Bike and Walk Coming to Manila

County Supervisor Mark Lovelace announced on his Facebook page today that Humboldt County has received $1.7 million to build a bike and pedestrian path in Manila.

The County of Humboldt and CalTrans have received $1.7 million to build a separated bike and pedestrian shared-use path alongside Route 255 in Manila. The path will run along the west side of the highway from Dean Street to Carlson Drive, providing a safe linkage between the Manila Community Center, Redwood Coast Montessori School, Willow and Dunes Daycare, public transit and school bus stops, and the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center. The funding will also provide for a public education campaign to encourage bike and pedestrian safety. The project is anticipated to be completed in October of 2018.

Check out Mark Lovelace’s Facebook page to see more information.


One comment

  • $1.7 Million to build a 0.5 mile trail, and that is probably just part of the funding to get it completed. That’s the problem with getting these trail projects done, too costly. To construct a trail in this section of Manila (flat, stable, no cutbanks, etc.) should cost a quarter of that amount in total, including the paving.

    Out of control and the only people being impacted is the community having to suffer and wait for the trails to get completed. Where is the Bay Trail??????

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