A Musician’s Stolen Gig Bag Returned, Now She Might Be Going Fishing

12079311_586260844839414_5730673176449542982_nWhen musician Anna Hamilton’s gig bag was stolen Tuesday from her vehicle parked at her Eureka residence, she knew she would never see it again. She blamed herself for not double checking to make sure that her trunk was latched. She had left her regular night singing and playing at the Palm Lounge and may not have secured it.

Hamilton said when she went into her car the next day the bag was gone. “It was a crime of opportunity,” she said. “They grabbed my gig bag–four sets of speaker cables, two microphones and cables and a bunch of the special connectors… $400 or 500 bucks worth… .”

She knew she would have to have a case number to have pawn shops help her so she contacted Eureka Police but she had no real expectation that her items would ever be returned to her.

To her delight though, the community was very supportive. Many offered to loan or give her equipment so she wouldn’t have to miss another regular gig in Fortuna at the Double D on Friday.

Meanwhile, a landscaper, Dave Pelletier,  was working with a property owner several blocks away. They found the bag, Hamilton said, “stashed on the other side of a fence in a yard. It still had my airplane…id information on it.”

“So Dave came over to my house to return it,” she explained. But, she wasn’t there. “So he left a note and he brought it by [Friday] morning,” she said.

Hamilton was delighted. She described Pelletier as a “great guy…a local, hard-working guy. His dad was the constable in Fortuna for a long time.”

“The good news,” she said, “is we might go fishing together.”


Want to hear Hamilton sing and play?

“I play every Tuesday at the Palm Lounge from 8 to 11 at the Eureka Inn. They’re doing a seven-year, multi-million dollar remodel. Everything is beautiful!”

And, she said, “Every Friday I play in Fortuna at the Double D (formerly Parlattos) from 6 to 9 p.m. Make a reservation. People are raving about the food.”

Here’s a YouTube version of her singing.



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