Tinted Front Windows Lead to Traffic Stop and….a Whole Lot More, Allege Ferndale Police

This is a press release from the Ferndale Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

IMG_3651 (1) On October 23rd, 2015 at approximately 1645 hours, Ferndale Police Officers were on patrol in the area of Ocean and Main Street. Officer stopped a vehicle driven by Carrie Fuller of Fortuna on 5th and Pixley Streets for tinted windows. During the traffic investigation, officers learned there was an undisclosed amount of marijuana in the vehicle. Upon a search of the vehicle, Fortuna resident Alvin Eugene Machado was found to be in possession of a quarter ounce of methamphetamine, over 100 grams of packaged marijuana, approximately 53 grams of concentrated cannabis/marijuana and a methamphetamine pipe/drug paraphernalia.

Based on the officer’s investigation, Machado was arrested and booked on the following charges:

H/S 11377 (a), Possession of methamphetamine

H/S 11350 (a). Possession of cocaine

H/S 11379 (a), Transportation/sales of methamphetamine

H/S 11360 (a), Transportation of marijuana

H/S 11357 (a), Possession of concentrated cannabis/marijuana

H/S 11357 (c), Possession of over 28.5 grams of marijuana

H/S 11364(a), Possession of drug paraphernalia/methamphetamine smoking pipe

Fuller was found to be in possession of methamphetamine and cited and released for the following charges:

H/S 11377 (a), Possession of methamphetamine

V/C 16028 (a), No insurance

V/V 26708 (a)(2), Tinted front windows

Machado was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for the listed charges.

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  • Why the pics on the street? Reminds me of isis or 11b-x-1371

    • I suppose that he is going to county jail and she is going down the road so it’s the only opportunity for FPD to document them

  • That old man is making the young woman look older and older… by each line.

  • The woman looks sad, like ” how did I get here ? ” She could benefit from a drug program.

  • She seems like a nice lady, use to work at shop dumb in garberville I think. To bad, hope she goes another direction in her life..

    • Where do u shop, walmart? Like thats better. No $ back to the community, while it fuels the Waltons family pockets & ruins all towns USA, just for u to save buck. Does it really save u anything in the long run, while Eureka & surrounding areas sinks down a hole of corpoate boxes lined in a row? Not to mention the 5 year old who made ur shoes in a 3rd world country. Glad u saved your buck, you so smart!

      • Boycotted Crap-mart for its entire time opened.

      • What about the winter influx of humdummery that flows to Costa Rica and Nicaragua?

        A true eco warrior would boycott that slavery as well.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Please define “humdummery”. WTF?

          • Humdummery is the nonsense that springs from the weed grows.

            Pitbulls, Toyota trucks, bill hats, 707 Tree stickers….. And nonsense associated with them are humdummery.

            Many Neo hippies partake I in humdummery.

            Hope this helps…..

      • I’ve never once been in a Walmart thank you very much. Do you honestly think shop smart keeps the money local? Sounds like your the dumb ass.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Went to the Eureka Walmart once when I was desperately searching for .22LR ammo (forgive me). No luck. Very weird vibe. Picked up some very cheap gun-cleaning stuff but when I got to check-out none of the sale prices turned up. Wretched. Like a portal to a hellish parallel universe where Trump is already president. Sam Walton gave a ton of money to his alma mater, U. Of Missouri and I have reliable intel that the campus is splendid. Just never graduate, like Zonker. Good place for eastern hardwood forest immersion.

      • I shop Walmart. I am glad I can go somewhere to get cheap necessities. I was getting tired of getting raped for my money by small shop owners that raised prices because they knew you needed it.

  • Here young lady, try some of this and a little of this too. Then when your jonsing and want more you can work it off. Oldest trick in the book.

  • Didn’t see cocaine on the list of car contents. But the dude is charged with possession.

  • Didn’t Al just get out of prison? Seems like a parole violation migh get tacked on.
    His brother is Ronny Machado, sculptor and garbage collector in G’ville area.

    • Ronny shouldn’t have to pay for his brothers mistakes. It doesn’t make him guilty by association. I don’t even know him[edit]

  • Wonder if Ronny is still using like his bro I always thought he was a good guy

    • No his brother is Danny an he is dead an he was a nice guy an no he did not use an nor did he live in Garberville an no she never worked at the dump

  • But what does Walmart got to do with the busting of small time illeisit drug users and again he goes to jail they let the Mexican nationals go scot free ,and guess what he doesnt show up for court ,for a pd of smack

  • HS 11350 stands for health and safety code 11350. It does not mean possession of cocaine. It is possession of schedule 3,4,or5 drug. ie: Heroin, cocaine, ect…

  • Well I bought a car a few months back and it’s front and back windows are tinted. I knew when I bought it that in cali front window tint is a reason to get pulled over…And this confirms i will be getting the front window tint taken off… I don’t need a reason to get pulled over.

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