Vehicle Fully Engulfed in Flames on Avenue of the Giants Near Phillipsville

Drivers spotted a vehicle fire on Avenue of the Giants this morning. The call went out over the scanner just after 1:30 a.m.

Emergency crews arrived at the scene moments ago and said the vehicle is fully engulfed in flames. We’ll update this post as we get more information.

Avoid the area if you can.

Update 2:04 a.m.: The fire is just south of Phillipsville. The CHP incident page says the vehicle has been abandoned.



  • Kym, Have they called the Coroner to remove the body? I don’t know anything about it but why would someone burn a car on the Avenue??? Just my thoughts

  • Mister Toad's Wild Ride

    Probably overheated trying to get from Meager’s to the Riverwood before last call!

  • Does any one know the make & model? What was the cause? Maybe a burning cigarette rolled to the upholstery? How long was it abandoned?

  • I think this is how locals force action on abandoned vehicles which otherwise can sit for eons before being towed. Also erases ownership if VIN is destroyed.

  • Was it the Jetta allegedly taken from Willits?

  • I stopped yesterday to take a picture of the tree on the rock just south of Phillipsville and on the old highway was a newer to me looked like white suburban stripped along the road with an impromptu garbage dump in and around the vehicle, I almost took a picture but it was just a lot of garbage and e waste but seemed kind of creepy I got my pictures of the rock then left.

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