Homeowner Finds 8 Foot Snake in Backyard….



The captured snake is currently contained in the Eureka Police Department office. [Photos provided by the EPD]

Another humdrum Humboldt moment… last night, an eight foot snake was found chilling in a Eureka resident’s backyard….

Yes, that big serpent seen in the photo above was slipping and slithering through the twilight near Buhne and S Streets about 6:45 p.m.. (Imagine seeing that when you went to take out the garbage!)

The intrepid resident corralled and contained the sizable critter. (Thank you, snake whisperer, your fellow citizens appreciate that!) Eureka Police officers conveyed the massive beast to their headquarters. Where a large sign warns all passersby…


If the critter isn’t claimed soon, off to the animal shelter it will go.

Is it yours? Call EPD quickly….




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