Trimmer Says He was Kidnapped, Assaulted and Shot; Vehicle Stolen

Press release from the Willits Police:

Willits PoliceOn Saturday October 17th at about 4am, Willits Police officers responded to Howard Hospital for a reported gunshot wound victim. The victim, a 31 year old male, was found to have a life threatening gunshot wound but is currently expected to survive that injury.

According to the victim, he was parked in the Chevron parking lot on Friday October 16th at about 8:30 PM awaiting an undisclosed contact to meet him with details about a marijuana processing job. While seated in his vehicle, he was approached by several male subjects who pulled him out of his vehicle and forced him into, what he described as, a black car or truck. He was taken to an undisclosed location, possibly on Highway 20, where he was removed from the vehicle and physically assaulted by the group. During that altercation, the suspect brandished a firearm and shot the victim in the stomach. At that point, the suspects fled the area, and the victim walked towards Willits, where he sought treatment at Howard Hospital.

Additionally, he reported his maroon Volkswagon Jetta (Ca Lic 4LFL041) as stolen from the Chevron parking lot. If you see the vehicle please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately and do not attempt to take action yourself.

The incident is being investigated as an Attempted Murder. The Willits Police Department is asking anyone who was in, or around, the Chevron parking lot at the time of the incident and who may have information to contact dispatch at (707)459-6122.



  • Damn….
    The worst I heard of was a school bus full of trimigrants worked with promise of pay. When the last pound was done dudes pulled out shotguns, zip tied them, took shoes, and drove off in the bus empty of trimmers, but full of work finished.

    Betting there’s more to this than random violence.

    Hope the trimmer makes it, and returns home to tell the tale.

  • There’s got to be more to this story that he’s not telling.

  • And I hate these press releases that don’t even indicate whether there’s any grounds to believe these stories. It’s frustrating. AND they don’t follow up with any better info either.

    Sometimes they follow up with something equally vexing for its lack of specifics. I wish we could park people in their offices to grill them and release better information FOR them… for US.

    • I have a call into the Willits PD asking for more information

    • Thanks Kym. I spent a big hunk of yesterday obsessing on the dead kid from Sacramento and nothing from official sources that even hints at any investigation and this thing with the no information or not enough information on press releases from official sources keeps making me angrier by the day. I want some indication of what’s being DONE, some kind of assurance that they’re not just busting who they can bust on clear evidence in hand and letting actuality go to hell when some investigating is called for.

      • Do you mean Nevis? I wondered about him, too. Why no obituary, no news from his own home turf about him? I still think maybe he was just a throwaway player in something bigger (though hopefully his death was at least a tragedy to his mother, or someone!). Pineal/Alsup is a strange one… i found myself going down Conspiracy Alley when i started learning about the real John Pineal, the one supposedly Edgar Cayce said was the Anti-Christ. The real Pineal was the author of The Children of the Law of One. I had a strange friend who was not only a true believer in the Law of One teachings, but followed Jetsumna Akhon, who is… well, a mess, and increasingly an embarrassment to her followers and American Buddhists in general. She has a monastery in Sedona, as well as one back East in Maryland. The KPC temples. Well guess who the main lama of “our” Pineal–Scotiaman–is? The American Dakini herself. There are other Flagstaff and Southwest connections between our Pineal and the one who wrote the Law of One books, but from viewing a couple of YouTubes put up by the earlier Pineal, i see they are def. not the same man. So, Scotiaman is only a Wannabe Antichrist! Took the man’s name, it wasn’t random, but it did suggest a supernatural Third-Eye intelligence through the gland of the same name. (Hey–maybe it’s “Third Eye” of the blogosphere!–Naaa, i doubt it–Third Eye doesn’t like me, but he’s not a nut, i don’t think.) And it looks like Alsup is a believer in the healing qualities of plants and of manipulated brain waves–which i don’t argue with, but wonder if maybe the poppy business is the key to his involvement with the sheriffs–DEA–and assorted motorcycle-riding thugs. Anyway, sometimes the people have to take on the investigations themselves… much easier now in the age of the internet, but when there’s precious little to be found about our subjects–what to think?

        • I think he was a throwaway, as you put it, and I about punched my monitor when I saw Pineal’s bit about Buddhism. My house is full of translations of the ancients, and whatever that was he was talking about was NOT Buddhism. In any case, yes, the despicable lack of information about Nevis, or his family, or ANYTHING being done to make sure the truth is out and dealt with appropriately is an outrage to me.

          We only have his mugshot for when he was arrested at 19 for giving false information to a cop. That doesn’t exactly make the man an obvious armed home invader, and does ANYBODY know if this is being investigated?

          Oh, I better calm back down. It’s bedtime and I don’t want to be up all night freaking out.

          • Nines: I sympathize–i’m pulled into curiosity by the veil of secrecy– while at the same time something tells me to steer clear. If you want to talk more about this email me (not that i know anything personally, just what i’ve read)

  • Does Chevron have video cameras? Seems they can verify the man was in their parking lot.
    Did this man know the person he was going to meet? Was he going to meet and follow his friend?

    Or, was he here just hoping to find work and they set him up?
    I hope the traveling trimmers can see the dangers of going into the woods with strangers.

  • There’s parts missing from this story.Sorry dude hope you feel well soon.but they don’t come to you for work,I think you were there to sell it and got ripped.just sayin

  • Dude was waiting for someone that took him for a ride. When people become desperate they make mistakes that they might otherwise have avoided. Careful out there folks. It’s that time of year.

  • That Jetta was spotted here in lake county being driven by 2 white males with dreadlocks. They followed my best friend and my brother in law from the Lucrene Tower Mart to almost Clearlake Oaks until a bus got into between them and they sped off and turned down a road in Glen Haven. Something needs to be done about this. I fully support making cannabsi legal so we can regulate these processes. Instead of leaving it to the black market drug dealers

  • Or he was there to purchase and got ripped.. This is planet earth. Money is the culprit

  • Willits cops plus sheriff’s because he was shot outside the city limits they will catch the truck and charge somebody.

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