way for the community to help police itself.

      • The heartless component is the sheriff’s booking mug shot camera. I’m sure these young ladies are only alluring to someone equally spaced out, but they don’t look as bad as that camera makes them out.

        And being a drug addict ISN’T something that should go on a “Most Wanted” list. It should land you in a mandatory rehab, at worst… if your drug habit has caused you to be a menace to the population somehow.

        • Fair enough. I agree with you on the drug warrants. I hate meth but I still don’t think it itself should be illegal. I agree that drug addiction should be treated not jailed.

  • kind of reminds me of the old days: everyone was pretty discrete about your scene but if you got Camped on then everyone talked every detail they knew, fair game…
    if i didn’t know and like one of young women i probably wouldn’t care, all politics is local…(?)

  • Sorry to see a friend from a past life here. I have to agree, Kym, was it really necessary to print this? Jail is not the place for addicts anyway. I don’t know how to help, but a wall of public shame does not seem to be the place. My heart sunk

    • Sarah, I thought seriously about not posting the most wanted photos of people who only have drug charges (My personal belief is that drugs shouldn’t be a criminal situation but rather a medical/addiction clinic issue) However, after discussing this idea with people, the consensus was that a news site should be neutral. That if I post photos of other suspects then I must of everyone. In addition, photos help differentiate one person from another.

      Maybe instead of hiding the photos, we should change the laws.

  • If addiction was treated any better than mental health issues, between the 2 we might end a lot of homeless transients issues.
    If we can put up tent cities in other countries for disasters why can’t we create a homeless, addicted, mentally ill, tent city center with drug or mental health care,
    a police officer, and a soup kitchen?
    It couldn’t cost more that prison, jail, or under the bridge cleanup, and it could be more humane.
    however this is what we have

    Mental Health Merry-Go-Round
    by Mark Scaramella, October 28, 2015

    Thanks Kym it reminds us of issues that STILL need to be addressed.

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