Leave No Trace: Cleanup Party in Southern Humboldt This Saturday

This Saturday, the community is invited to dance, eat and be part of a team to clear the watershed of the Eel River before the winter rains wash the accumulated summer waste into our waterways.


On Saturday, October 24th the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will be joining the on-going Eel River Clean-Up efforts. Trainers will be on hand to raise awareness of how to preserve the natural world.

The ERCP or Eel River Cleanup Program which started after a video was widely circulated showing piles of trash along the waterway is joining forces with the nationally recognized Leave No Trace program to bag the trash and get it to the dump before it gets swept into the river.

Chris Anderson, Southern Humboldt resident and moving force behind a continued cleanup of the Eel River watershed, urged the community to meet up with the group at the Garberville town square on Saturday at 10 a.m. “Our hopes are to cover as many river bar access roads to gather as much moop from close to the river as possible before the first big rains,” he said.

Not only will there be a cleanup but there will be music and food following the event. “[O]n the square we have JRiggs spinning old school roots reggae for us from 1-3, ” Anderson said. “We have refreshments, snacks, Leave No Trace principles…, and [a] chill community time.”

In addition, the group meets at the Square at 9 a.m. on Sunday for a cleanup of Garberville and Redway streets. If you want to join in, Anderson suggests you “bring gloves, brooms, square shovels, smiles, and the desire to join the movement for a cleaner, healthier Humboldt.”

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  • A worthwhile cause that promises to make a difference in the river and how u feel as a community member.
    So if your not too busy trimming your doobage you might come and clean up garbage.

  • All these web talkers have nothing to say huh!?! Maybe all the commenters are now inspired to actually do something other than blather politics. Get off yer ass Humboldt grumblers! Thanks for the positive spark Mr. Anderson.

  • Maids to the town dirt bags

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