Saturday’s Homicide Victim From Fortuna, Confirms EPD

CaptureElliott Michael Walin age 31 of Fortuna was the victim of Saturday’s homicide, confirmed Captain Steve Watson of the Eureka Police Department. A GoFundMe site was published this afternoon requesting help for the victim’s family. (See photo left) .

While Watson believes Walin’s death is “not related in anyway to the gang shooting in Hammond Park,” he also believes, “This is not a random crime.”

Watson said that though a man had been detained the night of the homicide about 11 p.m. by EPD officers when he was seen within a half-mile of crime scene no suspect has been arrested. The man who was detained was interviewed by officers and released. “He is not a suspect at this time,” Watson stated.

Captain Watson “strongly encourages anyone with a direct knowledge of the incident” to contact Detective Gordon at (707) 441-4044.

UPDATE 6 p.m.: 

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Following the notification of his next of kin by the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office yesterday, the Eureka Police Department is releasing the identity of the man slain during last Saturday night’s shooting incident near the 1500 block of F Street, Eureka. The deceased victim has been identified as 31-year-old Elliot Michael Walin of Fortuna.

Investigators have firmly established this incident is not related to last month’s gang involved shooting and homicide at nearby Hammond Park. While EPD is not releasing details at this time regarding the possible motive behind this shooting, it was not a random act.

EPD is diligently following up on a number of strong investigative leads. Anyone with direct knowledge about this case is asked to contact the Eureka Police Department at (707) 441-4060 (front counter) or (707) 441-4044 (after hours only). Direct your information to Senior Detective John Gordon or Sergeant Michael Guy.






  • Thanks to Captain Watson for not leaving us speculating and worrying.

  • Harsh he was killed, but living the life of hate gets you nowhere. He was a nazi as is a lot of his friends. Maybe it has something to do with his racism that got them shot.

  • I’m sorry for a human life being lost. But him and his nazi friends are not welcome. Our neighbors and neighborhoods are a lot safer now.

  • I’m sure EPD is right on it , it’s just what happens. In eureka these day s is any area that are safe drive buy shootings will be next

  • Until we know more you shouldn’t speak badly of the dead. You say he’s a white supremacist do you have any evidence to back that up. Just because he’s around people that hold those views doesn’t make him a nazi. You have probably not talked to him or his friends and just because people say something doesn’t necessarily make it true. There are plenty of real criminal organizations that are very dangerous and they are usually Hispanic or Asian. White supremacist groups are smart enough to realize they are badly outnumbered and outgunned. Most are just wannabes and posers. I know this for a fact because thanks to our federal government I did 5 years for cultivation and met and knew members of all the major gangs. Mexican mafia Eme and The aztecas and tango blas are the most deadliest man on man but the assorted paisa groups kill more people than any other groups. White supremacists talk tough but only fight once other groups start something we can go over the particulars incidents such as the riots at Leavenworth where the American Hispanics joined with the white groups against the large large majority of gangs of illegal undocumented Hispanics who were attempting to use their numerical superiority to have authority over all Hispanics. Other federal institutions such as Big Springs TX are run by the undocumented illegals and the amount of attacks mainly against American Hispanics dwarf the number of violence by white groups which don’t fight unless attacked because they are outnumbered 8-1 these are real actual events and facts. I am not scared of any motorcycle clubs or other white groups the nortenos do concern me they are actually dangerous.

    • Well said , the white guilt spread from terror groups like splc manipulate people in ways never seen before.
      As the demographics of this country under occupation shift, so has the crime rate and the numbers the mouthpiece media broadcast to further the occupiers agenda.
      White people need to have and raise children, raise them apart from the indoctrination centers called public schools that are multicultural sewers broadcasting self hate.

      The fourteen words came from mendo…

      We must secure the existence of our race, and a future for White children. – David Lane.

      • Nazis suck

      • The SPLC is not a terror group. They have sued racist terror groups out of existence.

      • You are entitled to have your opinion and I won’t delete it. However, the various apartheid systems attempted throughout history hurt both parties. Think of it this way…the human race, whatever their individual colors, are all on the same boat. We can fight against each other for supremacy and crash our boat. Or we can work together and attempt to reach a harmony that benefits all.

        • Yea look at how Rhodesia and South Africa are doing today. Rhodesia used to feed Africa before the UN attacked them and brought the need for band aid and asking if we know it’s Christmas.

          Demographics mean everything, remember Humboldt before rotr and how there wasn’t the crime or need for monster jail in Eureka.

          People are people until they don’t act like them.

          • You aren’t seriously saying that Reggae on the River is the reason for crime in Humboldt?

          • Truth is drugs and poor nutritional choices are Gold profit to privatized corp. Oil is a monopoly it is America’s gold. Sales of any black crude Gold most be purchased with u.s. dollar at u.s. Governed price we print money we loan it out for trade security outpaces and police forighn states that sell crude without u.s. extchange, while policing u.s. infiltrates covert confidential missions where foreign capitol is gained smuggling back and forth threw military installments drugs great a memory loss creating bad nutrition creating doctor visits$ great pharma capitol gain, state county gain threw hospital prison/jail/ courts u.s. loans to everyone and everyone does as the use dammands or a search and seized of profit capitol and assets we did something in fort Knox with the gold, so we could be incontroll of the banks now we print $ loan,collect debt & intrest. Or summon forfeiture assets if no show. Police state..

        • You know over the years I have seen many Republicans come and go same with Democrats that Have held office in my day they all pander they’re going to do something about immigration but here we are years into my lifespan nothings ever done really about immigration Mexico will never be called a failed state because most of its men have to flee their home to work I don’t believe it’s right that immigrants should be exploited . That would serve who ? . I also don’t believe the Democratic Party should exploit them for their votes either .

    • Carnac was a "mystic from the East"

      So I deduce you wouldn’t have a problem with someone who hung around pedophiles?

  • Carnac was a "mystic from the East"

    The most damaging racist is the one who views the black people as poor and deprived , underperforming of no fault of themselves and should be treated as such. Special programs, lowering the bar, acceptance of criminal behavior as part of culture is keeping the sigma and identity of these people from succeeding and getting equal footing in this culture. Enablers, no matter the intent, need to stop.

  • Carnac was a "mystic from the East"

    The problem is the crime, power consumption and environmental damage is not being offset and addressed with a tax dollars from the enterprise. It is having a parasitic effect in the community. Taxes have been raised during a time of economic hardship on the majority of the population to help offset. What do growers contribute to the community other than the problems and wasted resources and pollution? Supporting a grower is the same as rationalizing the good a hedge fund manager does, without paying income taxes.

  • Ignorance is the real problem. Anyone that thinks you can summarize an entire race into a few stereotypes is an idiot and a major part of the problem. Ignorance fuels the justification needed by those who are scared of the real world. Sheltering yourself from reality just distances yourself from the truth.

  • All well spoken everyone is a human being with free will I don’t believe white supremacist groups pose a danger to citizens but their views are ignorant and can be downright contradictory. I really feel bad for some them they are confused but what I am saying is backed by hard facts most of the murders and violent assaults are Hispanic on Hispanic with illegal undocumented usually the instigator. They are poor so income from prison rackets is something they will fight and kill for. Google triple murder at Beaumont low three Mexican mafia were killed in one day over prison industry jobs. Two were killed while making hummer engines. Prison jobs there paid 350$ a month worth killing over.

  • Carnac was a "mystic from the East"

    Lets be honest and go beyond classification by skin type, most violent assaults and murders are the same group of of people; those with peckers.

  • [edit] eliot [edit] was the most ritious and loyol person ihave e ever known [edit]!!

    • Amen.. God bless you. I was getting tired. I searched so I could read words from family that new him. I miss him too.

  • Carnac was a "mystic from the East"

    I have to agree with regard to cheap labor and illegals, they have destroyed the building trades. Its not the fault of the illegals, just the politicians and lobbyists using it for fund raising. In the past, a person could make a good living and find work as a carpenter, hang sheetrock,roofing, electrician etc… Now there is one union carpenter for 10 helpers on job sites. The trades have turned into low paying manual labor jobs for most.

    • Yep. They can’t buyout the community if they don’t keep you poor and themselves richer and relying on you wasting your strength picking on the little guys while they’re doing it.

  • I have to go clear to SF to find union work. My last job up here was for flat iron doing bridges they had 3 laborers doing carpenter work for every apprentice and guys from up here acted like this was normal. I reported them to the local 751 and they found out and laid me off. I stay positive the illegal issue is a huge problem for construction but its also just the way it is in the 21st century in California. We have to pass laws and enforce them for prevailing wage work which is our tax dollars being spent we have to make these companies do what they contracted to do. They have to pay their workers right.

  • He was in honest Good Man. My brother in law. He made poor choices as a youth. Some escape ther mistakes some get caught up in them. Entery into a state prison as a youth means, one of two choices-become a victim to some of the most violent evil conditions on Earth-or sit on the porch with your American pit bull prisoners and hang. Get it! Everyone on Earth Is Racial to something or someone else, My brother wasn’t Racist. He was a Resister. He loved Good people he was honest to good people He stood up for his sister he loved his kid,s. So much that he made the call to leave. Blood in blood out. But he remains in our hearts. For Eternity, when you die for 10 minutes. Your brain still processes hearing and heat. Full of joy tell you hear the waling of this world and a pain so sever for all the living. Forgive him. He has paid the highest price for. Survival.

  • I will never forget you. And the choices that made us young men. As elementary Grade yungsters…

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