Showers Coming: Wetting Dusty Roads and Dampening the Emerald Counties’ Golden Harvest

Marijuana bud after rain (1 of 1)Raindrops are predicted to be falling across much of the Emerald Counties this weekend. In fact, depending on where you are, some could start spattering in the dust late this afternoon. This will be welcomed by many but watched warily by farmers who worry about mold issues marring one of the most golden harvest seasons in years.

According to Brad Charboneau meterologist with the National Weather Service in Eureka, Trinity County– particularly the eastern part–and northeastern Mendocino are expected to see isolated thunderstorms today possibly with a few isolated lightning strikes. There are expected to be showers with these storms which will help minimize the chance of fires, he said. [Edit 11:08 a.m.: Charboneau contacted us to say that recent information indicates that there is less of a chance for thunderstorms today and tonight. Instead, he says, “The best chances for isolated to scattered thunderstorms will be tomorrow afternoon.”]

A cold front will move through tomorrow morning bringing wetter weather to the extended Emerald Counties. Some areas of Del Norte could see as much as 3/4 of an inch of precipitation. However, much of Del Norte and Humboldt Counties will see about 1/4 inch of rain, Charboneau said.

Most of Mendocino will see only a tiny bit of precipitation. Very little water is coming for the thirsty communities of that county–only  a few hundredths to a 10th of an inch of rain are expected to fall.

Most of the precipitation for the Emerald Counties will fall on Saturday morning to early afternoon with scattered showers later in the day that will diminish towards evening.

There is a slight chance of rain early on Sunday.





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