Pet Dogs VS Livestock: Part Two

Almost a year ago, we ran a story about the damage pet dogs running loose can do to livestock. Today another cow had to be put down in eastern Humboldt after dogs attacked her. Rancher Wesley Moore explained this “happens a lot.” The cow, he said, “had a broken shoulder, her bag chewed off and both ears chewed completely off.”


Cow injured yesterday in a pet dog attack.

The way the dogs torture the cows before they die hurts, said Moore. “It literally makes me cry when I see something like that and I’m pretty hardhearted.”

He tried to save the cow but this morning he knew she wasn’t going to survive and had to put her down.

“[Dog attacks] happen on at least a weekly basis,” he said. “It’s awful. It turns your stomach.”

The cows are frequently protecting their calves. Right now, Moore says, “My little calves are only a month old.” When dogs attack, he says, “One cow tries to fight off the dogs while the others take the babies to safety.”

Often, he said, that means the defending cow is injured or killed. “Once those dogs single an animal out…once they get the blood in their mouth, they just stay on it till its dead or don’t fight back any more.”

His cows are not the only animals killed by people’s dogs, he said. “They kill all the deer up there, too.”

He’s worried that a human could be injured too. A year ago, said Moore, a worker on their property was attacked while running a chainsaw. The man was very large and “a pit bull attacked him and jerked him off his feet. Fortunately, when he jerked him over, the chainsaw nicked the dog’s nose.” The dog ran off.

What particularly worries him is that his son had been in the area not long before the attack. “My 10-year-old had been playing close to there 45 minutes before. It would have taken one bite and…” he trailed off. “We don’t let him [play alone on the ranch] anymore,” he said.

In last year’s article, Rancher Tj Chapman who lost a cow to pet dogs said she wanted to educate dog owners. She wrote on her blog, “Animals die when dog’s run free. We now have a fresh grave with 2 dogs and one cow. It’s not that only bad dogs or unloving dogs, or dogs trained to kill [that] do damage, all dogs loose will form a pack and chase, circle up and kill.”

These ranchers are asking you for their cows’ sake, for your pet’s sake, for their children’s sake, do you know where your dogs are now? Are they running free? If so, they may be killing other animals and they may end up dead themselves.


This cow’s ears were bitten off, her leg was broken and her udder torn. She had to be put down today.



  • Where was this recent attack?

  • this is so sad…

  • This is so heartbreaking. I hope this truth reaches the ears of those who need to hear it the most. Too many people believe the Hollywood 10second clips and are completely ignorant of the ways animals are tortured by their wouldn’t hurt a flea pets. Hours, not seconds, being chased, bitten, hamstrung, eaten alive…
    Control your pets people!

  • Eff yoo cee kay to the tenth power.

  • It’d a deja vu moment reading this article. My heart hurt for Jack the donkey and the horse that was also attacked in his field less than 6 months ago. Now again another animals story is featured about packs of dogs attacking. This is ridiculous and heartbreaking all at the same time! I know for a fact that there’s good decent pet owners and people who are completely worthless “pet owners”. Good pet owners worry about where their animals are and what behavior is being shown. These dogs had owners who obviously didn’t know or care to know where their dogs had gone and what kind of trouble was being stirred.
    People do not understand the whole pack mentality. People forget dogs second nature is to be a pack animal. Pets can be turned into pack animals with just the taste of blood or the excitement of the chase. Any animal can become a pack animal.
    The scary thought is what could have happened if this was a human that was attacked. A child playing in their own front yard? This wasn’t just a cow this was a mama, part if a herd, a way of making ends meet, someone’s lively hood and property.

      • Could this be the violent attack of coyotes?

        • A ranch hand saw the attack and said the dogs looked like pit bulls.

          • A ranch hand was attacked while running a chainsaw a year earlier and believed it to be a “pit bull”! Let’s not go blaming it all on one breed! If they are pets then they have owners! Track them down and see to it that justice is served!!! If they don’t have owners then they are wild dogs and need to be taken care of accordingly!!!

        • No…coyotes would have killed and eaten the whole cow over several nights……not chew the ears and tail and udder off like ive seen…..that’s dogs. And dog owners can be made to pay three times the value of the animal killed in some countys…

          • Its true. Pit bulls are usually the dog, unfortunately, but that’s the owners fault. My dog has been attacked by someones loose pit bull and I’ve seen others animals attacked by them as well. Dogs like that should be shot. They shouldn’t be roaming around. This sort of thing is happening too much and people shouldn’t have to see their animals suffer because someone else wanted a “watch dog”

    • I’m not looking for no one’s jugdement, but I need some help on how to handle this situation. I first off love all animals. Except snakes, and Gators. We live in the country. I have had my dogs here for two years. My dogs run free, however the majority of the neighbors dogs run free as well. My neighbor said my dogs killed a hog two months ago. I feel so bad for his poor hog. He didn’t want my money he just asked me to keep them off his property. However he didn’t offer any evidence either. And my dogs had no evidence on them or in thier bellies. Now he says my dogs killed a calf and a cow. My dogs got out my house while we were gone by the way. I didn’t just let them back free. And I told him if you see my animals on your property shoot on sight. I understand him protecting his livestock. And I love my babies,but if one of my kids grow up and start shooting people for no reason, the police will not ask my permission to kill him. My dogs visit the restaurant by my house every day, Before this. The day of the attack when the dogs got out, the owner said my dog was there all day. Now I would have just never asked any question at all, but again no evidence on my dogs. And the restaurant owner couldn’t be mistaken because he hand feeds my dogs. And no evidence. Now here is the real reason I have so many questions and he hasn’t shown me no dead animals nor will he take my payment. He also is my landlords kin and the property I am renting is a hot spot . He was promised to buy it first. But this company came and bought all the area around this small area. This guy never even called me to tell me. He had my landlord call me. And then I spoke with him on my landlords number. Then my dogs supposedly killed his cows, no call from him. Just a call from my landlord telling me I need to get rid of my dogs today. And I should start looking for another place. For two years almost three years we been here. Never a problem, they were given my dog tusks, and scraps after slaughter time. But in spite of all that. There still no evidence! And we are talking about a puppy pit who has problems with both back legs, was ran over when he was young so his back legs have trouble with certain things, he is also super hesitate of other animals. The girl dog was hit, she has a bad back,I literally have to carry her up and down the stairs. She can stand to give a quick kiss, but it takes alot for her to do that. She is a small dog how did she reach it’s neck. To hold and suffocate. My puppy can’t stand on hind legs. And my oldest dog is not a pit, he is just an easy going dog. To also the restaurant I speak of has lots of animals that stop by. My dogs never attack or even go to close to those livestock.

      • If my dogs did kill his animals I take full responsibility. But bunch of dogs loose here and we have coyotes. And he said he seen my dogs the first time, but he didn’t stop them in any way from getting the hog? And he just let them come back and get more? He hasn’t called me or returned my calls, his vm is full. And because I don’t know this man I will not just travel on his property to knock on his door. But if dogs killed my livestock, I would be talking to the owner. Why doesn’t he want his money back? I am offering to pay, even though I know they didn’t do this?

        • You’re the kind of bad owner that is the reason why livestock keeps getting mauled and killed.

        • Your story is precisely what the problem is. You can’t be bothered to contain your dogs, even after your neighbor has told you they are creating a problem. Instead of being responsible for the animals in your care, you are putting the neighbor in the horrific position of either shooting your dogs or continuing to have his livestock killed. Your neighbor didn’t sign on to own those dogs. YOU did. It doesn’t matter that everyone else lets their dogs run free. Your neighbor has had livestock killed and has informed you of the situation. But instead of responsibly dealing with your end of the problem, you’re busy making excuses for yourself and your dogs. If you truly cared about your dogs and maintaining a decent relationship with your neighbor, you would take that information and ensure that your dogs were properly contained and controlled at all times. Period.

      • Grow up and stop making excuses for letting your dogs run loose.

    • Any animal can become pack mentality? I’ve never heard of a pack of chihuahuas pulling down a cow. Or any other kind of animal.

  • It is documented that domesticated dogs forming a pack is way more dangerous than a wolf pack. Wolves kill first then eat, they do not just kill for kicks,& do not leave a carcass full of meat behind. It has been documented over and over.
    Maybe a year ago someone shot a few dogs & strung them up on side of hwy 36. People freaked out&wanted the person (s) charged for doing it. It was most likely a rancher sending a message. I love my pooch but if it was involved in something like this I would havta consider putting it down. The gentleman is right that once they get into that killer pack mentality and taste blood, all it takes is one other dog and as a twosome they will attack many kinds of mammals, including humans. I have seen numerous tortured deer that had to be shot as well. Its truly awful that any animal suffer like that. The torture of docile animals has to stop.
    I guess its time for these ranchers to build some blinds&get to hunting those dogs. Especially if they’ve already tried to attack a human, as mentioned in article, they would be put down anyway after biting a human. Hoping there’s still mtn lions around to kill the dogs, divine justice for dogs killing the deer, one of main food for lions.

  • A few days ago a small pack of dogs got loose in my field and chased our cattle for a few minutes lucky I was in view of this ran them off before they could inflict any serious harm. I recognized the dogs and followed them back to the residence they came from and talked to their owner.
    Seemed like a nice young guy, if a little aloof. I believe he runs a small grow op from the house. He didn’t really seem to understand what kind of damage dogs can cause livestock. I thank you for running this story so people can see the consequences of having their dogs run loose. He did seem to understand that if I saw his dogs attacking my cattle again they would be shot. Not something I ever want to have to do. Hopefully folks can take more responsibility as pet owners and prevent this kind of this from happening in the future.

  • Often the irresponsibility begins with rural people who don’t spay or neuter their dogs. Then, thinking it’s more cruel to put them in the pound, because they know it’s almost impossible to find loving homes for them, they just let them loose somewhere out in the country. The county is overrun with pit bull mixes who have no owners at all–they’re totally wild animals by now, and just as dangerous as wolves. Or more so, because they fearlessly approach human habitation.
    If you know anyone who claims not to be able to afford to spay a dog, believe them–they’ll probably never do it even if you could help them pay. Just offer to do it yourself. There are several programs for low-income people to get a deal on the job–ask your vet about it. One dog not multiplying=many future wild killer dogs eliminated.

    • If you can’t afford to spay or neuter you shouldn’t get a dog. The cost of S/N is VERY small compared to the cost of caring for the animal over its lifetime.

  • The only good livestock killing dog is a dead livestock killing dog.

  • I was chased by two dogs up on Johnsons Rd. when I was ten. Fortunatley my dad had good aim with a full glass bottle(only thing handy) and nailed the lead dog in the head…that poor cow…

  • A few times a year we have packs roaming our hill. They have a very short life expectancy.

  • Pit bulls need to be tied up. The “family” pet can attack anytime as witnessed by many the other day on Myrtle. A little lady with an old little dog on a leash going for a walk. The ” harmless” dog on the corner jumped the fence and tried to eat both of them. They both suffered injuries and trauma. Dope growers in the rural areas turn them loose. Hunters,hikers,residents are all at risk of attack . If you own a dog it is your responsibility to keep it on your own property and out of trouble. If you don’t it will eventually die one way or another.

    • Pit bulls need tied up ? I’m sorry but all pits, even the “so called” good ones need to be shot on site immediately. Possibly the owners too. This extremely dangerous and unpredictable p.o.s. breed of crap needs to be outlawed across the country. Really , if CALIFORNIA can outlaw ferrets , then we can do the same thing with pit bulls. I CONSIDER THIS STATEMENT A TRUE FACT. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT. YOUR PROBABLY AN OWNER OF A KILLING MACHINE.

      • Pit bulls weren’t mentioned in the article. Dogs in general are pack animals. Not just pits. The dogs that attacked this cow could have been labs or collies. [edit]

        • Could have but weren’t. PIT BULL as in thrown in a PIT with a BULL. That’s what they were BRED for- killing other animals. Other dogs may chase, pits go in to kill.

      • whoa!!! im the owner of a pit who wouldnt hurt a fly (she does try to hurt flies but cant ever catch em.. even with cats all she wants to do is play. but when ppl come over (to her ‘turf’) i tell them to ignore her at first, slowly give her a small amount off attention, after a while shes cool. friends who get too friendly on site end up with her trying to fuck them on the couch. and yes i meant fuck them. she, some kinda dominance thing. ignore her and it never happens….

      • Your entire comment shows just how ignorant you are about dogs. It’s this exact p.o.s. mentality that has led to the hatred and discriminatory attitude against dogs and especially pit bulls. The fact that you think tying up any dog, much less an entire breed, is what needs to happen shows your lack of knowledge on the subject. This is a sad story from all angles. Unfortunately the irresponsible owners of these dogs have caused suffering for the livestock, the farmer, the dogs, the community, and for me to read about this sad event. If everyone would just be responsible dog owners these things wouldn’t happen. I don’t think that day will ever come, but I know the day will never come when your stupid solution will be a reality.

    • When was this?! Poor Lady!

    • I hadn’t heard about this… seems like the owner of dog should be arrested, too short of a fence.

  • All dogs need to be safely contained, not just pit bulls. Unfortunately “tying dogs up” causes more problems than it solves. It creates boundary aggression in even the most friendly dogs. Family pets belong in the home, with the family. If you don’t treat your pets as a member of your pack, they will find another, and make us all (pit bull owners) look bad. It’s infuriating.

  • OUR last sheriff would instruct you to do the same ,and I’m hoping our new sheriff feels the same way.

  • Look, I hate like heck to see any animal suffer. However, I find the laments of these ranchers to be self-serving and hypocritical when they bemoan the putting down of a cow they were raising for hamburger meat in the first place.

  • Use a bullhorn with a siren on it.

    You sound and they signal.

    Works great for deleting coyotes, should work on wild city dogs.

    All dogs should be banned, not just pitbulls. Only smelly people have dogs, disgusting creatures.

  • I wonder if it has anything to do with the someone shooting dogs and hanging up on the trees of Highway 36 sometime back , this is probably due to people abandon their dogs up on grows in the area and they’re fending for themselves so what do you do I don’t know I’m an animal lover ,and I have 2 dogs they don’t have to worry about chasing after deers and cows because they’re taking care of and loved so this is a sad situation for animals and all involved hopefully something can be done without harming the animals, but I fear the only way this is going to be handled is by shooting the dogs

  • As for the statements above against Pit Bulls, its not the dogs fault it is trained to be mean. There are no bad Pits, just bad owners!!! Its such a shame they have been given a bad name. I know alot of pits that are the coolest and loving animals. Its all in how you take the time and love of training them and being with them. Dobermens were given a bad rap back in 1972 because of a movie, called The Doberman Gang. Then shortly after this, the Rottweiler had a bad name. All I am trying to say is that any and every breed of dog can be vicious if it is trained to be that way. Kym your original post really tears at my heart. The dogs that are killing livestock need to be dealt with, before a human is hurt. I truly hope the Ranchers can put a stop to this quickly. I am a very big dog lover, but do not approve of dogs running wild and hurting things. I always keep my dog close to me, without tying her up, she wont chase the birds, deer, Bobcats or anything that moves, even though she is Queensland/Border, and wants to give chase, I have with alot of love trained her not to. Thank you Kym for your article!!!

    • I know how strong the herding instinct runs in my border collies and I know what pit bulls were bred for. Those dogs have a switch in their brains that can get flipped in an instant. I’ve heard too many stories about “loving family pets” that “wouldn’t hurt a fly” suddenly going Cujo and attacking whatever is handy. Way too many pit bull owners are naive about what their dogs are capable of.

    • Most pits that killed were loved family pets. Read their stories:
      You can’t BREED a dog for centuries to be the ultimate canine killing machine then get that out with a few bellyrubs.

  • State law says dogs molesting or killing livestock can be shot. Time to stock up on ammo and protect livestock. Irresponsible dog owners, take note and shame on you. You can be billed for the loss too.

  • I once had a concerned rancher contact me that he had seen my labs near his live stock. Fortunately it was a non-event but I told him if there is an issue shot them. On this issue I may be cold but the bottom line is once there is blood fix the problem. I have a long history with dairy’s and ranches. Don’t try to reason with the dog try to reason with the owner. I have seen it to many times.

  • Torn apart alive, nothing should suffer like that. Jackasses who don’t tend to their dogs.

  • At age 6, (almost 50 years ago), I watched my dad shoot the neighbors dog for chasing our pregnant cow. The neighbors had been warned at least twice, I guess they just couldn’t comprehend his explanations. We depended on the calf she was to have, as our main source of food for the year. (My dad was a logger, who worked hard to support a family of five). I believe the cow ended up calving early and the calf didn’t survive. Did our neighbors put food on our table that winter? No.
    And, a neighbor next to where I used to keep my horses, witnessed a pack of three dogs run a fawn to death in the arena. He couldn’t get to the fawn in time to save it, as numerous fences were an obstacle. These dogs lived in a house three blocks away. This happened in a residential area in Cutten. Another dog two houses from the same stables, was running my horses. I told the dogs owners I would shoot the dog if I caught it chasing my horses again. Fortunately they needed my warning.
    Last, but by no means the least, one of my daughters’ horses was being stabled out off Ole Hansen Rd. The second night, he was chased by a pack of five dogs. He did clear a 6 ft fence, but not without tearing up a leg and his chest. This was an expensive event, but I thank God he wasn’t hurt any worse than he was.
    The point of all the horror stories, is that I’ve seen more, heard of more, than I’ve described here. These are by no means, new happenings. Will there ever be a solution we can all live with?

  • Lots of outcry and justifiably so. What are you going to say when our pack of wolves gets established and start spreading? You’ll wish you had dogs back. Or is that going to be different?

  • Most likely Trimmer Dogs.
    Every Trimmer has at least one city dog with bad manners.
    The new folks and their dogs have no respect for rural values or ediquette.
    I have to shoot at least 6 to 8 of these dogs a year.
    It’s a epidemic around here.

  • I think the point is missed on all the folks (and otherwise) that want to kill all the dogs for being such killers. All dogs are capable of running off, chasing, killing, maming. Give them a good pal and the chance increases greatly. The point is that you must take your dogs insticts and natural tendancies seriously and dont let them out of your sight, or have good training, or construct legitimate fences, or chains and leaders if need be. Just know this could happen and take responsiblity. Share the info with newcomers and make suitable arrangements for out of town dogs.

    • I agree completely but would add that exposure and socialization are key as well. I have a 1/2 pit who had curious tendencies toward chickens and such when she was a pup, but has since been introduced and been taught they are to be left alone with cows, horses, squirrels ect. It’s hard to hear these stories. I know where my dog is at all times because I fear her getting far and at any moment being shot by a scorned rancher. I would completely understand their point. It’s MY sole responsibility to contain and control MY animal, but what a tragic case of mistaken identity it would be. She is my world.

  • Every year my neighbor (I live near Bayside) loses several sheep to dogs. Mostly in mid-June after HSU students leave who find a pound dog to live with them during the school, but the students let the dogs go because they don’t want to take them home. They pack up and resort to what they are genetically predispositioned to do. Kill to eat. Arcata police and other local people have reported seeing more loose dogs a week or so after the Spring semester ends.

  • Cows destroy property

    I have seen cows trespass on other peoples property and cause devastation! These cows beat the shit out of a two acre pond! The whole bank all the way around ruined, erosion and there shit in the water! Not to mention they turned five plus acres around the pond into a stinky methane gas pit! What if all the people that hate cows and have had there land ruined by them started shooting any cows who trespass on there land??? Is this what all the ranchers with no fences and hundreds of cows not on leashes and not fenced want??? So y’all can shoot wandering dogs but we can’t shoot wandering trespassing cows that degrade the value of our land??? That two acre pond was for sale at the time several buyers were turned away by the “cows mess”! Ranchers who own cows are usually the biggest trespassers of them all! I have been on several properties in my short 14 years up here where ranchers trespassed on to land to find there cattle! Ranchers can’t afford to fence there whole ranches or whatever so they let there cows run everywhere like a pack of pit bulls! The difference is these 1000lb beasts cause erosion, they ruin springs by shitting all over them while they drink, and they stink up the land in a horrible way! Not to mention cows are horrible for the environment! This whole scenario is very hypocritical! I think there should be a article on trespassing cows instead of just dogs! I agree with the ranchers about the dogs! I am not advocating the behavior of bad dog owners! Just trying to show the other side of the story! Ranchers will trespass without even a simple phone call or leaving a note on a gate! If you try to tell them to stay off your land and tell them they can’t just trespass everywhere they want looking for there big shitty beasts they will pretty much tell you to fuck off and they will do as they please cause there big rancher man! There attitude is really shitty when it comes to trespassing looking for there methane beasts! Worse than any dope grower out there! They have no respect for your space if there cows are missing!

  • What about the cows doing damage to people’s property!? I’m sorry. But I’ve had to deal with the problems cows have left me with too many times, and no one ever mentions that… I’m sorry this happened. But ranchers need to keep an eye on the cows as much as neighbors need to keep eye on the dogs.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Not only are people and livestock endangered, but wildlife is also devastated. Some folks would like to get a buck or two in season from their own property but can’t do so because of roaming dog packs which are a curse on the land. Landowners are forced to shoot dogs turned loose by miscreants. Wonder where the turkeys went?

  • I had two pet goats killed by a pit bull. They were in a fenced enclosure. I knew the dog from seeing him in the neighborhood. When I confronted the owner he said he thought he was just out killing raccoons. This guy was an obvious idiot. His dog had also attacked and killed a smaller dog. He let his dog roam at night for no good reason except he was lazy. I had saved the goats a couple years earlier from two pit bulls that were attacking them. Almost any pit bull will attack an animal if it runs away unless it has been specifically trained not to. Anybody who is suggesting cows should be killed because they damage property is an idiot. Many people get dogs, especially pit bulls to protect their grows and then don’t take the time to properly train and keep the dogs from roaming. They think the cute dog that snuggles with them at night would never harm another living thing.

  • Cows destroy property

    Dogs are mans best friend! They literally helped us evolve as a species! Look it up, Homo sapiens first domesticated pets! We used them to hunt and kill the Neanderthals! It’s why humans have such a serious bond with the animal naturally! I don’t think any cows should be shot for ruining property! I was just trying to show the other side of the story! The devastation cows have caused to others property is serious and it’s not just a few incidences! Do you think in the times were in its not a big deal when your neighbors cows ruin your spring water??? They roam wildly shitting massive amounts of shit everywhere they go! The methane that releases from there stink is horrible to the land! Look at all the water in Alton,fortuna, and ferndale! Some places the water smells like methane! No one cares about people’s land and there lively hood being trampled by methane beasts but ” dope growers dogs” are the anti-christ??? Yeah right! When your neighbors cows ruin your spring they should be responsible! Maybe if ranchers didn’t have such a gnalry attitude about there rights to the land others would follow suit! Ranchers were the original stewards of the land in America after the Indians! Maybe if there attitude wasn’t like they can do whatever they want and trespass everywhere with there wild pack of cows it would be different! I have heard several ranchers over the years talking about shooting all kinds of dogs like there proud of it! I asked one once what he would do if a non threatening dog ran through or a small one? His reply was ” any dog running is a dead dog running”! He said it very proud and tough like! You reep what you sew! Or the saying goes! City people move up here and see you letting your cows run free for days on end so they do so with there dogs! They don’t all know or think there animals are out killing! Just like you ranchers I guess have no idea how much money your wild pack of cows cost people when there on the loose? I wonder how many accidents there have been from cows in the road??? Dog owners have learned from cow owners if your animal gets lost you can just trespass over as many parcels as you want without asking cause your animal is lost??? It’s all fucked up! It’s gonna take better practices from both sides to fix this issue! With legalization coming you cow folk better fence up or keep em on your land! When your 1000lb beasts trample a garden that has crop insurance and is in total compliance with state and local regulations you will pay and learn what your cows do on the run! When you start getting letters from attorneys about water lines being ruined that drained tens of thousands of gallons you will pay! When those letters come in about ruined springs that smell like methane pits and the water tastes weird now you will pay! So just remember folks for as many serious dog story’s there is a serious story about a cow costing a random property owner thousands of dollars! I hope all people out there realize pack mentality exists! I hope all people out there stop there dogs from killing poor defense less animals! The pictures of the cows ear make me feel horrible and sad! I love all animals farm ones, wild ones, and the domesticated ones.

    • Then why are people letting their ‘best friend’ slaughter at will? When you lose control of your dog you lose control of the outcome. People who love their dog leash or fence in their dog.

  • Trinity County is open range land by law, cows are allowed to roam where ever they like, it is up to the property owner to fence off they land. Humboldt Co. is not open range, so the cattle farmer must enclose their land. I have a heard of Black Angus cows. I must fence off my water ponds as cows are stupid and will crap in their water supply. Horses and goats are smarter, they keep it clean. Still this is no excuse for your dogs to roam free and kill cattle. I kill every dog I see on my ranch, they got no business being there. Dogs kill for sport, coyotes and wolfs do not, they will eat the dead. Dogs are like ISIS they kill for enjoyment.

  • I love life. New neighbors are great, but I make it clear to every one that a dog found on my land will be considered unloved. And, out of love, I will end that dog’s miserable existence with my mother’s 30-30.
    The Law says I must leave the dog’s carcass where it drops to prove the trespass, and I do. But no one ever comes looking for it, for then that person would be liable for the fines and damages I will charge. (That’s the same reason I’ve never found ID on any of their bodies.)
    In 46 years, I have fertilized my fields with many, many unloved dogs. And there will probably be many more hillside mounds before I’m held to account by my own Maker/Owner.
    So head’s up: I’m here, I’m armed, I do not hesitate, and I’m a deadly shot. Your dog will not suffer more than it already has. And my conscience will be as clear as my words. Sincerely, Ms. Anon Forrest, Mid Mountain, Mendocino County, CA.

    • A farmer must also produce proof that the dog was chasing his livestock. In an old California case, for example, a rancher’s belief that his sheep were in danger from dogs was not enough, the court ruled, to absolve him of financial responsibility for shooting them. (Johnson v. McConnell, 80 Cal. 545 (1889).) Testimony indicated that the dogs were following a herd of pregnant ewes, which were agitated and frightened. The dogs’ owner successfully sued for $225 (this was in 1889) for the injuries to his three highly trained dogs.

    • You ranchers should really be held accoutable for not protecting your livestock with better fences. Kill two birds with one stone keep things out, keep livestock in make sense? Now I know your gonna say yeah fence in 10000 acres right but hey pay to play like the growers. after reading these ranchers comments I will be dropping any livestock that trespasses on my land and its a very nice size chunk, I won’t be using mommy’s 30-30 and the freezer will be where I put the mound of meat.

      • Let me know how that works out… (I don’t think I’ve ever been called a rancher before, although I have been reduced to tears when my goats, sheep, chickens, ducks and one foster-foal have been ripped apart.)
        Check out for information on this, if you’re actually interested in the issue…. Or in getting along with your neighbors. af

      • Oh yeah? Ranchers and owners can shoot and kill anyone who is rustling their cattle.

      • Dog owners should be responsible for fencing in their dogs.

  • It’s too bad people are so irresponsible!!
    We just moved here and we have field trial dogs that need land to train on. In Colorado, ranchers let you use parts of their land at different times. They know the dogs are trained and under control. They don’t run free and have correction collars on.
    This explains the reluctance of the few people I have asked so far.
    Stupid people ruin things for everyone.

  • I just looked up California state law and other states laws regarding the killing of dogs! What your doing on mid mountain is illegal! Funny your dumb enough to implicate yourself in the murder of several defense less dogs! Most statutes do not allow a farmer to shoot dogs that are merely running loose (at large). A North Dakota rancher, who shot a neighbor’s greyhound after it ran through his cattle herd without particularly disturbing the cattle, was not protected by the state statute, which allows killing a dog only if it is “worrying” livestock. The rancher had to pay $300 to the dog’s owner. (Trautman v. Day, 273 N.W.2d 712 (N.D. 1979). Your a sick piece of shit that needs to look up your laws! [Edit]

    • Just asked my Sheriff and Fish&Game about this. They don’t agree with you.

    • A dog merely chasing pregnant sheep is enough to cause massive loss for the farmer, as the sheep can go into premature labor. So wth are your panties in a wad about? Maybe I should go shred some of your income and see how you feel about it. Lol, what ignorance.

    • Dog owners also need to ‘look up their laws’. Dogs should not be running loose.

  • I grew up on a ranch in Wyoming. My uncle shot all stray dogs. My cousin Johnny had a german shepard that took one of Leonard Hays sheep. Johnny tied his dog up and the dog got away and killed again. So johnny had a choice, pay for livestock or get rid of his dog, he shot his dog.
    Up here in Humboldt all the neighbors dogs packed up and ran around and killed the deer/cows and anything else that moved. So the neighbors all started to shot there pac of roaming dogs,and if you wanted your dog to live you tied your dog up so your dog can not run.
    The rancher told us if he see’s a dog on his land he would shot it to protect his livestock/ investment so that his cows do not get tortured by a pac of dogs. I am sure that all the growers would have a different opinion if the dogs were digging up there weed/Investment or threatening there family or workers. Get control of your Dogs People.

  • This WAS my dog. He was stolen over a year ago by a little bitch ive never even met named Nicole Derek and put on some grow scene I was never able to locate. I spent MONTHS dealing with EPD trying to get my dog back. I put up HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS of flyers up in her neighborhood. I contacted HUNDREDS of people in her contact list, sent THOUSANDS of emails and messages to many, many people. Kym will be running my story in the next couple of days (Thank you Kym!!). Kojack WAS the sweetest dog and this is an utter fucking tragedy. He was fixed and chipped which is how i found out about all of this yesterday. Nicole Derek, this is your fault you stupid P.O.S.! I feel terrible about the poor cow but this would have NEVER happened had EPD or the prosecutor put a fire under her ass to return my dog. This whole situation is FUCKED!!

  • Bottom line, your dog’s should not be leaving your property. When they are out of your sight anything can happen to them. They could get eaten by anoyher animal, hit by a car, impaled by a stick while running through the woods (this happened to my dog) or shot. You dont know what your dogs are up to. I had new neighbors who happened to be a group of young kids. One of the dogs kept attacking my dog. I warned him. It happened again so i paid him a visit with my pistol asking where the dog was. Needless to say all the kids were boohooing and scared shitless. Being a dog lover,I gave him one more chance. He built a kennel and we didnt have any more problems. If you are so compassionate about dogs, keep better care of them. Simple solution.

  • Most ranchers carry liability insurance, so that if someone cuts a fence or leaves a gate open and livestock gets out on the road, and an accident happens they are covered. Lots of people in these comments seem to be the “I moved in next to the airport and it’s too loud, so the airport should be relocated” kind of people. If cows are getting in your pond, or pot patch then you better fence it off. And its pretty hard to retrieve wandering cows without “trespassing”. It’s not like the come when you whistle. All dogs are potentially lethal to livestock whether it is small or large. I knew a dachshund that killed 20 chickens in 30 minutes. Dog owners need to understand prey drive and pack mentality. Even the most docile gentle dog will kill something if it is running, especially if another dog initiates. It’s kind of like teenagers, you don’t know who they are running with when they are out of your sight.

  • When I was a teenager in rural northern Missouri (70s), abandoned dogs were a huge problem. They bred with coyotes and formed packs that attacked livestock and humans. The last straw was when a friend of my dad’s was chased up a tree after getting bitten all over. He stayed up there all day bleeding until his son came home from school and chased them off with his pickup (Richard had to get a very painful series of rabies shots). The men organized a hunt, and spent the weekend taking care of the problem. I hated seeing this, as I love dogs, but these packs simply cannot be allowed to go unchecked.

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  • Help me out here folks. I live in a rural area outside of Cuenca, Ecuador. We have been here over a year. We had rescued a one year old female German Shepherd about six months before we moved here. She is an excellent dog, however, she barks at the cows on the other side of the fence. The people tie the cows up close to the fence. Today, Lucky, is barking at the cows and the cow tries to horn her. Being close to the fence Lucky responds by putting her feet up on the chain link and trying to bite the animal. What the heck can I do? I also have a couple of small Schnauzers, one of which just squeaks like crazy at the cows but of course poses no threat. Thanks for guidance. I guess I should mention that Lucky is a well trained, responsive animal, however, I can’t watch her every move at all times.

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  • The answer to this problem is simple- when dogs attack, end them. Shoot them dead. Then they don’t get returned to the same irresponsible owners to do it again and again. Then sue to recover the costs. When people get their dogs back in bags they’ll start figuring out what responsibility is. When did livestock owners stop having guns to protect their animals with?

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