EPD Locates Over $31,000 in Stolen Property During Devil’s Playground Cleanup

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department:

Eureka PoliceOn October 15, 2015, two Eureka Police Officers were assigned to the Palco Marsh area to assist with clean up and enforcement of transient camps.  During the cleanup, Officers recovered stolen property worth over $31,000.00 from abandoned camps.

The items recovered included: a $30,000.00 Endoscope stolen out of a vehicle parked at a local hotel, a $1,000.00 bicycle reported stolen out of Arcata, and construction equipment stolen from a construction site on the Bayshore Mall property.

The recovered property was easily identified as stolen due to the victim’s providing their serial numbers to police.  The Eureka Police Department recommends to document serial numbers and take pictures of all valuable items.  Secure your vehicle and do not leave anything visible.

Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills tweeted these photos of the cleanup yesterday:

Update 11:05 a.m.: The Eureka Police Department is telling us “a $400.00 chainsaw was also recovered.”



  • Well I’ll be the first to comment how many times have we cleaned up The Devil’s playground they just keep coming back more tax dollars down the shitter huh I don’t see how we’re ever going to fix this never ending problem we might as well just give up and let them live back there because they just keep coming back it seems to be no solution for this problem I think the cylons should just post up cops back there at all times saying get the fuck out post up cop cars at both ends of the devil’s playground in one in the middle and Cruz the whole area24 /7, but all the bums and moving down to fortuna mall on down to Garberville redway no bums in Ferndale and reodell you know why the cops there run them out of town and both town have a very small police force . Maybe the other towns should follow suit make a ordinance No bums or transient allowed .

    • Why don’t the Cylons just patrol with the tank that they have?

      Cylons love tanks, and would high 5 using them against mutants with no gear to resist tank infiltration.

      If the mutants did manage to capture or knock out their tank, it would give creedence to bulldozing Eureka and starting from scratch.

      I think the Cylons ALLOW this to go on because there is no money or glory in attacking the mutant stronghold. How hard is it to drone the mutants or shine lights on their positions?

      Maybe it’s the Cylon master plan to turn humanity into mutants?

      I wish I knew why the Cylons allow the mutants to flourish…

      Maybe Kym can ask the Cylons, or the ones that read this could illuminate us unwashed Humans?

      It does appear the Cylons thrive from street crime and somehow profit by allowing it to operate in the open.

      Find another planet- this one is gone, let the mutants and Cylons have it, they deserve each other.

  • Wow they actually kept someone’s serial numbers&used them! Amazing. After filing a theft report with serial numbers they told me to call and chek if anything was recovered. First time I called they said musta lost my case file so filed again&guess what they lost it somehow again. Was a waste of time to even try. You havta hit a button on eBay saying ur a cop to look up serial numbers of items on their site. Asked a few cops about it, they all said hadn’t heard of it and wouldn’t do it for me even with serial numbers of items registered to me.
    Saying they had a 31,000$ bust sounds very dramatic in the headline, but then reading its a 30,000$ item they recovered its not such a good headline. I was expecting to see a long list of items.

  • Oh no! They found Bubbles shopping cart stash.

  • There are plenty of them in Rio Dell. Check under the bridge and along the river. Cops don’t do anything. What can they do if they don’t see any crime. They’re too busy harassing honest people for having “ugly vehicles” or for needing to paint their homes.

  • Im sure the stolen items found weren’t stolen by the waterfront residents, just like none of the garbage cleaned up came from them either.

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