More Than 30 Tents Found When County Delegation Visits Garberville’s ‘Hippie Hill’

Yesterday morning, the transient/homeless camp just north of Garberville was visited by Supervisor Estelle Fennel, deputies from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and a member of the Department of Health and Human Services. “We came and were trying to address Hippie Hill,” explained Sgt. Jesse Taylor who said the group’s goal was to have the DHHS worker “videotape environmental and human waste issues.”

Campers were told that they were trespassing and local residents report that after the visit, many of them packed their tents and left the area. Where the many camp residents will relocate if this area is emptied is unclear.

Taylor said when the County delegation arrived, there were “more than 30 tents up there” and that efforts are being made to “work with the property owner to let him know his options.”

According to Taylor, the area between the north offramp from 101 to the Bear Creek bridge has become a favored camping ground for people without places to stay. “Its convenient [and] out of sight. Five minute walk from town. It’s flat mostly.”

However, many in the community including the Sheriff’s Department do not want people staying there. “There’s violence up there,” he said. “An unsolved homicide that occurred up there, numerous assaults with deadly weapon calls up there,…drug overdoses…so we’re really trying to limit the access.”

The landowner does not want them there either, explained Taylor. “The property owner is definitely not on board with this…I have a signed letter…from the property owner.”

Taylor said there were “several violations” found at that camp and at another also visited yesterday located in the Sprowl Creek area. “There was the trash factor, a bucket with human waste, evidence of toilet paper…You can smell and see where they usually go,” said Taylor.

He credited the ERCP (the Eel River Cleanup Project) with helping mitigate the waste issues. “The
ERC group goes up there pretty regularly. If they didn’t, I can only imagine how bad it would be.”



  • The homeless and the drifters are not going away. The least this community could do, considering that it is awash in money from a booming economy, is provide some public toilets.
    And how about a couple Sheriff’s deputies?? Or was Measure Z for some other part of the county?

    • So you want to give them more services which in turn is allowing them to continue this way of life? Why should they work when the government gives them money for their drugs and food and the community serves them free hot meals, they get free medical service, and vet services for their dogs. Sounds pretty nice to not have to lift a finger and everything is literally given to them.
      Sure now we’re gonna give them toilets to just destroy and not appreciate. Oh and who’s gonna clean these toilets and with what money? Are you volunteering to clean them for free? It’s so easy to say “let’s just do this” with no thought or follow through. You suggested toilets so now you get to clean them with all the used needles…

      • To answer your kinda snarky comment, Sour Tangent- since they are not going away, we ought to protect ourselves and our health by providing minimal sanitation and police. That’s not coddling them, that’s taking care of us. And again, this community is awash in money! Not that the greedy growers want to part with any of it for the benefit of our community….
        Tried living in one of those encampments?? I’m betting you might have a different opinion than “Sounds pretty nice…” if you had.
        And your suggestion is?

        • When does “protecting ourselves by providing minimal services” become coddling & catering to their way of life. They chose this life & to live in tents. I work 3 jobs so that I can live the life I chose (to be a tax paying worker with a roof over my head). They chose drugs over working. I don’t want money from my 3 jobs to pay for someone else who puts no effort other then shop lifting from our small businesses.
          And to talk about community: most of them are not from here and they come here because they’ve heard this area is easy on them and they heard about the free services. This county has less restrictions on food stamps and “free” services. We the working folks are paying for their choices. I’m not willing to cater to them!
          If its a health issue for them to go potty in the woods then why are they getting away with it instead of repercussions. If we had trash piles in our front yards, we would get ticketed or arrested. Why are they allowed to do it. They get away with murder (literally) and the community pays for it all.
          This may seem “snarky” to you but its so easy for you to say “let’s do this” but where’s your action and are you opening your wallet or do you expect someone else to pay for it?

          • There are many problems with the transients for sure tho the rumor that there are “extra” services offered here is just not true. Food stamps are a federal program and now so is medi-cal. In some states there is a program called lifeline that assists poor folks with cel phone costs, etc. California does not participate in that program so there seems to be a bit more food stamp money here, about $10-15 more per month. So its about 185/month here I believe. And just fyi food stamps were never meant for folks to live on, its called the Supplemental Nutritional Aid Program.
            There are no handouts of money. Social services just processes the paperwork.
            The reputation we do have is a caring community who help one another and are more accepting of mis-fit folks. Our kindness is being taken advantage of, so unfortunately we will havta start a different rumor! Its tuff tho as its basically just running them off to do the same crap in another community wont help as we are probably getting folks run off from other places.
            And to those talking about all those greedy growers: Not all are great but there is a large community of growers who have strong community ethics and have built a great many things. Maybe ur in arcata/yuppieville and dont see it, look up just the number of small community funded schools and volunteer fire depts in the rural areas esp So Hum. It saves tax dollars actually as those are places that dont get much if any funding from the state,
            ie ur tax dollars.

            There are some folks on the streets due to something setting them back, like an injury. It takes years to get disability and if u dont have family to help then ur on the street. Hard to pull up outta that, getting a loan is so so hard right now even if u have great credit.
            The largest transient camp in the state was in San Jose until they bulldozed it earlier in the year. Streams from here down to the bay area are full of trash from encampments. Its a systemic problem esp as the gap between rich and poor grows. Think how it must be in Europe right now, its becoming a worldwide problem.

            Really the lack of mental health assistance and problem of billionaires paying less taxes than you or I have created a perfect storm of sorts. I understand ur frustration, I am just getting to a point of realizing my anger been against wrong folks. Transients are an easy target but its the jackass CEO’s who deserve it. Taking our jobs overseas&keeping money hidden around the world, wasnt Wal-Mart just caught with offshore hidden holdings of 14 billion? The pay gap between boss and employees has grown tons in the last 40 years, its about 375/1.

          • I’d be more than happy to donate to a fund for building public restrooms. And I’m a member of the electorate who voted for Measure Z so we could have a law enforcement presence in SoHum.

          • Thanks WW for having the energy to point all that out.

          • In response to WW. You said “The reputation we do have is a caring community who help one another and are more accepting of mis-fit folks.” Great dialogue, but WRONG. RThere are few counties that allow people to pick up their money at the post office under ‘general delivery.’ There are FEWER counties where you can walk in at 8am, and walk out at 2:30 with motel vouchers, foodstamps, a map to the food bank, and a check on the way to your ‘general delivery’ name. And don’t think for a minute that people all the way to Florida haven’t heard about it, and are making their way to Eureka at this very moment.
            And YES, I know this to be true. Were one iota easier than Mendocino County, and I used to be involved in the process there. One guy had so much in his account that he hadn’t picked up that his worker could have rented an apartment for him for A WHOLE YEAR, but the dude just refused, stating that he would ‘rather live outdoors, and not work!’

      • Where is the environmental protection agencies that were so prevalent to the SoHum area? Why aren’t they protesting the destruction of the land these people occupy?

      • That’s great reply sour. and I hundred percent agree

    • More sheriffs would be awesome, but locals have been saying that for years and if anything the problem is worse. The last thing we need to do is supply public bathrooms, like give me a damn break. They aren’t helpless people, most are violent, druggies, and totally young and capable of working. So hell no I don’t think they need bathrooms, why so they can destroy those and cost the town more money? They need to go the hell home and get a damn job, instead of being a plague on society. I have no respect for people who are lazy and want to take the shortcuts in life, I work hard for my money so I’m sure as hell not spending it on someone who wants to live the low drug street life by choice.

    • Right on. People have a right to life, and that means a right to live somewhere.

      • do you advocate tresspassing, littering, squatting, and drug use? What about the property owners rights, does the homeless persons rights trump his ? I don’t even know what you’re saying right on about. The article didn’t address any solutions. And I always wonder, where’s CHILL? Are they active or do they just hold meetings? It’s a sad commentary that locals are having to constantly clean up after these irresponsible transients.

        • I’ve heard CHILL [edit] had the audacity to apply for measure Z funding.
          The people passed measure Z to prevent the problem CHILL is supporting and encouraging.
          If you want this problem to change, hold that group legally responsible for devaluing our community and public safety.

          • Your logic is so displaced and off the mark. Why don’t we hold our Supervisor and Humboldt County legally responsible for not adhering by following the law? It is this counties fiduciary duty to provide job training and the technical environment to facilitate that process. Why?? Because our county has already received thousands of dollars and NOT directed it to Southern Humboldt or the outlying areas!! Working online has been never explored by our previous Work Investment Board nor BOS. Instead they welcome and embrace outside individuals from the Industrial Cannabis sectors or individuals with a history of criminal & drug activity. These entities have bullied locals in hopes in getting their own tailored marijuana ordinance with no little or no input nor have they made an effort to employ the local population. Where is our SoHum Job Market?
            Our county embraces individuals who continually conduct themselves in a manner that would get them legally ravished in civilized environments. The youth and general population is so enmeshed with the criminal element that it is obvious that they already have a compromised future. The Invasive Growers are responsible for the increased encroachment of criminal activity and breakdown of our community. Our BOS is responsible for bulling local residents into silence in hopes that those individuals would not impede on their financial and political future. Estelle Fennel should be legally held accountable.
            Create a drug culture and what you get are drug addicts from all economic variances. Blaming a small group of people for meeting to deal with issues that our BOS and county has failed to acknowledge will not resolve nor bring any closure regarding the overwhelming issues that faces Southern Humboldt today and tomorrow.
            It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what makes a community better. Hey look at Arcata, it is filled with entrepreneurs, small business and youth famished to be educated and cultured. Chill, other grass roots & nonprofit organizations that deal with homelessness are seen as a positive and are welcomed.

      • Good for you Ed. You have a little room on your property there in Alderpoint, take them in. Provide them with a toilet, shower, transportation, and see how long you really believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to provide and clean up after them. There are those that really deserve assistance but unfortunately they have become lost in the new breed of “houseless by choice”.

      • They don’t have a right to live on someone’s property with out permission. Might be a good idea for them to get a job and pay for a legal place to live. If I want to camp out I have to pay for a camp site or camp on my own property. Why is it any different for them?

    • You could start by letting them stay at your house and use your toilet! Do you even own a house or have a toilet?

  • Let’s call it what it is: Heroin Hill. Those [edit:people] up there are NOT hippies!

  • Thank you! Keep up the good work Jesse!

  • “evidence of toilet paper…”. Maybe that’s better than no evidence of toilet paper? Sorry, I just have to laugh every now and then.

  • I bet if the sheriff did a warrant check on everyone up there, they could clear out more then half of them in one swoop.
    These aren’t poor helpless people who don’t have a home. They are violent drug addicted thieves that have chosen that life. We don’t want them in our town causing nothing but trouble. They do nothing good for our community but came here for the free meals and to take advantage of the nice people who want to help the homeless. They wait for ERCP to come clean up their shit (literally). They need to move along!!

    • Move along to where? Another community that wants them to move along? Another piece of private property to trash and poop on because there is no place to poop or put the trash? “Public land” or parks with locked toilets?
      I don’t like the mess and the hanging out on the streets all day and pan handling either but where do they GO?
      All homeless people are not “choosing” to be homeless. Some are. Some are violent and drug addicted or just plain mean. Some are lazy and want a hand out. Some are simply poor. Without resources. Without family. Some are young people who were in foster care until they turned 18 and were pushed out on their own. Some are children of homeless parents. Some are mentally ill with little to no options for treatment. Some would love a job and there are help wanted signs in many windows, but they have no way to get and stay clean enough.
      Again, where do they go? People need a legal place to BE.
      This is a problem of local and national economics and policy choices. There is no one solution.
      Different sub groups within the homeless population need and deserve different responses from us as a community, from law enforcement, and from government.
      Toilets and trash pick up are a matter of public health and safety. It seems that there are those who would risk community health because the fix will appear to be doing something for homeless people.
      We have to deal with what is so now, while at the same time looking for solutions that are effective for the different groups. There are many perspectives in this community and indeed in the nation. Standing around complaining does not fix anything.Work on the part YOU see as most important.
      Call supervisors and:
      ask them to direct law enforcement to do those warrant checks if you believe that is needed.
      ask them to approve cold weather shelter BEFORE it is 20 degrees if that is what moves you.
      Hound your elected officials in Sacramento and Washington.
      VOTE. Elect representatives that fix policy. Here, in Sacramento and in Washington.
      Or whatever else you think of, that in not violence against homeless people.

      • Those are all beautiful and well thought out points you make, your world sounds like a wonderful place to live. Unfortunately none of this is reality today.
        I do agree these problems are a symptom of our policies, mostly liberal, along with putting pressure on local/state Government.
        Fact is, personal responsibility and accountability is the only solution to this problem currently, by you victimizing these people only perpetuates the issues and supports their views of entitlement.
        We as a small unincorporated community do not want or need these problems, these problems bring absolutely zero value to the future of our economy, environment and equality.
        We as a community want more for our children, not less.
        You idea of turning Garberville into the “Homeless” capital of California will never be accepted as status quo.

        • No community, small and unincorporated or large with a police force wants or needs these problems, but we have them. I’m looking for positive action towards solution. I am inviting discourse to find solution.
          Personal responsibility and accountability works for me. How do we get that from people who clearly have no concept of that? And I’m not being facetious here, sincerely, that is a real question. If you have a good idea about that, I’m in.
          Garberville as the “Homeless” capital of California is far from my idea of a good thing.

      • Thanks for adding a rational voice!

    • Having engaged with the population you are speaking of, I would say you are partially correct, and partially incorrect. There are homeless people, some with jobs who cannot find housing, as well as some drug users. Some are both, as some people who live in houses use drugs (and hold jobs or not).

  • I would hold the property owner responsible and fine him daily fees for illegal campground, illegal activity on property, environmental degradation, environmental health violations, etc. The property owner should put up a fence, signage, and monitor his property. The police should do daily sweeps, then weekly sweeps until the transients figure out they’re not welcome here.

    We don’t have the resources to help these people who contribute nothing to our community. As for a bathroom, I think the newly proposed bathroom that’s going in on the town square should not be free…it should be a pay-as-you-go type like they have in Europe. I think a dollar per use is reasonable.

  • All I can say is that there are a many ignorant people on here who just judge what they do not understand and think they have it all figured out. Where is the compassion, mercy and grace that God gave you when you were in need of it?

    • That’s a really cute story. Same story that is used to embezzle millions of dollars and kill thousands of people.
      Your “god” loophole isn’t working anymore.
      The status quo is shit and good people are tired of it, no reasonable person supports this kind of social behavior.
      If you do, you are part of the problem and need to leave the area.
      Plain and simple.

    • Don’t even. These people are FILTH. They do nothing. They live off food stamps and welfare. They have packs of filthy mutts. They can’t take care of themselves yet alone those filthy mutts… I can’t go food shopping without having to deal with these punks. I HATE what GARBAGEville has become. I have a better idea!!!! Why don’t we collect all these transient filths, stick them in this “hippie hill”, gate it off, and watch them rot together.

    • Aw, well if you have so much compassion and care for them then you should totally open up your house for them and let them stay there. Most of these people are not local down on your luck homeless families, they are definitely not local and do choose to live that way! Why else wouldn’t they try to get real help? They need to go back to where they came from and be scum bags in their own hometown.

    • Go up there and see for your self who is living there. Ask them why they are here and if they have other options. I think you would be surprised with what you find. It’s not a bunch of doughy eyed people down on their luck. It’s a way of life that they willingly chose combined with chronic bad decision making skills. I have been up there and in many other encampments and I can tell you first hand it isn’t what you think it is.

    • This is a reply to humanity first Enabling is not helping. someone .They need to want help in order to be helped I have seen your argument before but it holds no water the Lord cant help someone that doesn’t seek or want help

    • You talk about the grace of God. The Apostle Paul said, ” if a man does not work than he should not eat, let a man toil with his own hands “

  • Rotten [edit: Law enforcement] missuse of measure Z funds

    There’s plenty of money in measure Z to deal with the serious drug problem and homeless problem if the [edit: Law enforcement] didn’t steal funds! The [edit: Law enforcement] took money from measure Z to bust every big time grower in southern humboldt! There illegal raids stopped hundreds of thousands of dollars to flow back through the local shops and businesses! There’s people all over southern humboldt trying to clean up there land after the [edit: Law enforcement]devastation! But have no money to do it! The problems they cause are endless! It’s sad year after year all the way up until legalization they prove they don’t care about any of our lives and how we live! If there not busting people for growing then there letting out Mexican heroin dealers with a pound of heroin on own recognizance. They prove time and time again that getting caught with heroin or Meth is no big deal! Oh but too many greenhouses and your the devil ahhahahahahha! We have a serious meth and heroin problem down here! They passed six greenhouses and forty abandoned vehicles and a bunch of meth and heroin recently to bust a clean grow that was big! The cops don’t give a shit if it’s not about marijuana! When I first moved here my godmother and family were held up at gunpoint on our land by fortuna’s finest locals! The sheriffs could care less. When they showed up they wanted to look around for pot and asked ” where’s the grow at”? My godmother was appalled and started crying! I could tell she felt helpless. No law enforcement or county official is going to fix the SERIOUS problems that effect our safety and quality of day to day life! Maybe if the transients start growing they will deal with them.

    • trespass not illegal anymore????

      So true!!!! Cops dont even investigate break ins any more, they pick and choose which cases they wanna take on (not what they’re supposed to do obviously).
      Here’s an idea; lets get some plants and put a grow up there then maybe cops would bust them.
      Funny to recall how trespassing became the worst crime ever during the struggle to save the old growth. Earth firsters were pepper sprayed directly into eyes and beaten by sheriffs in the woods, and eventually were labeled “eco-terrorists”. The sheriff’s were basically the private cops for PL under Maxxam corp.
      Or how that big raid up alderpoint where the cops dumped trash all over to take pics of supposed illegal dumping. To get to those properties they passed by one of the biggest illegal dumping areas up that way. The trash, including a number of cars, was cleaned up by volunteers with donations for dump fees.
      Cops like grows deep in woods as they can say or do what they like, and can pocket money or other items while also “seizing” anything valuable for their auctions.

      • Reply to trespass not illegal anymore
        That’s a lie and you know it yeah I was in the area those people where warned numerous times all they had to do was release they had proved their point but no they to go on and on and on for no good reason they won their lawsuit but in the eyes Of myself they where still wrong …and I feel in the eyes of my god

  • I’ve met some of these brown-clothed transient types in the bay. Most of them CHOOSE this lifestyle. At the end of the day, week, month, or year, they all go back to houses and/or families/friends. All the transients staying in town for “holidaze”, (’tis the season, right?), are usually under 30, most likely… All the older ones are homeless tweakers. I call this new trend of travelling stinky weirdos, “TRENDsients”.

  • The sheriff’s office needs to go up there day in and day out checking warrants making there present s known ,and maybe if they were putting work up there, and .maybe there will less crime unsolved murder as a property owner there is no way in hell would I allow this to ever happen on my property. The owner needs to grow a pear and run them out by any means nessarry that’s just my opinion

  • John Casali hauled garbage for yrs spent his own mony and was criticized and ran out of town by people who are now crying wolf the shame that he is no longer involved it was him who started it all cleaning up the watershed right on John Casali I hope you read this your friend

    • Casali did it for 7 years strait.
      He’d hire the Bums to help and they’d end up burning him. (Typical bum fashion)
      The book store people contributed to John leaving the area and now they’re lobbying for the bums to take over Garberville.
      They profit off the bums with the groups they’ve formed, ERCP and CHILL.
      Without the bums those groups would dissolve and so would their embezzlement scheme.

      • You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about in regard to ERCP. This town would be so cluttered with litter, garbage and human waste if ERCP was not doing what they’re doing. You can be one of the people who sit around and complain and put out speculation and half-truths about the clean-up movement in Southern Humboldt, or you can support it.

      • Just to clarify:
        Its the book store peoole next to the laundry mat. NOT by the bank. Big difference!

        • Yes, the shit hole right next to the laundry mat.

          Their businesses physical appearance is a testament to how they believe our community should look.

          One giant free for all shit hole.

      • Use your cerebral cortex before making outrageous accusations. The Drug dealers who do not contribute to the community and pay people off, like the Chamber of Commerce, contribute to the decline of Southern Humboldt. I so sick of the accusations which have no factual basis!! Homelessness is a crisis throughout the Nation and the World. The Marijuana industry assisted in bringing the homelessness to the area. The Documentries on TV regarding how easy it is to grow here brought the transients, trimigrants, and gangsters to the area. The LA Times Article and the 100’s of articles that followed it, regarding Humboldt Counties Pot scene brought the homelessness,druggies, and countless others from various economic backgrounds here! Yes and lets not forget KMUD this COMMUNITY (HA HA) station has given an extremely inaccurate and inbalanced picutre of the our community and it is conveyed on the air for people from all over the world to listen to.

        • Yes. But I don’t think it would have been allowed to get this bad if it did not serve certain money interests to let it drive decent people out. Once enough businesses go under or move out of the area and enough fed-up locals are ready to sell for peanuts just to get their kids away from this insanity… once the prices are driven down low enough or enough property foreclosed upon… these money interests will buy it all up and the cops WILL clear it all out and the BoS WILL start facilitating a much more upscale and gentrified Humboldt County than the world as seen to date.

          All these problems seem so horrible and insurmountable, but one flipped switch and it all goes away, DAZZLINGLY fast. I’m right about this.

    • John Casali was cool about the problem. He did what he could. Then he was criticized for talking real issues and being real about what he was witnessing. I don’t blame him for leaving a place where he was treated with such disrespect! Yes every poor soul has a story but by encouraging their poor behavior you are being the opposite of compassionate …to everyone. People need boundaries and to be corrected when they start disrespecting the community. This situation is ridiculous! You have let your town become disgusting and scary because you think you’re progressive or caring?! You are not.

  • No matter what we all think,this is some ones land and their TRESPASSING. And I feel sorry for the land owner now he will have to clean up other people’s shit.sickning,so nasty.If you don’t own the land STAY THE HELL OFF

    • I’m sure the property remediation is going to cost the land owner 10’s of thousands of dollars.
      It’s not fair that they get stuck with the bill, it should be the people pissing and shitting everywhere while they’re slamming drugs and camping illegally.
      The advocates supporting and encouraging this behavior should also be held accountable financially for devaluing our town and quality of life.

  • Ever notice after the devils playground raids all the homeless just flock downtown? I would rather have them hidden away in the playground then walking around downtown harassing everyone and stealing shit.

  • Great… That place was out of site. Now there are 30 tents worth of people scattered and wandering about trying out new places to camp, with or without their buckets and toilet paper. Thanks so much, Estelle.

    Also love how the Sheriff’s Office bemoans the “violence up there” and states it wants to “limit the access” as if the location is somehow the cause of the violence, and the busting up of that camp isn’t now spreading the problem around to more various locations. Brilliant!

    • Out of sight..THEIR TRESPASSING.breaking the law and destroying the owners land,let’s not mention environment.listen I feel bad for the homeless it’s awful,but 80%just wanna be.we have offered jobs to many homeless nope,don’t want once again I so sorry for the owner of the property for the after math it’s not right.

  • Right on so nice to have like minded people posting on this site bravo to corporate and John my friend

  • I just wanted to say that, not all of those people choose to be there. I had to live there once when I had to hitchhike off of the mountain, where I was working because one of the rich meth head property owners got super delusional, pulled guns on the guys to who worked there, to chase them off and then aimed his focus at me, knowing I was by myself and couldn’t easily escape. I’m not a violent person, nor am I a junkie but as sad as it is, that hill was a safer place for me than the place where I was working. I had to leave there in the middle of the night, without being paid. Nobody in the town was nice to me except for that saintly couple at the book store, and the people at the Mateel. Once I got back on my feet, I left there, but I don’t know what I would’ve done if that encampment wasn’t there. In my opinion, a lot of those transients are mentally ill, with no way to get help, and there are some drug addicts, but that is the case everywhere….even within your precious town of Garberville and it’s citizens. Also most of the farms that I worked on had huge meth issues. So if you did have a chance to even consider what it’s like to be a homeless person, with no other options, you can’t possibly think that living on hippie hill is easy or pleasant, by any means. And you don’t have your facts straight by assuming that every one of the people camping there are all the same. The people there really looked after me, for the most part….as a girl who was alone. I felt safer in that encampment than I did on that millionaire meth head’s beautiful property. I don’t believe that a lil help would encourage people to stay there any longer than they were going to stay, originally. I’m very grateful for my time in SoHum but I would only go back for the redwoods because that business you have of growing, is not like one would imagine. It’s ran by people who are so secluded that they become out of touch with reality…’s really a shame that such violent people own some of the most beautiful land that I have ever seen, and they become so wealthy that they believe they can treat people however they want, without consequence. I have a hard time understanding how a bunch of homeless kids, with almost nothing, are the biggest problem in your town. Maybe you should look into the people who are dealing meth and heroine.

    • Lol, nice try Book Store guy or like minded friend!
      That was a real cute story, attempting to divert the actual problem back to the actual victims of Garberville.

      Shame on you for not caring for your community.

      What a horrible attempt to swing public views.
      I’ve came to the conclusion that you people are habitual liars and this little story really supports that claim.

  • It’s a lifestyle. They sit in front of “Now Hiring” signs all over town with no desire to advance themselves. Our town is slowly shutting down as our local stores have less help, restaurants are closed on the weekends and main street store fronts are empty. I hear the comments on community but you have to participate to be part of a community, not just hanging out in it. Help us out, get a job. Applications are available all over.

    • Lots of jobs available, most with wages that suck.

      • And most employers will do anything to avoid hiring a transient or homeless person. Maybe some bodhisattva who could provide a room and sanitary facilities while the kid gets himself or herself put together and functioning.

        • Nines you are out of touch. give them a home while they get it back together ? Listen Oh unenlightened one. These people hate you, I have been around them, they feel sorry for you and pity you , because you are sold out to the man. yes, a sell out because you have a job and responsibilities, they dont want your sympathy, only your money. If they could get away with it ,they would kill you in your sleep.

          • Well, I meant any who really want a job and to get it together… if an employer would be able to hire them and see to it they had a roof and a bathroom while they were getting on their feet. I’m sure you are right about many of them, judging by the scene on the street in Garberville I saw. I just meant that SOME of them want a real chance to become all-American wage slaves… or to pass through that on their way to taking over the world with the billions they made on some lucky bet.

            We’re grownups and not hateful, heartless people. We can’t stop being fair because people are doing bad things, but we also can’t put up with it. We have to do more than grouse about it or get into stupid politics of lifestyle divide-and-rule wars over it.

            We need to discern what’s right in each situation and act accordingly.

            Even the best people find themselves suddenly slammed to the pavement with no options, just because “shit happens” and they actually do sometimes find more support in homeless camps than out here with us. Then, too, MOST of those despicable brats running around will figure out what idiots they’ve been, one way or another, even just with time… or El Niño.

            But, yes, I am out of touch… trying to get back in it.

      • El Nino to the rescue .Dirt Bag Removal Inc .Thats whats needed

  • They should have the welfare office show up at all crime camps and offer a free bus ticket out of the area for these chronic homeless people to go where it is warmer or to a relatives place, or issue a free gas card to somewhere else. Then the Sheriff should come in and arrest those that didn’t leave for trespass. There are a lot of services in bigger areas for their needs and they can put their welfare and section 8 to better use and maybe find a real place to live with their benefits instead of using them for more drugs and alcohol.

  • I have to travel between Fort Bragg and Smith River two or three times a year and I always stop in Garberville for gas, and either a latte or a meal. Last time was in January. This is the longest I’ve gone without traveling back south in a decade, but in JANUARY the main street of Garberville was teeming with very sketchy-looking kids, some of whom were eyeing my packed car ominously.

    Luckily, I could park it on the main drag and within sight of the restaurant, but after my meal, it was the same trouble weaving through these boisterous and grubby kids back to my car.

    I sure didn’t like it. Not a bit. Not enough to make me drive off and find another pit stop, but that might be because I’ve loved Humboldt my whole life and its people and didn’t yet have the sense to feel really threatened. I did, though, make double-sure my car was locked… which… dammit… IS preposterous in GARBERVILLE, CALIFORNIA, of all places.

    I don’t think that’s the transience trend among the disenfranchised young, or if it is, it isn’t only the trimming work bringing them in. Maybe another campground, with facilities, with a nominal daily fee AND local businesses and residents making CERTAIN they’re not allowed to loiter in town. If the County STILL isn’t doing it, then maybe a pool for some security guards, or maybe some local men can take shifts keeping them off the streets AND off private property.

  • Carnac was a "mystic from the East"

    There is no solution to the problem as our government, from federal and now down to local government is political in the laws it wishes to enforce. You wouldn’t have this problem if the law was enforced regarding growers. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Soon our capitol will pass a law allowing “homeless” to sleep on your covered doorstep, business entrance, etc… just as in England. This is how progressive governments solve problems now, treat the symptoms, not the cause.

  • Does anyone know why no charges of any sort have been filed that I know of the giant mega grow up on island mountain earlier this year? The one involving the Canbis voice collictive I think that’s what there called . kym do have any speculation or info ?

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