Guitars, Tools and Meth Found When Rio Dell Residence Searched

rio dellA Rio Dell man was arrested yesterday after a search warrant was served at his residence on Second Avenue about 7:30 a.m.

“We conducted a search warrant,” confirmed Sgt. John Beauchaine of the Rio Dell Police Department. Fortuna Police and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office were also at the incident.

“We found stolen property and drugs,” Beauchaine reported. There had been a burglary of a storage unit not long ago, he said. “Guitars and tools were stolen.”

When the search warrant was served, some of the stolen items were recovered. “We found some of the guitars and tools,” Beauchaine said. “We also found a small amount of meth…[also] a scale and packaging stuff indicating sales.”

David Bourland of Rio Dell was taken into custody.



  • The storage unit prolly had insurance on the items.
    Good work and +1 to the [edit] that recovered the stuff. Hope they return it to the owner.

  • Hi I’m selling all my nice stuff before it all gets ripped off anybody know of a good place to sell off your nice things . I may just load it all up and take it to the Carl Johnson auction thanks .i can’t change what humboldt has become but I can get rid of what all the scum want .

    • fortunatoarriza

      Lots of people want to.some donate it ,before it is stolen.

    • If you are serious then go see that new store in Fortuna on main street, they do buy sell and trade and they are fair with you too which is rare these days and their store was clean and there wasn’t the usual overpriced junk thats not worth anything lol. I think it’s called Something Old Something Nouveau, Check it out I was glad I did.

  • Thank you, Kym, for toning down Mr X. His rants are serious downers sometimes sounding just shy of psychotic and he is almost always the 1st to respond.

  • More drugs off the streets.And maybe the person’s who’s items taken get some back,that would be super cool!!!

    • fortunatoarriza

      Coyote and ant populations increase with selective extermination.eliminating top dog frees up females.squishing ants apparently makes an ant hungry and reproductive.cause and effect only seems backward.they could sensor me for saying that.

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