Victim Robbed of Deposit by Man With Knife


All photos by Oliver Cory

About 7:45 p.m., a customer depositing money in Bank of America of F Street in Henderson Center was robbed at knifepoint, according to scanner traffic.

The dispatcher reported that a man “grabbed his neck and placed a knife to the side. Took a cash bag with a deposit from the [victim’s] work.”



  • …Damn your good!…Robbed at 7:45 and you’ve got me well informed by 9:00….awareness can and will lead to crime prevention.

  • All the more reason to buy a gun, learn to use it safely and get a carry permit.

    • Well they always told me not to even bother pulling it out unless I intend to kill someone. I don’t believe that a bag of money is worth a life. It would be foolish to draw on someone that had a knife to your throat anyway. I’m sorry I don’t see any sensibility in your comment.

      • You made the mistake of getting a permit in the first place. THAT’S THE PROBLEM , people forget that we have THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS AT ANY TIME. A concealed carry permit is only going to add a bunch of rules and regulations/laws that are not in the people’s favor.


        • Actual in the great free state of CA you are not allowed to open carry anymore. Aperantly that out dated old document that was written by a bunch of rich white guys(you know the one that is suppose to limit the power of a tarranical government) Is just too outdated for the smart authoritarians woops I mean ” liberals” of California.

      • This will not be this guy’s last Robbery. If I had a gun with me and he puts a knife to my neck……I guarantee you , it is his last Robbery!
        That is why we have our 2nd amendment right, I for one will exercise mine.

        • because he will slit your throat and get a murder wrap?

          • You do realize there are countries that still let men stone their woman to death,countries who people we are letting into our country without any background checks.Not To mention countries that still practice slavery, who’s products you are using right now to complain about law’s that were over turned decades ago.

      • If the perpetrator takes it to the next step, of attempted assault, you must be prepared to shoot, yes. Pulling the weapon to stop the first action does not mean you pull it and shoot, it means you pull it to warn him you will shoot if he doesn’t stop, & you are prepared to carry out your command if worse comes to worse. The criminal has an important decision to make. It’s on him.
        As an aside, there are thousands of people depending on a bag of money to save their life or their loved one. Go to the go fund me site, chip in. Surgeries, medications, shelters, food, and more. Dismissing a bag of money could in fact be dismissing a life. Stealing a bag of money could be murder. It’s not our job to judge, it is our job to protect private property. Being trained, prepared, is not criminal. Allowing criminals to continue is.

    • Guns are a liability without tactical awareness.
      ,BOA should change their landscape, keep their branch litter free, and use irrigation as a tool for late night traffic.
      They know this….

      • SOUNDS like the secret service would really appreciate and benefit having such an expert in security like yourself working on the white house security forces.

        • If a Republican ever manages to get the Supreme Court to alter the results of an election and gain the Presidency, again, then yes!

          • Until people figure out both the Democrats and Republicans have all been bought off by the same corporate interests and or in fact a signal party after the same thing(power and money) nothing will chang.

    • So you’re going to pull out your gun while someone has a knife to your kidney?

    • A person comes up behind you and puts a knife to your throat. And you try and pull your weapon to protect yourself. Outcome, he cuts your throat, steals your money and your weapon which he uses at his next robbery. You are dead without a job or business and you allowed your weapon into the hands of a criminal. A better solution, don’t deposit a bag of money when it is dark. Around Henderson Center there are unsavory people lurking everywhere. Prevention works better than a gun.

  • First good reporting second I carry a taser whenever I leave the house.

    • Much better than a man!!!a bullet is usually death.stun gun,taser hurt like hell.or like I had to do a kick to the balls,he hit the ground and I ran ouch

  • During day time biz hour there is a armed guard patrolling the side walk in front of the building . I guess the victim will go to make a deposit s during the day from now on. Pukereaka is so out of hand when will the madNess end

  • It could be a set up if the boss wasn’t paying him well or if he had a drug problem he could of stolen it. It happens.

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