Family of Missing Man Says They Have to Hire Searchers Because Trinity Sheriff Won’t Help During Harvest

c2The family of a man missing between Kettenpom and Covelo says they have hired a private company to search the area because the Trinity County Sheriffs Department is not willing to provide search help during the marijuana harvesting season.

According to Maggie Kehm, sister of the the missing man, Shannon House, a member of the Department said it wasn’t the time of year to be searching on private property–“T’is the season.”

When called, a representative of the Sheriff’s Department stated that no one was available to respond to questions about the man who went missing almost a week ago. House was last seen outside the residence where he was staying and disappeared leaving behind his vehicle, wallet, phone and shoes. (See earlier story here.)

“A private party said, if we tried to have the Sheriff’s Department fly over, the whole mountain would go crazy,” stated Kehm. However, she pointed out that not everyone felt defensive. “There were neighbors that said they didn’t mind us searching and they had searched their property for us.”

“I think he was confused and lost in the middle of the woods,” she said. “I’m just afraid we’re not going to be able to get to him…We just want it to be clear that we don’t care what everyone is doing. We just want to find Shannon. This is so uncharacteristic of him. I fear he is out there and needs our help.”

Caleb Godlewski, Shannon House’s brother-in-law, says the family has a gofundme campaign because “the powers that be refuse to help us with the search and rescue efforts.”

Godlewski hopes that people will help support the family’s efforts to find the missing man. “I am praying we can muster the support we need to do the impossible and bring this Humboldt [C]ounty native and all around amazing man back home safe and sound,” he said. “We’ve already employed Air Shasta and we [had] their pilots going out for their second mission today and we’re ever hopeful.”

If you have any information about the missing man, you can contact the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office at 530-623-2611. Family can be contacted at (707) 672-3333.

UPDATE 10/19: Press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office:

As of today, Monday, October 19, 2015 Shannon House is still missing. The area around Mr. House’s residence has been searched by friends and family. A private helicopter was hired to come and fly the area of where House was last seen. Detectives have received information of Mr. House being sighted in the Covelo area and they are following up on those reports.
There has not been any other information received regarding his whereabouts. If you have any information regarding of Shannon House please contact the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office at 530-623-2611.



  • Public record that Whitmen won’t drive to kettenpom….

    If he was lost on the track in the fork they’d be all about it.

  • Wow, that’s just fucked up.

  • Wow. What a joke the cops are. They will show up in a huge convoy across the canyon at island mountain to raid gardens for 3 days but can’t get off there lazy f$/&@!” Asses and look for this poor guy. Who cares if it’s harvest that’s there damn job! Serve and protect. Word of advice tho Call in trackers that aren’t from this area. Word around here is they are just as pathetic as our law enforcement.

  • This is just WRONG!

  • No doubt!!! Maybe the family needs to tell sheriffs he was hiking to a grow. Beyond ridiculous! Since when do grows on private property stop cops from coming? They live for that sh*t.
    Perhaps family can contact Diana Totten and see if she can help find volunteer fire dept trackers in that area, if there are any. Basically find someone in the community that folks trust to just search land.

    So sorry for the family, unfortunately many of our counties police pick and choose what they want to help with. For instance they rarely even investigate home burglaries where I am at; a friend had her house broken into 6 times before she got a sheriff who took a report&fingerprints burglers.

    They love to blame growers for anything they can. Yes most are distrustful of police partly because they’re so inept. And of course scared of cops taking crops and anything else of value they can.
    We have had helicopters with cops hanging on ropes out of them being dropped on private land to eradicate pot plants, then are airlifted out on the rope and dropped at the next parcel over and over again. They have the resources.
    Perhaps a state rep in sacro could ask to redirect those resources to searching for your loved one; worth a try I guess.
    Best of luck and blessings.

    • Snob hill sheriffs had gardens a few years back.

      Tc sheriff could be seen drinking at Hayfork hotel before they became code enforcement.

      Postal square saw it all….

  • Search & rescue requires more than just a helicopter. The Sheriff would be responsible for the rescue teams who are on foot, on horseback, on quads, in air, & things could get disasterous real quick any time of year.
    I hope the men hired will be wearing bright orange vests, have tracking hounds, and are familiar with the terrain.

  • Call the human rights commission msg line (707) 268-2548 they may be able to help get some action. You need a tracker/dog asap. I dont have Mendos human rights line but this humboldt one will direct you.

  • The question remains who laws are the Sheriff enforcing ? We pass laws that say we can and they just don’t enforce them . The government is against the laws we have passed do they just keep enforcing what ever they think the law should be . In the mean time the protect and serve part gets put aside because of money . It’s due time the people create their own law enforcement that enforces the laws as they are written and disguard these agencies that pretend to be law enforcement . The sheriff used to uphold county and state law and intercede and keep an eye on any outside agency that would try to enforce their will in our county . This country is going to hell real quick due to the lack of respect from enforcement toward civilians rights . They assume you have none and know nothing . They do what they want . The result could be your lifeless body laying in the street due to misunderstandings , under training and fear on their part . It’s a bad downward cycle that needs to stop . tyere should be a way to press charges on the sheriff for not pursuing their duty and picking and choosing their work based on the possible income they could get .

  • This comes as no surprise, I tried to engage Kenny Swithenbank about a missing mother of two last year and was told it was not his job. I was given a 1-800 number to contact a crisses line, when I persisted and asked what his job was he told me “ I was really pissing him off and to leave”. I might add this was right after they were doing door to door surches and armed check points not to mention rolling around in their tank looking for miller. Who’s body was found moths latter only a few yards from his vehical. What a fucking joke.
    Your family would have better luck hireing a good old boy with a well trained coon or bear dog anyway. Good luck

  • Pigs out of Hayfork

    The Trinity County sheriffs are busy making money “abating nuisances”. They are chopping down gardens that are already half harvested based on nuisance complaints and abatement orders singed by a judge and then sending bills to the property owners with the intent to put leans on their properties. These aren’t even big grows. That is what they are spending time on.

  • They need a helicopter with that forward looking infra red device.
    And some dogs.

  • Well if it’s not law enforcement helping whose job is it then???that’s just plain stupid.thats what they do.IM SO SORRY about your loved one I really hope he’s found safe.these woods are so easy to get lost in.Tracking Dogs.god bless.

  • Nothing new I’m afraid. I had a friend working at Alder Point and he came up missing. His parents said no police would go out and investigate so they had to hire a private investigator. The investigator went out and knocked on doors and within 2 weeks got a tip from a resident saying who did it and where the remains where. GPS coordinates and all they just didn’t want anymore investigations going on. Police are worthless in those places. Time to fend for yourselves if your not already.

  • Maybe you should contact a neighboring countries search and rescue and ask for help. You might be surprised. Everyone I know is a volunteer.

  • County,not country. Auto correct

    • I to have a family member missing from that area but its not even a mystery on what happened or who is responsible and the Trinity co sheriffs do nothing they even purposely withheld information from the Humboldt co sheriffs which aren’t much better due to the fact that the persons of interest happened to be there best informant good luck to the family and hope all works out for them

  • Trinity county sheriff won’t help. If you have any information call the Trinity Co. sheriff’s office. Skip the sheriff and call the family.

  • Donation sent, and I sure hope it helps to find your loved one. Heard the story on KMUD without surprise, I’m sorry to say. Frankly, I think you’re better off having to rely on your neighbors and your own resources. Because another option could be listening to the cops explain how they are sorry they had to shoot him but that they “felt threatened.” The totality of Cops’ mindsets need a thorough examination, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. In the meantime, we’ll be hoping for the best possible outcome. Stay strong.

  • I saw a man who looked like him staying at The Best Western Arcata around the time he went missing. He opened the door for me in the morning breakfast bar on the morning of October 13th.

  • What’s really sad is during this missing man incident the sheriffs department had time and resources to do an aerial photo op on a 28 plant medical garden on private property then send 7 deputies with dogs in full tactical to raid and eradicate it then arrest people. Trinity county is a troubling place, my condolences to the family of the missing man.

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