[Update: 12:10 a.m.: Homicide] Two Shot, One Killed in Eureka



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A man was shot in Eureka a few minutes ago. He was found near the intersection of Watson and F Streets. An officer at the scene has confirmed with us that the man was shot in the chest.  The man was put in an ambulance and taken to the hospital. At this point, officers are trying to determine where the shooting happened. We’ll update this post when we have more information.

Update 11:00 p.m.: Additional photo.


Update 11:30 p.m.: Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills said two people were shot. One person was killed and the other person is not believed to have life-threatening injuries. At this point, they are not sure who the shooter is, but they have detained one person.

Update 12:10 p.m.: Photo of a person of interest by Bobby Kroeker:




  • I live near there

    It is worth mentioning: Watson and F is one block from that store which was robbed not long ago. It is also four blocks from the park where Dax Brown died of a gunshot wound not long ago either. Makes me wonder.

  • Ya see, Macktown Boyz, who rep Norteno, lost face to the 18st gang, who rep Sureno, a few weeks ago when a mtb got killed. Motive?… Straight up gangbanger Revenge….now ill bet tonites victims were 18th st.

  • This happened literally right outside my house. I saw the victim fall to the ground right at the end our our block.

    I can hardly believe that this happened. I certainly don’t feel safe anymore.

    • Did the Cylons get a statement from you, or could they care less?
      They might enjoy watching the gangbangers off each other and kinda allow it.
      I’m curious as to how much groundwork they are doing.

    • Yeah I live right next to you, and I heard the gunshots last night, which seems to be pretty common in this neighborhood. It’s fucked that these gunshots actually resulted in a the loss of a life. It’s like I don’t know what is serious enough that I should be afraid. Is a man getting shot down in the street by my house supposed to make me afraid? Because it does. It wasn’t even past 10 o’clock at night! There are kids walking around with their parents at that time. And after that murder in the park recently, I haven’t felt safe for awhile. I’ve grown up in this county but never wanted to make my home in Eureka and this is why.

      • Bethany, would you be interested in talking to KMUD News about what you witnessed? I am working on a story for today about the homicide. If you want, call me at 615-775-4094. Thanks, Ama Tierney

    • Eain, would you be interested in talking to KMUD News about what you witnessed? I am working on a story for today about the homicide. If you want, call me at 615-775-4094. Thanks, Ama Tierney

  • as long as the revolving gate is accessible to crackheads and heroin dealers, this is the outcome. You think the dopers in this town get popped, get OR’d, and then start going to church and get good jobs?
    They go get their guns, and start 1)rebuilding their stash, and 2)start seeking revenge, even if their life and its negative outcomes are in their own hands.
    This has been a drug infested craphole for 10 years or more, and its NOT going to get better without some fundamental changes in policing, court process and prison policies.

    • This shit didn’t happen as much when the people were in charged and engaged in the wellbeing of their own communities, and not just sitting around waiting for someone else to take care of it for them. Add in the fact its now trendy to worship drugs and the gang culture, what else could be expected? Things will only get worse.

  • Well I’ll be darn. The State and County just spoke out last week that crime rate is headed down in Eureka!?#&^% All I can say is those people that said that are full of Bullshit. Look around people, we’ve had a man missing out East of here and the LEO’s won’t even search for him (Shannon House). It’s harvest time and people are all hunkered down in their homes and the only time they come out is to sell some more weed or rip some off or their so high they shoot someone or stab them, because…..for no good reason! I’m of the mind that no one cares any more as long as it doesn’t effect their own little piece of tranquility. “What we have here is a failure to communicate” We our out of control Houston

  • I have a Pease of property that to me is heaven on earth born in garb and raised in sprowl creek out on the flat and old timer natives know what I’m talking about , but I have been fortunate to have inherited my property from my family which will be handed down to my baby sister ,so with that being said family is everything to me ,and I will do everything in my power to protect it buy any means nessarry I live out in the country away from the madness,and to me the most beautiful places in Humboldt I have lived and will die in Humboldt County . I fear that the good people of eureka are going to take matters in hands not because they want too ,but because they may soon have too

  • almost 1 year ago Casey J. Campbell was murdered, shot in the back, at Williams and 15th st… Cheif Mills blamed the victim on multiple occasions for being shot in the back. No suspects ever announced ,no progress in the case, and now this is the 3rd murder this year in that vicinity…Attention Eureka, this is what happens when Chief Mills lets murderers run loose. Criminals have to be arrested before the DA can charge them.Other idiots see that the Cheif doesn’t catch murderers so they are empowered to murder too…

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  • Back in the day bikers used to police the scum of this city we called cleaning the streets ya we were rowdy but you didnt have useless violence and inocent people hurt now the true bikers are gone or changed their program. Makes you wonder doesnt it?

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