16-Year-Old Male Arrested for Vehicle Chase and Drug Possession, Says CHP

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol:



On 10/20/2015 at approximately 0820 hours, a marked CHP unit was on patrol traveling northbound on US 101 near Myer’s Flat; the unit observed a Toyota pickup traveling at a high rate of speed southbound on US 101.  The marked unit attempted to overtake the vehicle which exited at Myer’s Flat and began to travel southbound on SR 254.  As the unit attempted to make an enforcement stop for the observed speed violation, the pickup rapidly began to accelerate in an apparent attempt to evade the marked unit.  The marked unit then activated its code 3 emergency lights and siren and the pickup continued at a high rate of speed until it entered eastbound Elk Creek Road.  While traversing Elk Creek Road, the pickup continued to travel high rate of speed in an erratic manner.  The marked unit lost sight of the pickup near Dyerville Loop Road.  Additional marked CHP units, including a CHP sergeant, responded to the area in an attempt to locate the pickup.  Several minutes after the first marked unit lost sight of the pickup, the responding CHP sergeant and an additional marked unit observed the vehicle near the southbound US 101 onramp from SR 254, near Founder’s Grove.  The CHP sergeant initiated an enforcement stop, and the pickup yielded to the right shoulder.  The driver, a 16 year-old male juvenile from Weott, was subsequently taken into custody and booked at Humboldt Juvenile Hall on suspected evasion and drug possession charges.



  • Wow 16 and running from the law.i know my parents would have kicked my ass.starting pretty young,maybe someone can help him before he’s at deaths door.good luck

    • “…i fought the law and the law won”…
      i can not imagine running like hell up elk creek rd and being able to get to dyerville loop rd…that’s ’bout 5 miles of twists and turns i’m nervous about when i’m driving it. and when those big trucks are hauling ass around corners and into my lane…! let’s just say i depend(s) on it.

  • That’s the targeted age.

  • Toyota pickups, growers, rippers, and Isis are the same.

    If only the Russians would retake NorCal……

    Anywhere there is trouble, you’ll find a Toyota pickup involved.

    Screw Jefferson State, let’s go Russian.

    • Mr.X I agree, I know your post was tongue in cheek, but there is a lot of truth there, Obama cant do squat and Putin is the man of the hour.

      • Let’s become Russian and save Liberty.

        Damn…I can duck and cover, too.

        Libs should ban Toyotas and leave East Russia.

        Move over Jefferson State…

        BTW- when are my posts NOT tongue in cheek?

        • Be carful what you wish for, the way things are going a Russia- Chinese invasion might not be so far fetched. Especially if they ever succeed in tatoly restricting gun ownership in this country. As much as totalitarians woops I mean (liberals) hate guns there is only one reason we have never been openly invaded.
          “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.” Which I might ad was the whole reason for the second Amendment, well that and to give us a way to resist being taking over by a taranical government.I know ,I know that’s such a out dated and barbaric consept.
          Well this kid sure fucked him self proper,hope he feels like a real gangsta now.

          • The second wasn’t for foreign invaders, you have it wrong.

            Plus in Russia you can have auto ak74, legal.

            Russia is America pre 1968. It would be sweet if NorCal goes back to Russia, who explored it first.

            Location is why we haven’t been invaded, though Mexico invaded in the world wars. Nuking Mexico and invading Canada is what we should do.

  • This was just a kid being stupid and not thinking about how dangerous his actions were for the public. He isn’t a ripper or grower just an idiot.

  • The juvenile justice system = nothing is going to happen.

    • He will be released to his parents custody and license revoked probably until he is 18, probation. The parents have the duty to enforce discipline.

  • I did the same when I was 17 and I turned out okay. I got away though.

  • Kid’s LUCKY he didn’t wind up with roadside memorial! Lots of good things in life, don’t let boredom get the best of you. If you want live to get to be older, COOL IT!

  • He’s a good kid, not a “ripper” or “grower”, just lacking direction from his parents right now. He needs us as a community to wrap him in love and support to help change the direction he took yesterday. It truly does take a village you know.

  • My husband and I have taken lots of children in our home,feed them loved them as my own still love all of them and their familys.sometimes when you can’t talk to your parents you can talk to another parent.i always didn’t understand,but I let them talk and understood them,I let them be themselfs.And every one of them is a wonderful human being and loving person.PARENTS please never ever give up on your child no matter what!!!

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